Sample Contractor Settlement Agreement

[The parties are involved in a dispute [insert details of the dispute, including material facts, potential causes of recourse and alleged losses – for information on issues to be considered, see comments on the draft] OR full details of which are set out in the attached annex] (the "Dispute"). This practice note takes into consideration the doctrine of the Forum non conveniens, which is also designated as an appropriate forum or appropriate place to settle a dispute. This doctrine is relevant to determining whether the courts of England and Wales have jurisdiction to rule on a dispute and applies The parties have entered into a construction contract with the date [insert date] for [insert description of the works/project, for example.B. "Design and construction of a property known as Bloggs House") (the "Contract"). The General Terms and Conditions of Sale (SCS), currently in their 5th edition (2018 revision), are a series of standard conditions that are generally included in housing sale contracts. The Standard Business Terms (Third Edition – Revision 2018) (SCPC) are used to [insert part A name] of a company registered in [England and Wales] whose company number [insert company number] and whose registered office is registered in [insert its registered office] ("[part A name]); and the parties have agreed to settle the dispute[ and other claims arising from the same facts, but which are not yet part of the statements. This Settlement Agreement is entered into on [insert date] (the "Transaction Date") between the following parties (a "Party" and, together, the "Parties"): Indication and Theft of an InvestigationThe interest to the authorities would be undermined if, according to a Suspicious Report (SAR), the alleged offender was notified of the interest in his activities so that he could take measures to conceal or eliminate his misdeeds. The parties are involved in proceedings relating to various disputes arising out of the contract before the Technology and Construction Tribunal [claim number(s) [claim number(s)] [as indicated in the claims schedule] (the "Dispute").