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  • Upcoming projects

    I know some of you have been wondering what I’m going to work on next, or even if I’m going to work on anything next, since I’m sure you can all tell that I’ve slowed down a lot on the number of projects I’m working on. The reason for that is because when I was […]

  • Project updates

    Happy new year, everyone! I can’t believe another year has passed so quickly (and now somehow we’re already halfway through January). Hopefully I’ll have some manga to post soon, but in the meantime I wanted to just give you a heads-up on where all the projects stand. Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni Now that I […]

  • Looking for cleaner/typesetter

    Hey guys, any Nishioka Kyodai fans interested in doing some cleaning/typesetting? I have raws and complete translations for two full volumes of theirs (a one-shot collection called Jigoku and their illustrated collection of Franz Kafka short stories). The person who was doing cleaning and typesetting on the other Nishioka Kyodai projects with me had to […]

  • Get updates via Twitter!

    Hey, guys. I finally got off my ass and created a Twitter account to post updates. Follow me at @megchans_scans for updates and announcements!

  • Gunjo ch. 20 Missing Page

    Apparently there was a page missing from the last chapter of Gunjo. I’ve already reuploaded the chapter and volume rars with the page included, but for those of you who already downloaded it and just want the page by itself, you can grab it here.

  • Looking for collaborators

    Hey, guys. New chapters of Himegoto and Yasha will be up before the end of the month, and I’ve got some other stuff coming soon, too, hopefully. But today I’m posting to see if there’s anyone out there interested in helping with a couple projects. The first is Tera Girl, which as you may have […]

  • Looking for Kotonoha scanlations

    ETA: Got ’em! :D Thanks again to everyone who emailed me! Hey guys, I have decided I want to host copies here of all the stuff I translated for Kotonoha, since his site is no longer up. Unfortunately, back then I did not save copies for myself, so I’m trying to find them now, without […]

  • Looking for Himegoto help

    Hey, guys, I’m looking for someone to help clean/redraw Himegoto. I need someone who can commit to at least one chapter a month (keep in mind Himegoto chapters are super short, usually only 15 pages) but possibly more as I would really like to get back to putting out two chapters a month. If you’re […]

  • Missing page in Gunjo 14

    Hey guys, it seems there was a page missing from the most recent chapter of Gunjo. I have reupped a version including the missing page, or you can also download the missing page by itself here. Sorry about that!

  • Status Update

    Hey, guys! I should have new chapters of Yasha, Himegoto, and Gunjo within the next few days, and Tera Girl hopefully early next month. Gunjo might be on a little slower schedule after this next release, though, because chapter 14 marks the last of the raws I had from Kotonoha, so for the rest of […]