Taciturn Agreement

I returned to Engin with my silent running mate; Explain the meaning of "wordless" without saying "narrow-lipped" or "non-communicative." The exuberant and tireless Democrat from Oregon and the dark Republican from New Hampshire have made a funny couple. I became irrational and started the hard type test, the show-me-the-evidence test, the Gary Cooper test. Tall and silent, he radiated the light authority of a young man accustomed to money and the tribute that accompanied him. No one would confuse him as The Senate Majority Leader, speechless, forgotten and revengeful. If you`ve read Andrew Clements` children`s book No Talking, you may remember how CM2 students challenge themselves to not talk as much – in fact, not to talk at all, to say a maximum of three words, and only if someone else directly asks you a question. If you insisted on this kind of silence for a day, how would it be? Would it be simple or difficult? Would you like it? Do you despise him? A bit of both? Optionally, use this box to write. (To save your work, copy it and insert it into an email or document.) Before you do a check, play: Try to spend 20 seconds or more with the game below. Don`t jump straight to check — let your working memory drain first. Our game this month is Everyday Etymologies! If you are used to looking for the etymologies of everyday words (wait, aren`t you?), you will sometimes find some that seem particularly right, cute, strange or poetic. I`d like to share some of these findings with you this month. In each issue, I give you the etymology of a daily word, and you give the floor.

We`ll start easily and move on to a few harder ones over the course of the month, but each answer will be a kind of everyday word you`ve known, at least since puberty. To see the answer, scroll to the end of the problem. Try again today: this three-syllabic name dates back to a Greek phrase that means "milky circle". (Note: This is an astronomical term.) Check this word: 1. A close opposite of TACITURN is A. LAMBENT (sweet flamboyant). B. LOQUACIOUS (very talkative: C. LUGUBRIOUS (very sad and sad: 2. In the New York Times, Vanessa Friedman wrote: "One of Mr. Arnault, a famous wordless manager, is the equivalent of another general manager." A. smiled.

Cry of triumph B. stern Conference. Raised eyebrows C. Rapide Pep Talk. written warning Answers to evaluation questions: 1.B 2. An answer to the game`s question: Galaxy. One last word: I hope you enjoy Make Your Point. It`s done with love. I`m Liesl Johnson, a reading and writing teacher on a mission to explore, enlighten and celebrate words. From my blog: 36 ways to study words. Why we forget words and how we remember them. How to use sophisticated words without being complicated.

To become a sponsor and include your ad in an edition, please contact me at Liesl@HiloTutor.com. Disclaimer: When writing definitions, I use plain language and stick to the usual and useful applications of words. If you are interested in relevant and multiple definitions of words, I advise you to check a dictionary. As an American, I also stick to American English when I share the meanings, use, and pronunciation of words. These elements sometimes vary between the English of the world. Even more than its very personal and detailed predecessors, "My Struggle: Book Five" speaks for itself – how a silent Norwegian became the author of an epic literary project that, when the final entry arrives in the United States…