Fair Agreement In Italiano

13 (Figue) (inullied) pure, impeccable: a fair reputation and an impeccable reputation. 2 (square, regular) correct, exactly: the shot landed right on his chin, the blow hit him directly to the chin. 6 (medium large) discreet, sufficient: it has a reasonable amount of money has a reasonable amount of money. 12 (specious) beautiful, convincing: Mass promises beautiful promises. 5 (colloq) (completely): the mass of information took my breath away, the message made me totally breathless. 5 (pretty good) discreet, rather good: a fair knowledge of English and an honest knowledge of English. 1 fair, honest, fair: a fair decision, a fair decision. to calm (time) too fair. 3 (reasonable) fair, reasonable, fair: a fair price a reasonable price. 14 (Mar) (wind, tides) favorable: the wind is just the wind is favorable.

1 loyal, exact: play fair play correctly, respect the rules of the game. 2 (in accordance with the rules) just, it`s true: a fair fight a fair fight … Results: 24. Exactly: 24. Response time: 54 ms. . . 9 (hair) blond, light; (the complexion) clear. 2 (for charity, etc.) just for charity, fishing for charity.

. 7 (meteor) cheerful, beautiful; The weather is good, beautiful. Frequent short phrases: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, other . ..