7 Seeds vol. 14 [summary]

Beneath the cut is a detailed summary of 7 Seeds vol. 14 by Tamura Yumi. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers. Download the raw here.

As Koruri flies off from the Autumn/Spring camp to get Ban, Hana tells Ango and Ryou that she wants to go back to her friends and warn them about the bats. Ango says they should go with her, since Koruri is there, but she says she doesn’t know if Koruri will be there or not. She doesn’t want to take them to the camp, thinking she doesn’t know which is more dangerous, them or the bats. She says she’ll go back and tell the others to release Koruri, but Ango doesn’t trust her.

Aramaki says he will stay behind, and that he doesn’t want to move the dogs yet anyway. He tells Ryou and Ango that if they want to go with her, they can, but to remember that if they do anything to his friends, he will retaliate here. Momota decides to stay with Aramaki, saying he will just slow Hana down.

So Hana, Ryou, and Ango set out together, but just as they are leaving, Koruri returns. She ignores Ango’s greeting and runs past him to find Ban. She tells them that there are wounded back at the other camp, including a pregnant woman, so she wants Ban to fly with her. As they fly away, Hana dashes after them, worried, especially about Haru.

Gengorou is curious about what Ayu is burning. She says Ban told her to keep burning it and that it seemed to make the bats leave. Gengorou says the same thing happened with Aramaki’s fire. They realise that what they’re burning is some sort of incense-like wood, and since the bats seem to dislike it, they decide to chop up a bunch more.

Hana can’t see Ryou and Ango following her, and hopes she’s lost them as they seem especially violent. But when she stops at the sight of a bunch of dead animals, she hears Ango behind her saying the bats must have got them. Ango says they’ll run out of food if the bats keep this up, and Ryou adds that they seem to prefer the animals over humans, but if the bats kill all the animals, they’ll come after humans seriously.

Hana is surprised that the two of them are not even out of breath. She starts running again and starts climbing a cliff as a shortcut, thinking they won’t be able to follow, however, they follow her easily, and Ango even calls her a slowpoke.

It starts raining. As Koruri and Ban are going in for a landing, they run into another bunch of bats. However, when the rain hits Haru’s charcoal, the sound confuses the bats and they’re unable to fly. Koruri is curious, but she doesn’t stay long, telling Ban to run quickly after her to the camp.

They arrive to find everyone in worse shape than when she left. She says, “Ban-chan…do you remember? You remember, don’t you.” He quickly begins shouting orders to her and the two of them begin patching everyone up. Haru thanks her and apologises, saying he didn’t think she’d come back. He notes that she’s wounded, too, and cleans her cut and puts a bandage on it.

Ban asks Kurumi how far along she is. She says she doesn’t know, but guesses about four months. He offers her iron and folic acid supplements, saying they’re supposed to be okay for pregnant women. Then he asks her if she sewed her own clothes and she says she’s in charge of sewing. He asks if she’s been here long, and she says Autumn has been here for three years. He asks her about supplements and she says they had them for the first six months or so, but they’ve long since used them up, and he says then she shouldn’t bother taking any now, since her body has adapted to the environment. She asks what he means and he says she got pregnant because her body decided she could bear a child here. So he says she shouldn’t introduce things from the past, but just try natural childbirth, using breathing and yoga and such. She agrees.

Akane asks him if he’s a doctor and he shakes his head and says he was in the medical class, but is inexperienced. She thanks him.

Akio and Ran discuss moving, but don’t know where would be safe. Ban says that because the bats use sonar for direction, they can’t fly in the charcoal area. Koruri grabs Haru’s shirt to ask him something, and when she stammers, he tells her his name. She tells him hers and then asks him to help her get rid of the bats.

Hana is still unable to throw off Ango and Ryou. As they’re heading towards the camp, they spot Koruri. Ango shouts to her and she calls back, asking him for help. She wants to lure the bats into the charcoal area and when she mentions Haru’s name as part of her plan, Hana asks if Haru is okay. Koruri says he is and that Ban has tended to the others as well. She says Haru is helping her get rid of the bats. Hana is glad he’s all right, but doesn’t know what to think of Summer A.

