Clover vol. 22 [summary]

This is a detailed summary of Clover vol. 22 by Chiya Toriko. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers.

It’s Saya’s birthday and she’s meeting Haruki at the train station for some reason (it’s been ages since I read vol. 21, so I don’t remember why she was there!). She tells him she and Tsuge have set the wedding date for next March and he gets angry and says he won’t let Tsuge have her. Then a bunch of women spot him and are all “Haruki! Haruki!” and he jumps on the train to escape and Saya gets knocked in with him.

Meanwhile, Shiori is asleep at Tsuge’s. (I also don’t remember how or why she got there, sorry!) Midori comes by and sees her shoes and thinks Tsuge is cheating on Saya, but says he won’t say anything to her.

Back to Haruki and Saya. Saya is now stranded in Karuizawa because that was the last train. She and Haruki are talking when suddenly she collapses due to the pain from her hemorrhoids.

He takes her to the hospital and the doctor says she needs to be operated on immediately. When she wakes up, Haruki is still there and she’s very embarrassed. She tells him not to tell anyone, but he says it’s nothing to be ashamed of. He texts Ohta to let him know what happened, and realises it’s Ohta and Saya’s birthday. She says it’s the worst birthday ever and he gives her a four-leaf clover and tells her happy birthday.

Then while she’s sleeping, he checks his messages to find a bunch from presumably his manager about that morning’s filming, wondering where he is. He deletes all the messages.

Back at the office, a mass email goes out to everyone announcing the engagement of Tsuge and Shiori, causing a huge uproar.

Meanwhile, Ririka is making a bento for her and Reo to have a picnic in the park. While she’s out with him, they happen to pass nearby Ohta’s apartment and she debates whether or not to stop in and see him. While she’s dithering, Ohta shows up, along with a woman. They are coming back from the convenience store with breakfast. Ririka gets upset and leaves, then cries when she’s out of Ohta’s sight.

Back at the office again, everyone is congratulating Tsuge on his engagement and he has no idea what’s going on. After seeing the email he goes to talk to Kazuyo’s boss, who is in charge of such things, and he says Shiori told him to send out the email. Then Shiori shows up and Tsuge takes her somewhere they can talk privately.

She says he has to marry her because she spent the night at his place. She tries to play it like he took advantage of her, but he didn’t do anything. However, she’s still willing to use the fact that she was there at all to blackmail him into marrying her. She tells him he’ll have to choose between Saya and the company. If he chooses Saya, she’ll get him fired.

At the hospital, Ayuko and Ohta have come to visit. Ohta tells Haruki privately that he heard from a girl he’s seeing who works at Saya’s company that Tsuge is engaged to Shiori. As they’re talking about it, they don’t see Saya and Ayuko come up behind them and overhear. Saya gets really upset, but Ohta says he’ll find out what’s going on. Then Saya collapses.

When she’s in bed, her phone rings and it’s Tsuge. Ayuko answers, but Ohta takes the phone from her and chews Tsuge out. Tsuge tries to explain, but Ohta hangs up on him. Ohta says he never liked Tsuge anyway, and both he and Ayuko tell Haruki they wish Saya liked him instead.

Tsuge tries to get time off from work to go see Saya, but he can’t. He does call or email, though, because in the next scene, Saya is talking to Haruki and telling him it was all a mistake. He asks if Tsuge is coming to see her and she says he’s on a business trip so it can’t be helped. Haruki gets upset and says he shouldn’t put his job ahead of Saya when she’s in the hospital. Then he says he just wants to be with her, and talks about how he can’t love anyone other than her. She says he just doesn’t know the real her, but he says the only her he doesn’t know is the her who likes him.

She says she does like him and how could he think she would hate him. She gets upset at him and says she’s having a hard time right now and it’s not fair for him to do this. He then kisses her and says he loves her. She blushes and cries and asks why he did that and in the narration, she is thinking she can’t be friends with him anymore.

Back to Tsuge, he’s leaving to go see Saya finally, but Shiori is waiting for him. She says it may be too late and shows him tomorrow’s issue of a tabloid, with pics of Haruki and Saya together.

Meanwhile, Ohta chases after Ririka to try and apologize. When she finally lets him talk, he says the woman meant nothing to him and she’s just a fuck buddy. Of course Ririka does not take that well, and says she never wants to see him again. Later, Ohta calls and calls, but she just deletes his messages.

Tsuge finally arrives at the hospital, but it’s past visiting hours. To make things worse, unbeknownst to him, Shiori has followed him. They have a conversation in the waiting room and Tsuge says he started dating Saya not because she’s his type, but because he thought she’d make a suitable wife. Of course Saya happens to overhear this. In shock, she stumbles and falls, and Tsuge hears her and comes running. He reaches out to her, but she flinches back.

He shows her the tabloid photos and says he doesn’t want her to see Haruki anymore and that she betrayed him by continuing to see him and not telling her. She gets mad because he’s the one who’s been doing all this stuff with Shiori, and didn’t come to see her in the hospital, and she trusts him, so why won’t he trust her. She says Haruki was there for her, and he says not to compare him to Haruki. Then he says maybe they’d better take a break from each other for a while, and he leaves.

While Saya is crying in the waiting room, he goes out and finds Shiori waiting for him in her car. She tells him to get in and he says he’ll take a cab, but she says there won’t be any at this hour. The volume ends with her urging him to get in.






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    good job!! :) r u translating other chapters?

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      I do still plan to summarise the final volume.

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