Agreement Contingent On Impossible Event

Agreements on contingency, to do something or not to do so in the event of an impossible event are annualized, whether or not the impossibility of the event is known to the parties to the agreement at the time of the meeting. The advantages offered by contingency contracts are to encourage parties to provide beyond or beyond the standards established by the treaty. In all types of incentive agreements, from selling fees to stock options, this is the strength behind the use of potential contracts. To motivate athletes and artists, sports teams and entertainment companies regularly use dissertation contracts. But dependent contracts are not only good for getting citizens excited. They can also inspire businesses. Contingent contracts motivate excellence by rewarding outstanding results. If the future event on which a contract depends is the manner in which a person will act on an indefinite date, the event is considered impossible if that person does something that makes it impossible for him to act within a specified period of time or in a manner other than other contingencies. [xxii] If X agrees to pay a sum of money to Y, if Y Z marries, Z K. marries Y`s marriage to Z is considered impossible, although it may be possible that K will die later, allowing Y to marry Z. If the event is the future behavior of a living person, the event is considered impossible if that person does something that makes it impossible. The impossibility is only possible for the moment and the prospect that the event is possible due to the future behavior of this person in some future eventualities is useless.