Koruri says, “Oh, are you Hana?” and when Hana says yes, Koruri says that Haru told her to have Hana help if she found her. As Koruri runs off, Hana tells her the bats go for things that fall. She then wonders when Haru got so friendly with Koruri. Ryou says he hasn’t seen Koruri like this in a long time.

Then Gengorou shows up. Hana is amazed that he was able to catch up to them. He offers them some of the wood and explains that the bats don’t like the smell when it’s burning. Ango orders Hana to help, which annoys her. She says, “I was going to anyway.”

They’re wondering which caves to smoke the bats out of, since there are so many. Suddenly they come across Sakuya in the grass, and he points out eighteen places he saw them come out of, and also says he knows the timing of when they come out, and how the caves are connected.

Hana takes out her knife to cut the branches so they will smell more when burned. Ryou seems to notice something about her knife.

Once the fires are all lit and the bats come out, they follow Koruri down as she falls. She’s certain she’ll make it in time, and she does, landing just as Haru starts playing the charcoal. As expected, the bats can’t fly and fall to the ground. Lizards come and eat them. Koruri asks Haru what song he played, and he says it was something from Die Fledermaus (which means The Bat, in German) by Johann Strauss II.

Meanwhile, Ango tells Hana that in case something like this happens again, the Spring and Autumn groups should come and live with Summer B.

Hana runs to find Haru and is relieved to see he’s is all right. She asks him when he got so friendly with Koruri and he asks if she’s jealous. She denies it, but he tells her to just be honest. Then their conversation is interrupted by Sakuya exclaiming over the dead bats. He wonders if they’ll be okay for a while now, but Ango says he doesn’t think so. This wasn’t all of them, so he thinks they’ll attack again.

Then Ryou and Ango spot Haru and look at him menacingly, asking if he’s Haru. “Yeah, what of it?” Haru says. Ango notes that Haru is the one who was playing Goin’ Home, and Haru notes that Ango is the one who broke his ocarina and killed Izayoi. Koruri steps in and tells Ango that Haru was a big help in killing the bats.

Then Haru asks where Momota is, and Hana says he stayed back with Aramaki. Ango interrupts and once again says they should all live together. When Hana protests, he says that it’s Summer A’s job to protect the “ordinary” people, and says the others are too stupid and might get attacked again.

Hana thinks it’s impossible, but seeing the state of the Autumn team, she changes her mind and tells them of his offer. Kurumi is the first to say she’ll go. Ran says, “So our choice is between camping out and getting attacked by dangerous animals, or moving in with murderers?”

Hana asks Haru if he trusts Koruri. He says she had the chance to escape, but came back and tended their wounds instead, so he trusts her. Hana says he’s grown up a bit while she was gone.

Everyone packs up and starts heading for Summer A’s camp. Koruri flies off with Karita, as he was hurt the worst. Hana thinks Koruri and Ban are probably not dangerous, but notes that Ango seems to be perpetually angry, and that Ryou is one to watch out for as well. She thinks if Momota is unhappy, she’ll leave with him, even if the others want to stay.

Back at Summer A’s camp, Aramaki asks Nijiko about her gun. He says none of the other teams were given guns, so how come Summer A was. She says because they’re special.

Everyone is very impressed by Summer A’s camp when they arrive. Ran asks how long they’ve been there, and when Ban says about three months, she says that’s impressive. Hana says Autumn’s village was better, but Ran says that took them three years.

Momota is surprised to see all the new faces, and Hana explains they’re from the Autumn team. Momota introduces himself and says he’s usually called Nobita. Kurumi says he does look like Nobita, but Akane says, “But you don’t have glasses.” Sakuya wishes they had Doraemon’s time machine. Momota is surprised they get the reference, after all of Summer A didn’t, and Ryuusei says, “There’s no one in Japan who doesn’t know Nobita”. “They’re normal!!” Momota thinks, and starts crying.

