Aircraft Management Agreement Pdf

(e) at Kraft`s request, an aircraft safety cover with a certified commercial carrier or other supplier operating in accordance with the FARs and is acceptable to the manager and the force when the aircraft is not available for force due to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. The administrator provides Kraft, upon request, with a copy of its list of acceptable suppliers; 2.1 Providing aircraft management and aviation services. The manager agrees to manage the aircraft and provide Kraft with certain aviation assistance services described below. These services are provided in accordance with current FARs and the procedures established by the manager for his own aircraft, as these procedures may be changed from time to time, including not limited to the Altria Corporate Services, Inc. Aviation and Travel Services Policy and Operations (manual) manual. 11.2 Full agreement. This agreement is the whole agreement between the parties when it came into force and replaces all previous agreements between the parties regarding the administration or pilot services of the aircraft. Any amendments, amendments or amendments to this agreement must be signed in writing by both parties. WHEREAS, manager has flight service experience of security guards in the management, operation, maintenance and planning of corporate aircraft and wants to perform these kraft services under the conditions shown here under the conditions.

(a) Kraft pays the trustee a monthly administration fee in order to reimburse the trustee a party advising an annual fixed fee related to the performance of the administrator`s obligations and obligations under this contract. The first estimate of fixed costs and monthly administration fees are exposed to Schedule C. Fixed expenses described in Figure C include, among other things, overhead, ancillary benefits and other salary costs for aircrew, maintenance and other administrative officers. All fixed expenses related to revenue (costs shown in Figure C) include a 5% increase. The manager heresafter designates Jim Woolley, telephone (914) 288-3021, as a point of contact for flight planning. The administrator may change his contact for flight planning by informing Kraft of this change in writing in accordance with section 11.3. Kraft appoints the manager for the limited purpose of implementation and on behalf of Kraft, all maintenance and maintenance inspection contracts or other agreements necessary for the administrator to meet his obligations under this contract. Kraft undertakes to compensate and discourage managers from any claims, damages, losses or expenses resulting from such maintenance and maintenance inspection contracts or other agreements necessary for managers to meet its obligations under this Agreement. 7.1 Changes. The administrator does not have the right to change, modify or improve the aircraft, with the exception of those necessary to obtain and maintain FAA certification, to maintain the aircraft in accordance with applicable conditions or to ensure that the aircraft complies with the operator`s criteria and guidelines for aircraft operated by the manager and operated by the aircraft, including the aircraft modifications required to ensure that the aircraft is substantially similar to the aircraft piloted by the aircraft crew for the aircraft, without Prior written permission from Kraft. All changes, modifications, additions and improvements are transferred to Kraft`s property and are subject to the provisions of this Agreement.