Fiu Collective Bargaining Agreement

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees is negotiating a new contract with the university. The union has scheduled collective bargaining with the university on August 30 from 1.m to 5 p.m. .m gc 1235, if members hope to add the need for just cause to their contracts, meaning an employee can only be fired if he or she has caused wrongdoing. "Yes, the collective agreement already states that they will be increased, and we also want our employees to know that they are valued." The 2% increase and the 1% bonus have been under the UFF negotiating treaty since 2011. The collective agreements of the Dade County Police Benevolent Association and the Dade County Police Benevolent Association also ordered the same increase for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. David Cowart, a farmer and president of AFSCME, hopes to reach an agreement with the university quickly. Workers in the same branch are those who are not qualified to become members of the union, so they are not covered by the collective agreement. In Florida, a worker who has an individual job is covered by the union contract, even if he decides not to join the union. According to Joann Cuesta-Gomez, Director of Labor Relations at the Department of Human Resources, 49.68% of the university`s employees are active. Yes, yes. The Union within the FIU is an open store, which means that every member of the faculty is covered by the collective agreement without becoming a member of the Union.

But if everyone did, there would be no Union. This is especially true today. We are now a unit of our own. We negotiate directly with the board of trustees. We no longer have the power to have a great deal of national support at the negotiating table. The only membership that will have an impact on the board is the number of FIU members. Within the university, there are five unions. Three of them had already foreseen an equal increase in their collective agreement for this time of year. "If your job is in the unit, you get all the benefits in the contract, but you don`t have to pay union fees," said Lorna Veraldi, an associate professor at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and a member of the United Faculty of Florida. "The 1% is what we call the merit pool, and this pool is really allocated to superstars, those people who really exceed normal standards," Hardrick said. According to Cuesta-Gomes, there are currently no employees who do not meet the required performance standards. The proposed changes to the 2018-2021 collective agreement are listed below in color – either as additions or deletions.

The page numbers are at the 2015-2018 CBA, and given new supplements/removals, they may change in the future. According to Hardrick, discussions on the increase began about a year ago and the president is responsible for the final analysis and decision. "We don`t have one reason in their contract, but we have a disciplinary procedure that we follow as if it were in a contract," Cuesta-Gomez said. Wage accounting will manage the increases. To obtain the increase, employees must have worked together since September.