Summer A introduces themselves, then Autumn does. When it’s Karita’s turn, he introduces himself as Karita, but someone interjects and says, “The rest of us are all saying our given names”, so he says he’s Hazuki, but then says he doesn’t like the name because it sounds like a girl’s name. Then the three members of Spring introduce themselves and Hana says she doesn’t know where the rest of their team is. Aramaki says he’s the only member of Winter.

Sakuya and Ryuusei are exclaiming over how pretty Ayu is, but Momota tells them not to be fooled. Haru says, “You lost, Hana.” Then Aramaki says no one is as beautiful as Mitsuru was. Hana is shocked, and surprised that she feels that way. Aramaki apologises and says Hana is pretty, too. Hana realises that Aramaki still has feelings only for Mitsuru, and then wishes Arashi was there.

Ango tells Haru not to play music because they don’t want to hear it, then warns him not to get close to Koruri.

Ran is annoyed at how Ango keeps giving orders to them. She says even Hana has been here longer than three months, and that Autumn’s been there three years, and Aramaki fifteen. She says he should watch how he speaks to them. He says it’s not a matter of time, but of skill, and that they are more talented. Akio asks how that’s decided, and Ango says it’s already been decided and that they are different. Then he leaves with Ayu and says they’ll let them know when food is ready.

Hana stops him, saying that if they’re different, they should explain what they mean by that. Ango says they didn’t have to pass the test, they didn’t have to work hard or do anything to be chosen. Ryuusei says they didn’t want to be chosen in the first place and Ango punches him.

Ango says how dare they talk like that when there were people who wanted to come, but couldn’t. Hana says, “You knew you would come here!? You knew a meteor was going to fall and humanity would be destroyed!?” Ryou says, “Of course. We were told that ever since we were born,” and Ayu says they were raised to come here.

She explains that they were born and raised in an institution somewhere in the mountains, that they had no parents, that it was just them and their teachers. She says there were about a hundred to begin with, and that the institution existed to choose the seven who would come here.

She says every day was a test and that those who failed disappeared. Those who weren’t smart enough or athletic enough, those who couldn’t climb a cliff or fulfill their daily duties, those with bad eyesight, they were all disposed of like livestock. Then Ango talks about the final test, and how the teachers seemed to enjoy it. How they were set loose in the mountains in the middle of winter and everyone died except the seven of them.

He says the other teams can’t understand what it was like. He asks Momota if he should tell him how his hair could turn white in an instant. He grabs Momota and screams, “Shall I tell you how I killed my friends!?” Hana tries to protect Momota, but then Ango attacks her, still saying they can’t understand what it was like.

Hana thinks no, she can’t understand. She can’t believe it. She thinks it’s somehow similar to the world in Mark’s diary in its mercilessness. Ango is still screaming, saying if he could kill them all so his friends could be here in their place, he would. Hana tries to think if there’s anything she could say she’s been through that would be even a little bit on the same level, but there isn’t.

Akio says no, they can’t understand. He says Summer A had it easy, always knowing exactly what they had to do. He says the so-called “ordinary” people had their tests, too, in life, and that they were fighting since birth, too, but that they didn’t have just a hundred rivals, but everyone else in the world. He says the only thing that makes them different is that ordinary people made their own choices. He says the scariest thing is having to make your own choices, that the weight of responsibility is great. He says not to underestimate them.

Then Nijiko announces dinner is ready and says maybe it’s okay if they don’t understand each other.

Haru has brought some of his charcoal with him and sets it up far enough away from the camp that he doesn’t think Ango will hear him. Koruri follows him and tells him he shouldn’t go off alone into the woods. He thanks her, then says he’s got the dogs, so he’s okay, and she asks if she can stay and listen. He says sure, then tells her that Ango told him not to get close to her. He asks if Ango is her brother or her boyfriend and she says no, just a friend. He says, “Then I don’t have to listen to him.”

