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Upcoming projects

I know some of you have been wondering what I'm going to work on next, or even if I'm going to work on anything next, since I'm sure you can all tell that I've slowed down a lot on the number of projects I'm working on. The reason for that is because when I was working on a ton of stuff, I had a bunch of different cleaners and typesetters I was working with for each project, but over the past year or so they all had stuff come up and they had to take a break from scanlating, which means aside from Musume no Iede, I've been doing all the screencapping, translating, cleaning, and typesetting myself, which is a lot of work on top of my fulltime job.

I love scanlating and want to continue with it, but I've decided that I need to limit the number of series I'm working on right now. So I have two lined up, but I probably won't post anything on them until I finish up Eve's Slumber (two chapters to go!) and even then the pace might be slow. (As for Musume no Iede, the final two chapters are translated and have been for some time, just waiting on the cleaning and typesetting, but muge has also been really busy and unable to work on them.)

I have avoided talking too much about what I want to work on next, in case they get picked up by someone else or get officialy licensed (extremely unlikely with one of them, but you never know), but now that the time is drawing near, I guess I can make an announcement!

The first is Yuria's Red String, a currently running josei series that I fell in love with last year, about a fifty-year-old woman who finds out when her husband is hospitalized that he's not the man she thought.

The second is an old favorite of mine, The Miracle of Love. I have struggled to write a summary for this '90s josei series, but it is pure soap opera crack about a young woman in search of revenge against the mysterious "cousin" who destroyed her family.

I also am interested in Hiyodori Sachiko's new series Tokimeki no Ikenie, but that really depends on whether some other group picks it up before I get to it. (I don't want to work on it until the first volume is released, but there's always a chance someone will start with the chapters as they're posted.)

So anyway, that's where things stand now. I hope you'll enjoy these upcoming projects as much as I did. And of course, I'm always still taking suggestions for stuff, even if I don't have time to work on it right away. I'm also still interested in collaborating on stuff if you are just looking for a translator.

Project updates

Happy new year, everyone! I can't believe another year has passed so quickly (and now somehow we're already halfway through January).

Hopefully I'll have some manga to post soon, but in the meantime I wanted to just give you a heads-up on where all the projects stand.

Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni
Now that I have a couple people working on this with me, I'm hoping to be able to settle into a monthly release schedule again. Even though this project has had a very erratic release schedule since its start, the Japanese release has been very slow, too, and volume 5 was only released a few months ago, so we're not falling too far behind!

Unfortunately the series was cancelled and volume 5 is the final volume. However, we plan to continue to release the entire series in English, and will be continuing to attempt to keep to a monthly schedule.

I know this is one so many of you have been waiting for, and I have to apologize! I feel like this series has been cursed, with every collaborator who's worked on it with me disappearing. However, I do have good news! Going forward I will be working with Heterophobia Fansubs, who have collaborated with me on Love Buzz and The Cherry Orchard. They've been really reliable so far, so I have high hopes that the curse will be broken. There are only seven chapters left to go in this series and hopefully we can get the next one out later this month or early next month, and then continue on a semi-regular (if not monthly) schedule from there.

Hibari's Morning
I had hoped to get a second chapter out last month as a year-end bonus, but work was busy and that didn't happen. However, we are planning to continue on a monthly schedule for this one.

IS [ai-esu]
This has been a very slow release, but we are so close to being finished! Just two chapters left, and hopefully we can get both of those out within the next couple months.

Juusan Yasou Kidan
Honestly, I do not know the status of this series. Two of the remaining stories are completely translated, but my collaborator got busy and I've not heard from her in ages. I do want to finish this, though, even if it means looking for someone else, but since they're one-shots, it's been low on the priority list.

Koi-iji: Love Glutton
This one is chugging along at a good pace! Should have another chapter for you guys very soon.

Love Buzz
We're down to the final volume now and hope to continue on a monthly schedule for the remaining chapters.

Musume no Iede
This series finished in Japan last year with volume 6, so we are halfway through. It's been difficult to stick to a monthly schedule with this one, but hopefully we'll continue least once every couple months if not faster.

Like Juusan Yasou Kidan, this has been very backburner because it's just one-shots and no one is waiting for what's coming next. There's only one story left to finish up the volume, though, so hopefully I can get that out within the next few months.

You Will Hear the Voice of the Dead
This one is coming along well and hopefully we should be able to continue with the monthly double release.

And of course for you Yasha fans, there's the sequel, Eve's Slumber. I had originally thought I might be able to get a chapter out to you last month for the holidays, but that didn't happen. The first chapter is actually very long (about a hundred pages), so I think rather than break it up into smaller chapters, I'm going to release the whole thing at once, but that means it probably won't happen until next month at the earliest.

Several of these series should wrap up this year, which means I'm thinking of what projects to take on next, but don't have anything decided yet.

