7 Seeds vol. 20, ch. 103 [summary]

Beneath the cut is a detailed summary of 7 Seeds vol. 20, chapter 103 by Tamura Yumi. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers. Download the raw here.

Ryou pushes open the hatch and they find themselves in another corridor. He tells everyone else to rest while he scouts things out up ahead. Ango goes with him.

Semimaru’s amazed that the two of them aren’t even winded, as he’s exhausted, and Arashi says it’s because they were prepared for this, trained for it.

Then Semimaru bursts out with, “By the way, we looked all over for you!” Arashi apologises and says he got washed away. Semimaru grabs him by the shirt and says next time he should use a rope. Then Arashi tells Semimaru he stinks, and Semimaru says Arashi does, too.

Natsu is watching them, and when Semimaru catches sight of her, he yells at her for wandering off, too. But after scolding her, he asks if she gave it her all, and when she says she did, he ruffles her hair and says good job.

Meanwhile, Ango and Ryou are only coming across doors that lead down. Ango says that Arashi told him they should have run, and then asks Ryou if he ever thought about it. Ryou says of course not, and Ango says, “Yeah…it wasn’t an option.”

“Or…was it?” he thinks. He then thinks maybe he should have told Koruri and Mayu to fly away on Koruri’s glider during the test. Maybe then things would have been different.

But Ryou interrupts Ango’s thoughts and tells him not to use this as another way to torture himself. “We don’t know what might have happened, but we’re here now.”

They finally find a way up, complete with ladder. As Ango tests the ladder, Ryou points out that Ango can use his right hand now. Ango says it’s like Shigeru fixed it. “Maybe it was Arashi,” Ryou says, and then Ango says Arashi reminds him of Hana. Ryou says they both remind him of Ango, too, the way Ango used to be. Ryou says maybe that’s one reason Ango didn’t like Hana. Hana rubbed Ango the wrong way even before they found out she was Takashi-sensei’s daughter.

Ango doesn’t respond, just silently takes that in, and then starts climbing the ladder. When they get to the next level they hear a voice…it’s Botan.

Everyone’s really excited to see her, and Semimaru and Arashi talk over each other trying to bring her up to speed on everything that’s happened. She tells them to calm down, and then says she hadn’t expected to ever see Arashi again.

Hotaru tells Ryou she’s glad the time came for him to tell his story, and then Botan clarifies that they heard them all talking through the vents. She says she understands that Ryou and Ango have been through a lot, and she has questions she wants to ask them later, but right now she has something to tell everyone.

She explains about how the people on the ship all attacked each other and how the captain pressed the countdown button. Natsu realises that really was missiles she saw, and what the clock meant.

Botan says everything’s so rundown, the missiles and everything probably don’t even work anymore, but Semimaru says they say them moving. They realise there is a good possibility the missiles really will fire, and Botan says it’s a good thing they all met up here.

Ango says they have three options. The first is to get off the ship ASAP and get as far away as possible so they don’t get caught up in the explosion, and whatever happens with the missiles will happen. Ryou says that since it was their presence that started everything, the self-destruct might stop once they leave. Semimaru reminds them that their own boat is stuck in the algae and they won’t be able to get away quickly.

Ango agrees that’s a problem, and says their second option is to try and stop the missiles. They still have quite a bit of time, so they could put all their efforts towards stopping the missiles until the very last moment.

Arashi asks what the third option is, and Ango says they could blow up the ship to sink it. “Blow it up!?” Semimaru exclaims, and Ango says that since there are ammunitions on board, it should be doable. Ryou says the hard part would be creating a timer so the explosion doesn’t happen while they’re still onboard.

Semimaru says there’s still the problem of their own boat being caught in the algae, and Ango agrees. He also says that they have no idea what would happen with the missiles in that scenario. They might shoot off somewhere else, or just scatter radioactive material over the area.

“Let’s stop it,” Arashi says. “There are still people in Japan. There’s the Autumn and Spring teams, and the rest of Summer A. And there might be other people somewhere else, too.” Hana is out there somewhere, he thinks. “We can’t let those missiles fall. That’s ridiculous! We have to stop them!”