He asks her what he should play. She gives him a list of songs she doesn’t want to hear, and he’s surprised she knows so much classical music. He asks if Chopin’s Minute Waltz is okay, and she says yeah, she doesn’t think she knows it.

Back at the camp, Hana wonders where Haru went. She gets up to look for him, but finds Aramaki instead. Neither of them could sleep because they were worried about Summer A trying to pull something.

She notices he’s been crying. Hearing Summer A’s tale brought back memories of his own hardships. He says he wanted to say the same thing to them, that no one could understand what he’d been through, but after seeing them, he realised that wallowing in self-pity like that was the wrong thing to do. He says that watching everyone sleep made him realise how happy he is now.

Hana looks at him and thinks that despite the fact that he’s a grown-up, despite the fact that he’s the famous baseball ace, Aramaki Takahiro, she sometimes just wants to hold him tightly. She wonders if it would be okay to just hold his hand. She thinks, “Arashi, would it be okay?”

Then Haru shows up and asks her what she’s doing out here all alone with Aramaki. She gets flustered and asks him where he’s been. Instead of answering, he asks her if he’s the straightforward type. She says more like adorably contrary, and he says, “I thought so,” then wanders off muttering about saying thank you.

Summer A has woken up and started their daily duties. Ango says if Aramaki’s really been here fifteen years, he’ll have a lot of questions for him. Then he asks Hana what her special skills are. Aramaki says Hana’s good at climbing and camping. Ango says those aren’t special skills, those are basic skills everyone should have. He asks if there’s anything else, and when she doesn’t answer, he says she’s incompetent and then says he’ll give her a job anyone can do, since she has no other skills. He tells her to stir the toilet every day and add water if it starts to stink, as well as collecting and drying kindling and cutting up the wood to keep the bats away.

She chafes at being called incompetent, but when Aramaki says she doesn’t have to listen to Ango, she says no, someone has to do those things, and she’s okay with doing any job that needs doing. However, she tells Ango not to force the wounded to work. He says not to give him orders, and she says it’s not an order, it’s a request. Then Ryou grabs Hana’s shirt and tells her not to be cheeky. She says she was born cheeky, and that makes Aramaki start laughing, which breaks the tension.

The others wake up. Hana asks Momota if he’s okay and he says yes, and that he won’t go near Ango again. Akio says he forgot to say something last night, that there is also joy in making your own choices.

Akane comes across Gengorou tending the animals. She doesn’t remember his name and is surprised when he remembers hers. He says he remembered all their names because he heard them. Then he says she talks weird. She says it’s because she’s from the Kansai area and asks what prefecture he’s from. He says he doesn’t know. Then he asks her about the animals, saying he hasn’t seen them before. She says there were a bunch of them in the west and that they had a bunch at their old camp, but hadn’t been able to save them. She says their names are Guri and Gura, which he says are weird names. She says they’re from a famous children’s book, but he doesn’t know of it. He asks her what they eat and she says grass and leaves, that they just let them eat whatever they want. when she takes them out to pasture and to milk them, he says it’s dangerous and he’ll come with her.

As Hana stirs the toilet, she thinks about what Ango said about her. It’s the first time anyone’s ever called her unskilled and incompetent, and she had thought her skills had come in handy since coming to this world. She overhears Ran telling Nijiko that they will build the addition themselves, as they have more experience with this, and then overhears Akane talking to Gengorou about diving for shellfish and how no one’s better than her. Haru asks for help, saying he’s incompetent, and she tells him he’s not, thinking about how he’s a musician. She then sees Aramaki and thinks about how he was a baseball ace and has so much experience surviving in this world. She thinks about how everyone has something but her. She never had any plans other than to go to college, maybe keep up climbing and caving as a hobby, and marry Arashi. As she’s sitting there feeling sorry for herself, Ango comes up and tells her to go chop the scented wood.

Meanwhile Nijiko insists that Ran follow her orders in building the addition, but as Ran makes snarky comments about the construction of the current buildings, it becomes clear that Ran really does have more experience.

