All raws on this page were scanned by me. These are not manga I plan on scanlating myself, but rather stuff I enjoy that I have not found raw copies of online. Feel free to redistribute and to use for scanlations.

An asterisk by the volume number means there is a detailed summary in my summaries section.

Title: 3月の第2ボタン (3 Gatsu no Dai 2 Button)
Author: Mizusawa Megumi
Publisher: Ribon Mascot Comics
Genre: Shoujo
Info: Baka Updates
Downloads: Volume 1

Title: 7 Seeds
Author: Tamura Yumi
Publisher: Flower Comics Alpha
Genre: Shoujo
Info: Baka Updates
Downloads: Volume 17*, Volume 19*

Title: 青空エール (Aozora Yell)
Author: Kawahara Kazune
Publisher: Margaret Comics
Genre: Shoujo
Info: Baka Updates
Downloads: Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5, Volume 6, Volume 9, Volume 10

Title: Cappuccino
Author: Yoshizumi Wataru
Publisher: Queen's Comics
Genre: Josei
Info: Baka Updates
Downloads: Volume 1

Title: Clover
Author: Chiya Toriko
Publisher: Margaret Chorus
Genre: Josei
Info: Baka Updates
Downloads: Volume 22*, Volume 23*

Title: 神様のオルゴール (Kamisama no Orgel)
Author: Mizusawa Megumi
Publisher: Margaret Comics
Genre: Shoujo
Info: Baka Updates
Downloads: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3

Title: っポイ! (Ppoi!)
Author: Yamazaki Takako
Publisher: Hana to Yume Comics
Genre: Shoujo
Info: Baka Updates
Downloads: Volume 26, Volume 27, Volume 28

Title: テガミバチ (Tegami Bachi)
Author: Asada Hiroyuki
Publisher: Jump Comics
Genre: Shounen
Info: Baka Updates
Downloads: Volume 11, Volume 12


#1 midori on 04.21.10 at 1:05 am

I love this series and the mangaka. Thanks very much for sharing the raws.

#2 megchan on 04.21.10 at 1:10 am

You're welcome! I don't have vol. 4 yet, but if I don't find it anywhere else online I'll probably buy it next time I go to the bookstore and scan it then.

#3 anne on 06.11.10 at 9:32 am

thanks a lot for the hard work .

you´re awesome.

#4 megchan on 06.11.10 at 2:27 pm

You're welcome!

#5 Kirvee on 11.02.10 at 9:12 pm

Hello! I'm one of three editors from Nyaabari, a group focused on scanning anything made by Kamatani Yuhki.

We're looking for a RAW provider for her new series which is going to be serialized in Morning 2.

I can see that you scanlate Saint Young Men, so….would it be too much trouble to ask if you could possibly provide RAWs for us?

The series is going to be called Shonen Note and will be released on November 22.

If you are able to provide us RAWs, please e-mail me with your response and any specifics.

Thank you!

#6 megchan on 11.02.10 at 9:16 pm

I'm sorry. I do Saint Young Men from the tankobon, not the magazine. I used to buy a ton of manga mags, but it's just not something I can afford to do anymore, so I just buy tankobon or read someone else's scans.

I hope you're able to find someone!

#7 JaeShiiZou on 12.05.10 at 8:46 am

Hello there, I love Aozora Yell and I wana thank you for the raws you have found.

I have a request to ask you, would you please take on the project of Aozora Yell? Because the Which Scanlations that have done the earlier chapters became unactive(and I don't really know if they are doing it anymore…).

There are still readers waiting for it, and I can't translate it myself (meh duno japanese ._.). But I can help you on cleaning though…

I know this sounds really selfish… But sorry… ; _ ;

#8 megchan on 12.05.10 at 5:46 pm

Oh, that's too bad! I would love to take it on because Kawahara-sensei is one of my favorite authors and I really love Aozora Yell, but I am struggling with the projects I already have. >_<

Maybe I will do summaries or just translations for it, though (rather than full scanlation).

#9 JaeShiiZou on 12.06.10 at 7:14 am

aah, I would hope for translations, but it depends on you after all, sorry for making such a selfish request ; _ ;

I don't know if I can make it myself with your translation, all I know is cleaning scans after all ._.ll

I guess it's time to know how to type set mangas for me ;w;…

Again thank you very much for you kindness ;w;!!