Anyway, thank you all for your patience and all your support over the years. The next post will contain some manga, I promise!

Looking for cleaner/typesetter

Hey guys, any Nishioka Kyodai fans interested in doing some cleaning/typesetting? I have raws and complete translations for two full volumes of theirs (a one-shot collection called Jigoku and their illustrated collection of Franz Kafka short stories). The person who was doing cleaning and typesetting on the other Nishioka Kyodai projects with me had to drop out.

If you're interested, email me at kyuuketsukirui@gmail.com

Get updates via Twitter!

Hey, guys. I finally got off my ass and created a Twitter account to post updates. Follow me at @megchans_scans for updates and announcements!

Gunjo ch. 20 Missing Page

Apparently there was a page missing from the last chapter of Gunjo. I've already reuploaded the chapter and volume rars with the page included, but for those of you who already downloaded it and just want the page by itself, you can grab it here.

Looking for collaborators

Hey, guys. New chapters of Himegoto and Yasha will be up before the end of the month, and I've got some other stuff coming soon, too, hopefully. But today I'm posting to see if there's anyone out there interested in helping with a couple projects.

The first is Tera Girl, which as you may have noticed, has been on hold for a very long time. At first it was my fault, as I put it on the back burner and just never seemed to get around to it, but now I have the last two chapters of volume one done, and found that the person who was typesetting for me no longer has time. Ideally I would like to do like a chapter every other month, but it might be even slower than that, because it definitely is lower priority for me… But it is a short series, only three volumes total, and the first volume is mostly done now.

The second is an even smaller project. It is a single-volume manga by Yoshida Akimi, author of Yasha, called The Cherry Orchard (Sakura no Sono). There are four chapters total, as well as an unrelated one-shot. Strangely enough, the last two chapters are available online, but there is no sign of the first two chapters, so I agreed to translate them for a group that was getting off the ground…and then that group ended up dissolving before we ever published anything. I have the first chapter translated and am debating on whether I even want to retranslate chapters three and four or not. The translation that's up isn't bad and I don't like repeating work when it isn't necessary, but being able to have it all in one place would be nice, so idk. At the very least it would be the first two chapters plus the one-shot. This would be for release whenever it gets done.

Anyway, please email me at kyuuketsukirui@gmail.com if you are interested in either project!

Looking for Kotonoha scanlations

ETA: Got 'em! :D Thanks again to everyone who emailed me!

Hey guys, I have decided I want to host copies here of all the stuff I translated for Kotonoha, since his site is no longer up. Unfortunately, back then I did not save copies for myself, so I'm trying to find them now, without a lot of luck.

I've been able to find some, but not all, so if you have copies of the following Kotonoha scanlations, please email me.

All-Rounder Meguru by Endou Hiroki vols. 1-4
Before Dawn and the End of the World by Asano Inio
Garden by Furuya Usamaru
A Girl by the Sea by Asano Inio vol. 1
Kaikisen – Return to the Sea by Kon Satoshi
The Music of Marie by Furuya Usamaru
Pumpkin and Mayonnaise by Nananan Kiriko
Raqiya by Yajima Masao & Boichi ch. 15
Sadness of the Heart by Nishioka Kyoudai

Looking for Himegoto help

Hey, guys, I'm looking for someone to help clean/redraw Himegoto. I need someone who can commit to at least one chapter a month (keep in mind Himegoto chapters are super short, usually only 15 pages) but possibly more as I would really like to get back to putting out two chapters a month.

If you're interested, please email me at kyuuketsukirui@gmail.com

Missing page in Gunjo 14

Hey guys, it seems there was a page missing from the most recent chapter of Gunjo. I have reupped a version including the missing page, or you can also download the missing page by itself here. Sorry about that!

Status Update

Hey, guys! I should have new chapters of Yasha, Himegoto, and Gunjo within the next few days, and Tera Girl hopefully early next month.

Gunjo might be on a little slower schedule after this next release, though, because chapter 14 marks the last of the raws I had from Kotonoha, so for the rest of volume 2 and all of volume 3, I'll have to scan it myself, which adds an extra step.

I'm also considering what (if anything) I should start on now that A Child's Child is over. I have a bunch of stuff in my "possible projects" folder, as well as stuff that I don't have raws of and would have to scan myself. Some of the titles I'm thinking about are Anna-san no Omame, Bond, G.I.D., or Love Buzz. (If you have any preferences among those, let me know!)

As for the projects I was working on with Kidu, All Out and Baby, Kokoro no Mama ni, I'm sure you've noticed it's been a long time since we got the first chapters out. Unfortunately Kidu seems to be too busy with real life stuff to work on scanlations now, so I have no idea when, if ever, those series will be continued. :(

I think that's it update-wise!

However, I do have one more thing… At the end of the month, I need to pay my hosting bill for this website, so if you have any money you can spare, please consider donating.