Unspoken Agreement To

Non-binding non-verbal chords are a kind of magic in human interaction. They do not include lawyers, contracts or regulations. A simple understanding between two parts to which each adheres. Buyers and owners have reached a special agreement. This agreement benefits both parties. You never say that. They negotiate and don`t tremble. It`s just understood. That is the tacit agreement.

In the sense of "establishment" there are some good practices for listening and speaking, to conclude clear and achievable agreements for all parties involved. I train in my own organization and advise my clients to do the same in all their interactions. Staying the course with our agreements means applying these good practices in a consistent manner. The alternative is disastrous and costly. Believe me, I`ve seen it. Fourth, clean up broken chords: no one is perfect, and sometimes you find yourself in a situation that prevents you from complying with your agreement. If this happens, take responsibility and make no apologies. If the agreements are broken, this can be an opportunity to re-engage in the team and ask the parties involved how you can do it properly. Try to find out all the underlying problems that contributed to the reason you broke the agreement. This will help you stay on track. Second, agree: the ultimate part of showing someone you`ve listened to and fully understood the expectations is your action.

If you respect the agreements, you cement not only as a good communicator, but also as a person of integrity who keeps his word. Then, before we know it, our opinions (rules of the game of life) begin to influence our agreements. But what if you have a conversation with someone who has a different view of the world than yours? This can disrupt any kind of understanding we are trying to forge. Interruption, discernment, disagreements and emotions are now in the driver`s seat, and our focus is primarily on maintaining our own agreements that we have already made with the world. Pay attention to these unspoken agreements in your own world. How much can you identify? Can you create businesses that serve you and your customers, employees or peers? And that`s how it`s about not getting their points with the speakers, and the listeners don`t get the information they want. From these discussions put on, equally well-drafted agreements and, before we knew it, we prepared ourselves for some epic misunderstandings. These agreements between us and the world are so entrenched in us that most of the time we do not even see them as agreements.