Hana is sawing wood. She doesn’t mind the work, but hates being ordered to do it. She talks to Ango about his climbing gear, noting that the cam he’s using is the same brand her dad favored, even though it’s an old style.

Ban and Kurumi are doing yoga. After their session, she tells him that she’s worried about a plant she and the others used to smoke. She stopped smoking it before she got pregnant, but she worries it could still harm the baby. He says there’s no way he can know for sure, but the best thing to do is just not worry about it, since there’s nothing that can be done, and that it will probably be all right.

Ryou tells Ango that Hana has returned the saw. Ango says it’s probably dull from the way she was using it, but Ryou says it’s sharpened, that she knows to sharpen it after.

Ryuusei asks Koruri if he can use her glider, saying that he’s gone parasailing before. She refuses, and then he asks why her harness is such an old style. He’s surprised whoever froze them didn’t include the most recent version.

Nijiko comes to Hana and asks her when they were frozen. The scene cuts to Summer A discussing the matter amongst themselves. It turns out the other teams were frozen seventeen years after them. Ango remembers Takashi telling them that any children that were born now would only live to Ango’s age. Ango is really angry. Summer A was the best, but now there’s so much they don’t know because of those lost 17 years. Nijiko says it’s humiliating, and Ayu says the teachers made fools of them. Nijiko says nothing much will have changed re: plants and animals, and Gengorou agrees, but says there’s too much they don’t know.

Then he leaves to heat the bath. The other teams are surprised there’s actual hot bath. It’s made by putting hot stones in the water. Hana and Kurumi bathe together. Kurumi says her boobs have grown again, and Hana says hers keep shrinking. Kurumi wonders how Ran’s boobs stay so big, and they both laugh, then Kurumi says it’s been a long time since she laughed like that.

Aramaki notices the weather changing and says the dry seasons is coming.

Hana sleeps well, but when she wakes up, she realises how exhausted she really is. Kurumi says she should rely on them more, since they’ve been here longer. Hana thinks that normally if someone said that to her, she’d avoid them, but for some reason she doesn’t mind with Kurumi.

Aramaki wants them to gather together because he has something to tell them. When Hana sees Ango, she notices Ango is in even more of a bad mood than usual. Aramaki explains that the dry season is coming, and that the land will basically turn into a desert and the animals will all disappear, too. He says he used to always just look for where there was water, but that with this many people, it will be difficult to find enough.

Ryou says there are three things they can do: collect enough water, dig a well, or find a river or lake large enough that it won’t dry up. They already have one well, but there’s no guarantee it won’t dry up, so they plan to dig a backup well. Kurumi says there’s a fairly deep-looking lake nearby, and Ango tells her to go check it out more closely. They also talk about making a small pond to collect water, as well as drying food to eat during the dry season.

Ango orders the others to concentrate on their own jobs, while Summer A plans for the dry season. While working, Akio and Ran grouse about Ango in English. Hana comes over and asks them about what they’re building, and Ran says they’re building a separate house for Ryuusei and Kurumi. Hana is excited and asks if that means Ran no longer opposes the pregnancy. Ran says she’s still disgusted at the people who sent them here, but that she feels a little better at the moment. Hana thinks about who the mysterious people could be who sent them here, and how she actually feels grateful because both she and Arashi were included. Then she thinks about how much of a coincidence that is.

Later it starts pouring. Inside, Hana does some sewing. Aramaki says it’s amazing that she can sew, but she says she really can’t, she can just mend and do basic stuff, and that it’s her dad who taught her because he wanted her to be able to repair tents and stuff while out camping. He says her dad sounds like a good guy. She asks about his dad and if he played baseball. He says no, but his mom was a softball player. They both feel like their parents are still alive out there somewhere.

She asks him if he hates the people who sent them here. He says it’s complicated. On the one hand, he would never have met Mitsuru or Hana, but he does resent the fact that Mitsuru and them all died. Hana says she wishes she’d been asked if she wanted to come, but both she and Aramaki agree that if they’d been asked, they would have said no, that probably everyone would have said no.

