Silicon Valley Bank Loan Agreement

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A $3 million loan in this scenario may require diluted warrants of 25 to 50 basis points (fully diluted). In this example, the venture capital requirement would extend the runway by an additional three months. The Venture Debt Loan offers about 30 percent extra track, but carries only 1/40 of the dilution, even with a 50-base guarantee in pricing. "This funding allows us to strengthen our financial position by expanding our cash flow track and continue to implement our reoriented business strategy as planned," said Dr. Neal Walker, President and CEO of Aclaris. Aclaris believes that the proceeds of the loan, combined with existing means of payment, cash equivalents and marketable securities, will be sufficient to finance its operations until the first quarter of 2022. WAYNE, Pa., March 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: ACRS), a physician-run biopharmaceutical company, announced today that it has entered into a credit and security agreement with Silicon Valley Bank ("SVB"), under which Aclaris has lent $11 million. About Silicon Valley Bank For more than 35 years, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has helped innovative companies and their investors move bold ideas forward quickly. The SVB provides targeted financial services and know-how through its operations in innovation centres around the world. With commercial, international and private banking, the SVB helps meet the unique needs of innovators.

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