Healing Vision (doujinshi)

Healing Vision

Title: Healing Vision
Circle: Hiina Kotome (Sumikko)
Pairing: Haru/Rin
Scanlation Status: Complete

Two short stories contrasting Rin's confusion about her feelings for Haru as a child and her acceptance of her feelings now.

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Strawberry Milk (doujinshi)

Strawberry Milk

Title: Strawberry Milk
Original Title: イチゴミルク (Ichigo Milk)
Circle: Hiina Kotome (Sumikko)
Pairing: Haru/Rin

When Rin hears that Haru has a cold, she goes over to make sure he's okay.

Miniature Garden (doujinshi)

Miniature Garden

Title: Miniature Garden
Original Title: 箱庭 (Hakoniwa)
Circle: Humpty-Dumpty & konbini・jirusi
Pairing: Haru/Rin

A short story, told in both Haru and Rin's POVs, that explores their relationship from the time they were children to Rin's decision to break up with Haru.