7 Seeds vol. 20, ch. 104 [summary]

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They open door number one to find a single computer console standing in the middle of the room. Ango says he doesn’t know anything about computers and orders Arashi to do it. Natsu contacts Hotaru through the intercom, and Hotaru also connects them to Botan’s group.

Arashi turns on the computer and a question pops up on the screen: “What is your favorite book?” Arashi and Natsu have no idea where to start, but Botan suggests putting in “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, saying that the captain quoted from it.

Arashi inputs the title and it works, but then there’s another box asking for an eight-character code, specifically “the same code as before”. Arashi asks Hotaru if she has the instructions to fire the missiles. She does, and she reads them to everyone.

In order to start and stop the self-destruct, one person is needed in each of the four booths. They must each set their own confirmation question and choose an eight-character password. Then all four must simultaneously press and hold the button for three seconds.

Realising that they need to get all the questions and passwords, Ango tells Hotaru to guide them to the captain’s room in hopes that he left the code written somewhere.

The captain lies dead in front of the captain’s room, and while the others search inside, Natsu looks at him, wondering if he has a note or something in one of his pockets. She doesn’t want to have to touch him to get at it, though, as she’s scared of the bacteria.

It’s then that she notices one hand is oddly free of the bacteria. There’s a bracelet on that wrist, silver or platinum, which the bacteria seem to have no interest in. As she looks closer, she sees there are numbers and letters on the bracelet and she realises what that means.

Once they’re back in room #1, they input the code from the bracelet, and a pop-up asks if they want to stop the missiles. They press yes and head for room #2.

Since they have no idea who the other people would be other than the captain, Arashi thinks they won’t be able to get anywhere with the second question, but when it pops up a picture of a kitten and the question “What is your pet’s name?”, Natsu recognises the kitten from the photo she picked up. “Mimi-chan!!” she cries.

“Mimi” turns out to be the correct answer, and now they know where to look for the code, in the rooms around where she found the photo.

Natsu says they should split up and Arashi and Ango should check out rooms 3 and 4. She says now that she knows all about the hidden ladders and the intercom and the room numbers, she’ll be okay. Ango agrees and says he’ll leave room 2 to Natsu. “Natsu,” Arashi says, “let’s stop those missiles,” and then they high-five (which Ango flat-out refuses to participate in).

Meanwhile, Semimaru is tired of doing nothing and volunteers to go to room 3. The question there turns out to be “What is the most popular menu choice for dinner?” At first he thinks there’s no way they could ever figure that out, but then they all talk about how much they love curry, and even Ango admits that the Summer A candidates had all loved curry, too. Semimaru inputs “curry” and then says the guy must be a chef, so he’s off to check out the kitchen.

Ango and Arashi head down to room #4 only to find that the bacteria are really bad down there. There was a shootout, and the metal from the bullets and blood had attracted the bacteria.

However, the computer still works, and the question it asks is “What sport can’t you play on a ship?” It’s a multiple choice question and says they’re allowed three mistakes before they’re out.

Arashi reads out soccer, basketball, bowling and golf, and Semimaru says there was a bowling set and Matsuri says there were golf clubs and soccer and basket and volleyballs, too.

As the others continue to debate what sport it might be, Semimaru explores the kitchen area, finally going into the freezer, where he’s confronted with the sight of the chef’s rotting corpse. He had hanged himself.

There’s a bracelet on his wrist, too. Semimaru sees it and says the chef must have hanged himself after hitting the missile switch. “Sorry, but we’re going to stop them,” he tells the chef. “I bet your curry was delicious.” Then he apologises for disturbing him and closes the freezer doors again.

While he’d been talking with the chef, the others had realised the answer to the sports question was baseball, so now Ango and Arashi are heading to the gym.

Meanwhile, Natsu is looking for Mimi’s owner. She puts the photo back and apologises for taking it. This time she isn’t afraid. She finds a corpse with an untouched hand just like the captain, but there’s no bracelet. She wonders if maybe it fell off when the ship changed position and spots a ring in the corner of the room.

They now have all the codes but one, however, Ango and Arashi are having no luck in the gym. There are no dead bodies anywhere. But when they look in the lockers, they find a set of dog tags with the code on it inside a baseball trophy. Ango asks how Arashi knew to look inside it and Arashi says from the question he figured the guy liked baseball.