Hana has made a change of clothes for Momota, since he lost all his stuff. She has him change and goes off to do laundry. Ayu gives her some handmade soap, and Hana is impressed that Summer A has the skills to make soap and such. She washes her menstrual pads as well, and thinks about how she always used cloth ones before anyway, so it wasn’t a big change, but that the others had all been surprised. She mentally thanks her mother for that, and wishes she’d thought to ask her mother about more things.

Hana finds Ryuusei alone and asks him why he doesn’t do yoga with Kurumi. He says it’s because it won’t do him any good, and then he says he’d do anything for Kurumi and he’s always asking her what she wants him to do. Hana explains that he shouldn’t ask, but should just make an effort himself to do things he thinks she would want, because him asking is making Kurumi think he regrets being with her (though she doesn’t tell him that last part, just thinks it).

Meanwhile, when Kurumi goes to see Ban, he asks her not to call him sensei anymore. The revelation that his medical knowledge is seventeen years out of date has hit him hard. She tells him that it’s thanks to his advice that she’s been able to relax and stop worrying. She says she doesn’t know anything about medicine or yoga, but he was able to ease her mind, and if he could do that, that makes him a doctor. He starts to cry.

Hana and Ryuusei were watching, and Hana says what a wonderful person Kurumi is. Ryuusei says, “Of course she is. She’s the woman I fell in love with.” Then he runs off, and she yells after him to tell Kurumi that.

Ayu won’t come to dinner because it’s the full moon. Ango goes to see her, but she tells him to shut the door because the moon is watching. He says he doesn’t know what happened to her in the mountains because she never talks about it. She says, “I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything. It’s not my fault. It’s not my fault. Don’t blame me.” Then she says, “No, maybe it is my fault.” He grabs her and says no one blames her, that none of it is their fault.

Meanwhile, Haru and Koruri have sneaked off because he wanted to play Debussy’s Clair de Lune under the full moon. It makes her think of Mayu, and he asks if she’s okay. She says sometimes when she’s on the ground, she starts shaking and her hands and feet get cold and her guts twist up, but that if she flies, she’s okay. She says it wasn’t the song, that the song was beautiful, and that it would go away on its own in time. He holds her gently.

In contrast, Ango is still clutching tightly to Ayu, yelling it’s all their teachers’ fault.

Ryuusei goes and finds Kurumi, offering to rub her legs, and Momota goes to Hana and says his shirt is starting to unravel.

Haru and Koruri have fallen asleep, and when they’re awakened by a small reptile, they realise it’s morning and run back to the camp. As they’re running, Haru says he never played xylophone or anything like that, he played piano. She says she’s only seen pianos in pictures, and wishes she could hear him play.

Back at camp, Gengorou asks Aramaki about the rest of the Winter team, and Aramaki says they’re all dead, attacked by a tiger. Gengorou is surprised to hear about the tiger and Aramaki explains that it probably wasn’t really a tiger, but some sort of large cat. He says there were also dogs and monkeys and various other mammals in Hokkaido that he doesn’t see on the mainland. Gengorou says he’d like to go to Hokkaido sometime. Aramaki notes that Gengorou really likes animals, but Gengorou says he’s not qualified to like them. Aramaki says it’s not something you need to be qualified for.

When Koruri and Haru return, Ango is so angry he punches Haru in the nose. Koruri steps between him and Haru and tries to calm him down. Afterwards, she tells Haru that Ango is actually a very kind person. Ryou says he’s just worried about Koruri and Koruri says she knows. Then Ryou kicks Haru and walks away. Haru says he understands that they want to protect a younger girl like Koruri, and Koruri says they’re all the same age, seventeen. Hana and Haru are both surprised. Hana thought Ango was older, and Haru is shocked that Koruri is older than him (he’s sixteen).

