Sometimes, rather than translating or scanlating an entire volume, I’ll just write a detailed summary (anywhere from about 1000 words to 5000 words per volume). Generally I do this for series I really like that have not been released in English and are either not being scanlated or the scanlations are really far behind the Japanese volumes.

I am willing to take requests for summaries of stuff I’ve read (that fits the above qualifications, obviously). The easiest way to see what I’ve read is by checking out my manga tag on LibraryThing. However, that only goes back to 2005, which is when I started keeping track of what I read. I do, however, have a list of everything I’ve read here. It was made in 2008 and I do not keep it updated, but it does have everything I’ve read prior to 2005.

An asterisk by the volume number means I have scanned the raw and it can be found in my raws section.

Title: Seeds
Author: Tamura Yumi
Publisher: Flower Comics Alpha
Genre: Shoujo
Info: Baka Updates
Volume 13
Volume 14
Volume 15
Volume 17*
Volume 18
Volume 19*
Volume 20: 102
Volume 20: 103
Volume 20: 104
Volume 20: 105
Volume 20: 106
Volume 21: 107
Volume 21: 108
Volume 21: 109
Volume 21: 110
Volume 21: 111
Volume 22: 112
Volume 22: 113
Volume 22: 114
Volume 22: 115
Volume 22: 116

Title: Clover
Author: Chiya Toriko
Publisher: Margaret Chorus
Genre: Josei
Info: Baka Updates
Volume 22*
Volume 23*

Title: 龍の花わずらい (Ryuu no Hanawazurai)
English Title: Two Flowers for the Dragon
Author: Kusakawa Nari
Publisher: Hana to Yume Comics
Genre: Shoujo
Info: Baka Updates
Volume 7


8 responses to “Summaries”

  1. theinheritors Avatar

    Hello! Thanks for doing these summaries :) I’m already overjoyed with your 7Seed ones so no real requests… except more 7Seeds! YAY!

    p.s. the scanlations are about halfway so far (chapter 51 was recently released); not bad. Basara got finished after all (and it only took 10+ years!), so I’m sure 7Seeds will gets its just treatment. Until then, I will subsist off your words.

    1. megchan Avatar

      You’re welcome! I definitely plan on keeping up with 7 Seeds. I’m really glad there’s a group working on scanlating it, but I know that can take a loooong time (and even if it does get an official English release, that would probably take even longer).

      I’m actually wondering if maybe I should work backwards starting with vol. 16. *ponders*

      1. Tiffany Avatar

        I think you should definitely work backwards! I would love to read your summaries for the volumes before 17 and 18. ^^ It’ll help the unbearable wait needed for volume 19 to come out! :D

        Thanks so much for doing these summaries by the way. ^^

        1. megchan Avatar

          You’re welcome! I think I am definitely going to do that. *off to find raws for vol. 16 & below*

      2. theinheritors Avatar

        UH, AWESOME.

  2. theinheritors Avatar

    Hahaha! Ummm…. *does not object!*. Buuuut I know people are busy and am happy with what’s already offered. :)

  3. Ruth Avatar

    I really enjoyed reading your summaries for vol 22 and 23 of Clover manga. i noted that you mention you will do the summary for vol 24 too, but couldn’t’ find it.
    Can you please give the link to it if you have summarised it already. if not whetehr you are planning to do so.
    hope to hear from you. your answer will be a life saver cause i’m dying to know how it ends :)

    1. megchan Avatar

      Hmm, I’m not sure if I totally forgot about it or that since a scanlation group was working on the series at the time, I just hoped they would continue and eventually release it all. But it looks like they stopped after volume 7…

      Unfortunately I just looked around and all the links for the raws of this series seem to be dead and I no longer have my own copy. :(

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