Ango tells Arashi to go back to #1 and he will go to #4. As Arashi is about to leave, Ango calls out to him, but when Arashi asks what he wants, Ango says it’s nothing. Summer B’s not totally incompetent, he thinks.

Now that they’ve all input their codes, Hotaru tells them she will count down from five and on zero they should all press the button.

She reaches zero and they all press cancel…but the missile countdown doesn’t stop.






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  1. Ming-ki Avatar

    Wow! This chapter is amazing! It is really like solving point and click game to get out of the room by finding the right clues! I am also stunned to see Natsu’s detailed observation comes into handy here!

    Not only Ango wants to praise the Team’s achievement, but only I myself want to shout bravo too!!

    And thank you Megchan!!!! Your summary really, really helps me understand what’s going on! Without it, I would have never even guessed right what is really going on in this chapter!

    Can’t wait to see the next one!!!

    1. megchan Avatar

      Yeah, it’s neat to see it all tie together with their previous explorations. Botan was able to answer the first question because of the Captain’s video, Natsu had picked up the photo of Mimi, and Semimaru’s group had come through the kitchen and gym.

      Tamura-sensei is so great at pulling all these threads together and building on them. I mean, all that exploration served a purpose on its own (to show us the ship, character interaction, etc) and yet it is also the key to these riddles.

  2. dudematters Avatar

    regards dude! thanks for uploading this awesome chapter! i really went crazy about this!!! haha.

    1. megchan Avatar

      It’s an exciting chapter! :)

      1. dudematters Avatar

        yeah man it does! I like the part when Ango almost went to say that teamsummerB is not totally incompetent..
        this is really good, so far it’s the first time that this had happened, an emotional breakthrough from Ango..
        Since the death of Shigeru, he’s mind was so stressed-up. And, I actually find it hard to believe that his acting this way to everyone.. Ango is my favorite character in 7seeds if you want to know the truth.. When we first started out knowing team summer A, Ango was the man of the hour. His very friendly, a kid who cares a lot, smart, an elite, and a very sensible guy in many ways.. But when things went into a different level, the survival of the fittest, the strong remains, the benefit of going to the future.. He’s brain went totally fu*k up.. He was so confuse with a lot of things in his mind.. But man I can’t hate the guy for being an a*hole, I pity him and I feel sorry for him.. I’m really looking forward to any further improvement with his rebel attitude in the future.. So in short you should upload chapter 105!! Hahaha.. im just kidding man! Take the time you need, quality is better than quantity.. im a fan of your work! So keep it up man! =)

        1. megchan Avatar

          I agree. I really loved Ango when we were first introduced to him in the flashback, so I’m glad to see him making progress. I liked when Ryou told him that he is so antagonistic towards Hana and Arashi because they remind him of how he used to be.

          He’s done a lot of horrible stuff since arriving in the future, but I still find him a sympathetic character, because we got to see exactly what fucked him up so badly.

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    As always, thanks for taking your time to translate this chapter!

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      You’re welcome! :)

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      I had hoped for maybe this weekend, but stuff came up, so probably next week sometime.

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    Love 7 seeds

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        I was reading your summaries from time to time with no real concern to who was writing them and now that the story really got interesting I had to check. Just checked what this guy wrote and I do know this kind of person and they are just depraved of consideration but not of respect although they get offended easily haha. I’m sure he was really grateful and you made someone happy. I certainly am. Thank you for your precious time !

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    Thank you thank you thank you very much for devoting your time to make the narration of 7 seeds…!
    I’ve just found your site 15 minutes ago and already fell in love with it :’)

    I’m sad that one of the reader was kinda creating a problem up there.. but I want you to know that there are people out there who are still hoping that you will continue the narration/translation.

    I feel that I’m getting more immersed into the chapters by reading your narration. It’s a very different feeling than just reading the comic…
    Anytime you feel like continuing 7 seeds the series, I’ll be waiting patiently :)

    1. megchan Avatar

      Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I should have the next chapter up sometime this week. I just had other higher-priority things come up and then I got sick, so… >_<

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        Oh! I’m sorry to hear that… have you gotten well now? Thanks for the 105 translation, am going to read it now :D

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          Yup, I’m feeling better now. :) Though a couple people are getting sick at my work again, so I hope I don’t catch anything! D:

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