Hana understands the desire to keep your own team members away from other teams and is surprised that Ango has ordinary emotions like that. She then teases Haru about meeting Koruri every morning, but he says it’s not like that, and asks her not to tease him. She apologises and realises he’s serious about Koruri. It makes her feel a little lonely.

A fairly large group sets off to look at the lake Koruri found. As they’re walking, Ran notes that there are seven of them, and says that it used to be thought that a group of seven travellers was unlucky, and that’s probably why a guide was added to each group to make them eight. She asks about Summer A’s guide, but Ango just says they don’t have one. Aramaki asks if Summer A plays baseball, and when Ango says no, he asks if they prefer soccer. Ango says neither baseball nor soccer is necessary to survive. Aramaki says it is necessary for some people.

Haru says, “Don’t you guys have any hobbies or anything to live for?” Ango says that’s for people who have a lot of free time on their hands, but Haru says then why do people play piano during a war or paint while they’re starving or sing or play kickball during a civil war? He says the fact that Ango doesn’t understand how necessary those things are to living is why he is so quick to become violent. Ango doesn’t answer, but Hana is scared that he might shoot Haru. She thinks Haru is cool for standing up to Ango like that, though.

They get to the lake and realise it’s no good. It’s already drying up very quickly. The next one is worse; it smells horrible and is already swampy. Ango almost sinks into the mud.

Ran asks if they should look around a bit more, but Nijiko says no, any further than this is no good to them anyway, but that they should go ahead and build a reservoir. Ran agrees.

Haru is off looking at some branches that turn out to be hollow inside. As he examines them, thinking maybe he’s more suited to wood instruments than he thought, someone hits him over the head and pushes him in the swamp.

Ryou comes back to where the others are and says the other lake is no good, too. Nijiko asks him where Ango is and he says he doesn’t know. Ran asks what really happened to their guide, and Ryou says they killed him.

Ango comes back, and Hana soon after. Hana asks if anyone’s seen Haru. Ango says no, and Ryou just stares at her. Hana goes off to look for him, but then she wonders why Ango wasn’t worried that Haru had sneaked off to meet Koruri again. She turns back and accuses Ango of doing something to Haru. Then she and Aramaki run off to look for him. They hear a sound and run towards it. It turns out to be Haru holding his hands up above the muck, banging his branches together.

They manage to drag him out of the swamp and he says he was attacked from behind. Ango gets out his gun and says maybe it was some dangerous animal. “You’re the dangerous animal,” Hana thinks. She gets out her knife and tells Ango not to lay a hand on Haru, but Ango insists he didn’t do anything. She screams at him to put his gun away and Aramaki yells at them both to stop.

Then Ryou interjects calmly and demands to see Hana’s knife. She asks if he’s trying to take it away from her, but he says no, and shows her his knife, which is the same as hers. He says it’s made-to-order and asks why she has one. She says she was told it’s made-to-order, too. “Who told you that? Why do you have one?” he asks. “Wh, what does it matter?” she says. “It’s not even mine. It was my dad’s.”






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  1. ipod Avatar

    YAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!! More 7 Seeds! Man, this story is great. I’m glad we’re shuffling between 14 and 19 (lol). This series will definitely go on forever… and it’s so intense.

    I’m cool with the story staying on Ango and Ryou. I think Ango needs to have a breakthrough and calm down.

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      I like Ango and Ryou’s story, but I’m so curious what happened to Hana, so I really want to get back to her! I know Tamura-sensei is drawing it out deliberately to keep us all guessing.

      1. ipod Avatar

        I guess I just assume Hana will be okay. I mean, they can’t kill her until Arashi and her have an epic reunion. This thing about her dad and Kaname and Summer A is too crazy though… Tamura set that up well. It’s cool that Tamura introduced that fact later in the story, when Hana’s already proved her awesomeness instead of relying on who she is to establish her importance.

        I hope this plays out okay.

        1. megchan Avatar

          Yeah, I am sure Hana will be okay, too, but I want to know how on earth she survives. XD

          I really like the way Tamura-sensei set things up, too. She’s great at plotting.

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