Fundamentals Of Modern Treaty And Self-Government Agreement Implementation (K108)

Margaret Rosling is a partner at Aldridge + Rosling LLP in Vancouver, British Columbia. Called to the B.C. Bar in 1987, she has been heavily involved in the areas of Indigenous, environmental and resource legislation. Margaret and her firm specialize in advising and negotiating agreements for modern states parties in British Columbia, Yukon and Nunavut and act as General Counsel of the Nisga`a Nation who advises on all aspects of treaty implementation. In 2019, she graduated from the Northern Studies Master of Arts University, where she focused on the response of Arctic communities to climate change and their changing environments. I started with MTIRP as a scientific collaborator for my student internship, where I studied the 26 modern treaties for Indigenous approaches to implementing modern contracts in governance and the implementation of programs and initiatives. As someone with a numbered contract, I must say that this experience was an eye-opening experience and a pleasure to learn from the owners of modern Indigenous contracts. The negotiation of treaties, extended land claims, special claims, self-management agreements and reconciliation agreements form the basis for new relationships based on the recognition of rights, respect, cooperation and partnership, and which provide Indigenous groups with a solid foundation for self-reliance and the improvement of social, cultural and economic conditions in their communities. The agreements will provide Indigenous governments with clarity and certainty of Canada`s responsibility to cooperate with Indigenous peoples in a respectful and cooperative partnership, from coast to coast. The existing political authorities to promote reconciliation all depend on the funding of these negotiation processes. Colin also has extensive experience in negotiating and concluding agreements with companies that offer developments in Indigenous countries of origin. Colin helped his clients finance their participation in the projects. He has worked to ensure the meaningful participation of Indigenous governments in business opportunities arising from a development project.