Tera Girl

Title: Tera Girl
Original Title: 寺ガール (Tera Girl)
Author: Mizusawa Megumi
Publisher: Ribon Mascot Comics Cookie
Category: Shoujo
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life
Status in Japan: 3 volumes, complete
Scanlation Status: Complete
Scanlator: Megchan’s Scanlations + Fugacious Fella
More Info: Baka Updates
Read Online: MangaDex

Summary: When your father is a Buddhist priest and your home is a temple, life can be complicated. For Satoru, Hikari, and Ogami, the thought of who will inherit the temple and take over when their father gets old is always in the back of their minds, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Because Hikari loves the temple so much, it’s been all but decided that when she grows up, she’ll marry someone who can take over from her father, but when she falls for someone completely unsuitable, all three sisters find themselves re-examining their assumptions.

In MMK Girl, Rikako has boys falling over her left and right, but the only boy she has eyes for is so devoted to his girlfriend he won’t even call Rika by her given name. Is there anything she can do to win his heart?

Volume 1 (12/25/15)
Volume 2 (12/15/16)
Volume 3 (9/25/17)


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  1. hiei Avatar

    Thank you for scanlating the series ^_^

    1. megchan Avatar

      You’re welcome!

  2. Luce Avatar

    I want to read Tera Girl 3 :(

    1. megchan Avatar

      We’re working on it! Sorry for the delay.

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