Carnival of Blood and Bone

Title: Carnival of Blood and Bone
Original Title: 血骨の謝肉祭­ (Chihone no Shanikusai)
Author: Uguisu Sachiko
Publisher: Horror M Comics
Category: Josei
Genre: Horror
Status in Japan: 1 volume, complete
Scanlation Status: Complete
Scanlator: Megchan’s Scanlations
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Summary: In “Carnival of Blood and Bone” Yume has no memories of her early childhood, but after discovering some disturbing drawings she made as a little girl, she sets out with some friends to visit the abandoned village she used to live in. The village is said to be haunted, but what they find is far beyond what they could ever have imagined…

In “On Your Right”, after getting hit by a car Shigeru starts seeing a strange shadowy shape next to his girlfriend.

In “Our Secret Base”, Taeko moves back to her childhood home after ten years only to find that the boy she used to play with has become a bit strange over the years.

In “Naughty Games” a trio of creepy kids follow Yuko home from a supposedly abandoned old hospital.

In “The Familiar Tower” four students decide to do a report on a mysterious tower for their local history club, only to discover texts dating back almost a thousand years warning people away from a demon-infested tower…

In “Creepy Crawlies” a new girl transfers to Teruko’s school and soon after the school is overrun with spiders. Could the two be connected…?

In “A Pleasant Nightmare” Haruko’s little brother gets a tutor who turns out to have rather unorthodox methods…

In “The Rose Bride”, orphan Sumire finds herself adopted by a wealthy old man, who pits her against another girl, Ranko, for the hand of his son in marriage and control of his vast fortune.

  1. Carnival of Blood and Bone (8/12/20)
  2. On Your Right (9/7/20)
  3. Our Secret Base (9/7/20)
  4. Naughty Games (10/9/20)
  5. The Familiar Tower (10/9/20)
  6. Creepy Crawlies (11/10/20)
  7. A Pleasant Nightmare (12/27/20)
  8. The Rose Bride (1/17/21)

Carnival of Blood and Bone (1/17/21)