Members: This originally started as a one-person project where I did all the translating, cleaning, typesetting, etc. myself, but now most of my projects are collaborations, which means I can get stuff out a lot faster. I was a professional translator for over ten years, but now just translate as a hobby (both here and on my lyrics site), though my current job does involve lots of speaking Japanese.

Releases: Click on the links in the sidebar under “pages” for series info and downloads. I have many future plans, but don’t want to commit to anything before I get some of these done, so I won’t bother mentioning them (if someone happens to get to them before me, that just saves me work). I’m always open to suggestions, though, so feel free to drop me a note about something you’d like to see translated. I have really eclectic tastes, so I’m willing to check out just about anything, but I’m not going to take on a project if it doesn’t interest me at all. I’m also not interested in translating stuff that’s already been done or has an official English release, though I will consider picking up abandoned projects.

Release Schedule: For the majority of the series I’m working on, I try to post once a month, but I don’t have a set schedule beyond that. You can be notified of new releases by subscribing to the RSS feed for this blog, signing up for an account at Baka Updates, or following me on Twitter.

Contact Info: If you have questions or comments, feel free to email me or leave a comment on a post here or send me a DM on Twitter. (Sometimes I do not get comment notifications, so email is the best way to contact me.)


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  1. Missa Avatar

    Haha omg, is this *the* Megchan who had the Digimon site around 20 years ago? If so omg hi XD I loved your site way back when, and I also remember the pojo forums, and there was also Splash who provided text translations for the movies, what a great community the Digimon fandom was… haha. Wow, what a blast from the past.

    I’m reading your Yasha scanlation and when I saw the credits page “Megchan Scanlations” I was like “could it be *that* Megchan?” and came here haha. Anyway just wanted to say hi, and thanks for much for your Digimon website back in the day, it made 12-13ish year old me very happy :)

    (also thanks for the scanlations :D )

    1. megchan Avatar

      Yep, that’s me! I have a lot of fond memories of my Digimon days, so I’m always glad to hear others remember the site fondly, too.

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