Hotaru says there are the plants and animals to consider, too, and Matsuri says it’s their fault this happened, so they should stop it. Semimaru adds that since they’re talking about nukes, even if they got far enough away to avoid the explosion itself, they’d still be affected by the fallout.

“You’re right…” Botan says. “Well, then…” But she is interrupted by Ango, who takes charge and begins to give instructions.

Hotaru says that she found what appears to be the switches to stop the self-destruct. However, there are four of them and they are scattered throughout the ship. It’s unclear if just one will be enough to stop it, or if they would have to get all four (and if so, in order, as they are numbered one through four).

Ango says he’ll go to #1 first, and when Ryou volunteers to go with him, he tells Ryou that he should look for a way out, so they can escape when it’s time, especially since the power may go out and they might be in the dark.

Instead, Arashi and Natsu volunteer to go with Ango. “Good luck, Natsu!” Matsuri says, and then volunteers to go with Ryou herself.

Then Ango remembers about the bacteria. He says that since they eat metal, they may have had an effect on the ship’s systems. He tells everyone to be careful, and as he’s about to leave, Ryou calls out to him and asks if he’s okay. Ango says of course he is.

After they leave, Semimaru giggles about Ryou’s concern for Ango. He says Ryou must love Ango, and Ryou says he followed Ango because he believes Ango had the skills it takes to be a good leader, so he wants Ango to get a hold of himself, that’s all.

Semimaru grins. “Oh, Ryou-chin,” he says, hugging Ryou from behind, “I think maybe I like you!” Ryou immediately flips him over in a judo throw, and Matsuri shouts “Ippon!” As Semimaru lies on his back, dizzy, he wonders if Ryou is a black belt.

Botan says she’ll go with Ryou and Matsuri to find the exit, and tells Hotaru and Semimaru to stay here. Hotaru says she figured out how to use the intercom, and then uses it to call out to Ango’s group. She tells them there are intercom buttons scattered throughout the ship, and to use them if they need to. Natsu passes by one and tests it out and it works. Ango realises he had seen them in passing, but it hadn’t even occurred to him what they were.

Hotaru then uses the intercom to give them directions where to go. They come to a large gap, but Ango sees a handle in the wall and is able to pull out a bridge so they can cross. It’s then that Ango has a revelation. This is a place where people lived, not a maze or a cave. He realises he hadn’t been looking around or really seeing anything. He then noticed numbers on the wall, and tells himself to learn the layout of the ship.

Meanwhile, Botan’s group heads for the way she came in, only to find it closed off. They decide to look for the way Matsuri and Ryou came in, though they aren’t hopeful. Botan says she can feel the fear of the people who built this ship, and wonders if perhaps the world was at war when the meteor hit.

They contact Hotaru to let her know the exit was blocked, and that they’re going to look for another way. Hotaru then contacts Ango and gets them up to speed, then asks how they’re doing.

He says they’ve arrived at #1 and will get back to her once they’ve had a look inside. If there are no exits, their only hope is to stop the missiles.






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  1. Mek Avatar

    Another great chapter! 7 Seeds is progressing excruciatingly slow at times, but in the end this makes the story richer and more interesting. Thank you so much for the detailed summaries!

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      Yeah, it is slow, but I love all the detail that is packed into each chapter.

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    Oh wow! So happy to see Ch. 103 here, and even happier to know that you continue the summary! Thank you, thank you so much!

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      I should be posting the rest of vol. 20 and 21 more quickly now. I had this one project hanging over my head that was really stressing me out and making me not able to work on anything else, but now that’s finished, so… :)

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    Thanks for translating vol. 20, this is such a good manga where all characters show development and depth (only one; the main character shows depth in other mangas). I hope Ango and Ryou puts their trauma behind them soon………

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      They have a LOT of trauma, so it makes sense that it would take them time to work through it, but there has definitely been progress. I think they’ll turn out OK in the end. :)

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