Aozora Yell vol. 2 [raw]

Volume 2

I recently got a new scanner and decided to put it to use scanning some manga that I have not been able to find raws for online. The stuff I scan will not necessarily be stuff I plan on scanlating myself (though I do have a few I plan to scanlate), so feel free to redistribute or use any of my scans for scanlations.






4 responses to “Aozora Yell vol. 2 [raw]”

  1. luckyhuh? Avatar

    Thank you Thank you!!!! you have no idea how much have i wish for somebody to provide the raws for Aozora Yell, this is such a refreshing and interesting manga, that is down right criminal that this doesn’t have the attention that it deserves. thank you ^o^!!

    1. megchan Avatar

      Isn’t it a great series? She’s one of my favorite authors anyway, so there was pretty much no way I wasn’t going to like it, but still.

      I am in the process of scanning vol. 3, too, so hopefully I’ll have that up within the next few weeks, too.

  2. Angie Avatar

    Wow, thank you so much. Even though I can’t understand a single word of this. Is just that I’ve wanted more from this series xD but no matter how much I look for it, no one has Aozora Yell more than chapter seven. It’s depressing~

    Anyways, thanks. Sorry if I made some gramatical mistake, english is not my mother language.

    1. megchan Avatar

      You’re welcome! Hopefully more scanlated chapters will come out eventually. It’s such a cute series. :)

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