#10 JaeShiiZou on 12.06.10 at 7:16 am

*I forgot you havent even decide to make summaries or translations = = sorry.

please select one that wouldn't trouble you or bother you in the least ;w;

#11 megchan on 12.06.10 at 7:21 am

I'm definitely thinking about it! Probably won't make a decision until the new year.

#12 JaeShiiZou on 12.06.10 at 6:08 pm

Okay, i'll be waiting for that *-*

Summaries are fine too, just dont push yourself too hard xD…

#13 yuui on 12.07.10 at 2:19 am

Thanks for the raw of 7 seeds 17^^ and of course thanks a lot for the summary it helps a lot!!

#14 megchan on 12.07.10 at 2:20 am

You're welcome!

I'm so glad I scanned & summarised these because now I'm finding more fans of this series. :)

#15 JaeShiiZou on 12.24.10 at 10:12 am

Couldn't find a page to say this, so I'm usin this page ~ =w= MERRY X'MAS!!!

#16 megchan on 12.24.10 at 10:12 am

Thank you! :)

Merry Christmas to you, too.

#17 JaeShiiZou on 01.02.11 at 12:12 pm

Belated Happy New Years, =w=~

I'm still rooting for translation though~
(It's okay if you do summaries though xD)

#18 megchan on 01.02.11 at 3:02 pm

Happy new year!

#19 Sachins on 08.09.11 at 11:33 am

As someone who can't download from download servers, I'm very thankful that you've provided download links from your own server. Thank you so much!

I'm especially thankful that the series you're hosting are also among the series I am interested in. Like the 7 seeds! I already have the tanks physically, but I just love your translations for it. Thank you!

#20 megchan on 08.09.11 at 1:32 pm

You're welcome! :) I have plenty of bandwidth and space on my server, so there's really no reason for me to use Megaupload, etc. for this.

#21 midori on 09.29.11 at 6:11 am

Hello again. Just wondering if you can work on the translations for Sensei. It's been dropped for a long time and I love that Kawahare Kazune work. I can do the cleaning and editing so if you can provide the translation, it'd be great. Thanks!

#22 megchan on 09.29.11 at 12:06 pm

Yeah, I just checked Baka Updates and it looks like it has been abandoned and the groups that were working on it are inactive.

I would love to work on it, but I know I will be going at a slow pace (I doubt I could get a chapter a month, maybe more like a chapter every 6 weeks or two months). If that pace is okay with you, feel free to email me at kyuuketsukirui@gmail.com

#23 midori on 09.30.11 at 9:06 am

That's too much of an okay to me! Thank you! I will email you right away~

#24 Tin on 11.27.12 at 7:51 am

Awesome! Although I did not find ヒメゴト ~十九歳の制服 raws, but thank you for the scanlation!

#25 megchan on 11.27.12 at 8:17 pm

Yeah, that's because I didn't scan it. I only post raws I scan myself here.

I do have the first two volumes, though, and can upload them if you want.

#26 sheen on 01.01.16 at 8:31 pm

Hi!! I like your scans here. Do you have raw scans of IS(aeisu) manga? I have been finding Vol 16 and 17 amywhere but i didnt see it. I dont know if the scanlators team would finish updating the manga.

#27 megchan on 01.02.16 at 11:17 am

Here are raws for 16 and 17:


These are very low quality raws that I found on the web long ago. We will use higher quality scans for the scanlation, but those two volumes haven't been scanned yet.

#28 Ahlam on 11.01.16 at 9:55 pm

thanxx for the hard work

may I ask you if there is any updates for IS Manga??

#29 megchan on 11.01.16 at 10:10 pm

Unfortunately our raw provider has been going through a really rough time, so it has been hard to get in touch with her. She promised to scan the rest of the chapters soon, though, so I hope we can get at least one more chapter posted before the end of the year!

#30 Khristel on 12.09.16 at 3:56 am

If ever you have the raws for Shibito no Koe please include it here. I'm glad you upload that manga. Thank you. More powers! Gambate Kudasai!

#31 megchan on 12.09.16 at 7:32 pm

The only raws I post on my site are ones I scanned myself, so I won't be posting them here, but it looks like this site has working links: http://manga247.org/manga-%E6%AD%BB%E4%BA%BA%E3%81%AE%E5%A3%B0%E3%82%92%E8%81%9E%E3%81%8F%E3%81%8C%E3%82%88%E3%81%84-%E7%AC%AC01-07%E5%B7%BB-shibito-no-koe-o-kiku-ga-yoi-vol-01-07/

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