Love Buzz

Title: Love Buzz
Author: Shimura Takako
Publisher: Young King
Category: Seinen
Genre: Slife of Life, Sports
Status in Japan: 3 volumes, complete
Scanlation Status: Complete
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations + Heterophobia Fansubs
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Summary: Five years ago, pro wrestler Fuji Kaoru disappeared one day before a match. Now she shows up at her old gym out of the blue, with a five-year-old daughter in tow. But not everyone is willing to welcome her back with open arms.

Volume 1 (12/23/16)
Volume 2 (12/28/17)

Volume 3 (10/24/18)
Chapter 20: An Old Dream (2/15/18)
Chapter 21: Obsessed with You (2/23/18)
Chapter 22: Chris and Carol (3/31/18)
Chapter 23: Yuri-chan's Despair (5/13/18)
Chapter 24: Fuji-san Shaves Her Head (7/13/18)
Chapter 25: A Bitter Ballad (7/13/18)
Chapter 26: Surprise Attack (8/13/18)
Chapter 27: Success! (10/24/18)
Chapter 28: Welcome Back (10/24/18)