A Can of Happiness

Story 1: A Can of Happiness
Emi wins the special prize in a raffle, which turns out to be a can that supposedly holds happiness. There’s even a weird little man who starts following her around, claiming he’s the “god of the can” and trying to give her advice. But all she wants is for her relationship with her boyfriend to feel less like a one-sided crush. Will this can really help her be happy?

I’ve been working with Occasional Amateur Scanlations to translate some older anthologies by Kawahara Kazune (author of Sensei! and High School Debut). This is the first story in an anthology by the same name. The other four stories in the anthology will follow whenever we get them done.






6 responses to “A Can of Happiness”

  1. Toku Avatar

    Thanks, I like Kawahara Kazune’s works ^^

    1. admin Avatar

      You’re welcome! I’m always glad to meet more Kawahara Kazune fans. :D

  2. Sasa Avatar

    Thanks for this manga ^^

    By the way, when will you release the next chapter of Saint Young Men? This manga really trapped me, it’s so funny xD

    1. admin Avatar

      Glad you’re enjoying it. :) I am almost done and will be posting the next chapter of SYM sometime later this week.

  3. artlover Avatar

    excuse me… can any body tell me the complete english translation of the manga sensei! by kawahara kazune? i’m really looking for it! i could only read until the 9th vol if any one knows please tell me.. :)

    1. megchan Avatar

      Unfortunately I don’t believe it’s been fully translated in English anywhere.

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