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  • Saint Young Men ch. 8

    Well, this post may be both good news and bad news for some. The good news is, here is a new chapter of Saint Young Men! The bad news is, this is the last one I will be doing. I decided a long time ago that I couldn’t keep up with this series anymore (I […]

  • Saint Young Men Ch. 7

    Chapter 7: Jesus and Buddha: Can They Do It? Buddha is less than thrilled when he finds out Jesus has spent 17,000 yen on a potter’s wheel, but the beginner’s manga kit Jesus bought for him along with it calms him down a little, and they settle in for an autumn afternoon of drawing and […]

  • Saint Young Men Ch. 6

    Chapter 6: Summer Jam at the Public Pool What could possibly go wrong on a trip to the public pool? Well, if you’re Jesus and Buddha, there’s bleeding stigmata, accidental miracles, unintentional bonding with yakuza, and then nearly getting arrested for public indecency on the way home.

  • Saint Young Men Ch. 5

    Chapter 5: Oh My Hobby Just what has Jesus been doing on the internet all the time? And why does the landlady want to speak with them? This rainy day may turn out to be not so boring after all.

  • Saint Young Men Ch. 4

    Chapter 4: Debut Jesus and Buddha go shopping, win prizes, and Jesus reveals his secret desire to form a comedy duo with Buddha.

  • Saint Young Men Ch. 3

    Chapter 3: Another Paradise In this chapter, Jesus and Buddha visit paradise on Earth, otherwise known as Disneyland (or rather, a thinly-veiled facsimile thereof, presumably to avoid copyright troubles). Will Buddha forgive Jesus for taking him on a roller coaster? Will Jesus get over not seeing the parade?

  • Saint Young Men Ch. 1-2

    Chapter 1: Buddha’s Day Off It’s a new millennium and Jesus and Buddha have come down to Earth for an extended vacation. This first chapter serves as an introduction to the characters and sets the tone for the rest of the manga. Chapter 2: Road to Holiness In chapter two, Jesus and Buddha spend a […]