7 Seeds vol. 17 [summary]

This is a detailed summary of 7 Seeds vol. 17 by Tamura Yumi. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers.

This vol. starts off with Ango and Ryou observing Summer Team B and criticising them. (Everyone’s skills suck compared to Summer A, but Summer B is so pathetic as to be almost unbelievable to them.) Summer B show them the boat they found and there’s some discussion about food and survival, etc. and then the scene changes to later at night when Ango and Ryou are alone again, this time discussing the possibility of the “reaper”, whom Ran said was probably in Summer B. Of course the reaper is in Summer B, but seeing as Mozu is not currently with the team, Ango and Ryou assume it must be one of the other team members. Ango then decides to test Summer B.

The scene changes again to the next day and everyone’s just faffing about doing whatever. Of course this annoys Ango. Natsu alone is working, and Ango notices this. He begins to take an interest in her because she reminds him subconsciously of Shigeru.

That night they have a talent show, which of course Ango and Ryou do not want to participate in, though they reluctantly watch Summer B’s antics. Hotaru’s talent is palm-reading and after reading Arashi’s, Natsu’s, and Semimaru’s, she asks to do Ango’s. Because he’s injured, she says she’ll just do one hand, though it’s supposed to be two. Whatever she sees in his palm makes me start crying, but she doesn’t say what it was, just that sometimes this happens and she’d like to try again when his arm is healed and she can see both palms.

Chimaki’s talent is pulling a tablecloth off a set table without messing up whatever’s on it. After he does it, Semimaru insist’s Natsu try, too, and of course she fails and gets wibbly and upset. Ango says anyone can do it with practice and that it’s not something she should be made fun of.

Afterwards, Matsuri is very excited, because she thinks Ango likes Natsu, as she’s noticed him watching her all this time and then he protected her. She says Natsu should go for it, but Natsu says she doesn’t want just anybody, it has to be someone special. Matsuri says the same goes for her, but then she smiles and says that she would go for anyone if they’re hot, so she’ll go for Ryou. Natsu feels bad for what she said and wonders if she offended Matsuri and Matsuri was just pretending to laugh. While she’s standing there alone, Ango comes up and asks her why she isn’t practicing with the tablecloth, then spends the night showing her how to do it. Semimaru sees them and gets upset that Ango is “taking their women”.

Meanwhile Matsuri goes to find Ryou and asks him when his birthday is. He hesitates and says he was born in August and so was Ango. Matsuri is happy with that for now, and when she leaves and Ango comes back, they discuss birthdays a bit themselves and realise based on the skies that they must have turned 18 by now.

The next day Ango and Arashi are out in the ocean. They talk about swimming and then Ango examines the rocks around the boat. Arashi finds a tub and a small chest with a bunch of stuff in it. Inside the chest are some music boxes, including one that plays Chopin’s Étude Op. 10 No. 3, which is of course familiar to the Summer A kids.

Natsu works up the courage to apologise to Matsuri, who says no one has ever apologised to her like that before. Then she says that although she tries to appear shallow, it sometimes hurts when people take her at face value and assume she’s shallow. Natsu asks her why she wants to appear shallow and she says sometimes it’s just easier that way. She then apologises to Natsu for teasing her.

Ango and Ryou decide to use the gunpowder from a bullet to explode the rocks on the ship. Botan is surprised they have gunpowder and they’re surprised she doesn’t. Afterwards, they eat and Arashi talks about wanting to explore all of Japan. Ryou suggests they do that with the boat. Later on, while Ango is teaching Natsu how to pull the tablecloth out and Ryou is thinking “dude, that’s not Shigeru, stop thinking of her as Shigeru”, Botan and Hotaru talk about the stars, and Botan asks Hotaru if she thinks bringing Ango and Ryou on the boat will be unlucky. Hotaru says no, not quite, but can’t express the odd feeling the stars gave her.

Matsuri plays the music box again and Ango hears it and thinks “the test has begun”, which cannot end well for Summer B.

Once on the boat, Summer B puts both crabs and shellfish in the tub together. Ango is dubious, but Ryou tells him not to say anything about it because this is a test. Ango agrees and thinks that they need to realise how dangerous things are.

While showing Ango and Ryou around the boat, they find a small room, which Ango tells them is a sauna. Back up top, Ango asks Natsu if she gets seasick and she says no, just a little at first. He says good, and then she works up the courage to ask him why he’s so kind to her. He says “…Kind?” and she flails a bit and goes away.

While they eat, Summer B plays a game of naming famous people from their regions. Semimaru asks where Ryou is from and Ryou says somewhere cold. He asks Ango and Ango says the same thing. Then Botan asks if they’re from the same place and if they knew each other before. Ango says yes and Botan says none of them on Summer B knew each other before. Matsuri says there are others who knew each other, though, like Hotaru and her cousin and Arashi and his girlfriend. Ango’s ears prick at the world girlfriend.

Ango and Ryou go up on deck, leaving everyone below. As they go up, Ryou closes the window. On deck, they talk about their boat training and the first time they saw the lights of civilisation. Ango remembers thinking those people would all die, and now here they have survived, but there’s nothing great about it. He and Ryou wonder if Summer B is really as stupid as they seem.

Meanwhile down below, Natsu starts to feel sick. Ango notices how quiet it’s gotten and goes downstairs. He gets everyone out and says it’s carbon monoxide poisoning. He then gets angry with them for not noticing anything was wrong. When Natsu thanks him, he says she needs to notice these dangers herself.

The next day Arashi writes a note and puts it in a bottle. When asked if it’s for Hana, he says no, it’s for anyone who finds it. Ango asks about Hana and Matsuri says it’s Arashi’s girlfriend, who by coincdence is on the Spring team. Ango and Ryou realise that it’s not a coincidence at all, but that Takashi-sensei put Arashi in on purpose. Ryou tells Ango to forget about Hana, that she’s dead and no one needs to know.

Ryou and Arashi go diving and Ryou tangles some seaweed around Arashi’s ankle. Arashi can’t get free, but Ango comes and cuts him free with a knife. They talk and Ango asks why Arashi didn’t use his own knife to get free and Arashi says it didn’t even occur to him because he’s not used to carrying a knife. Ango thinks that Hana was used to using a knife and wonders what Arashi would say if he told him that Hana was dead and that Ango was the one who killed her.

Later on they all use the sauna and when Semimaru is the last one in, Ryou puts a chair under the door handle so he can’t get out. He then sits on the deck opening, so Semimaru can’t get out that way, either. Natsu wasn’t feeling well and has been sleeping. When she wakes up, she thinks she hears pounding on a door, but then wonders if it was just her imagination. She’s about to ignore it, but then remembers Ango telling her to notice the danger herself, and goes to check. Ango finds her then and she asks if he heard knocking and he says no. She says maybe it was just her imagination, but she’s going to check anyway. Then she finds the chair blocking the sauna door and finds Semimaru inside.

They get him above deck, put him in some water and give him water to drink and she’s in tears because she’s so glad he’s safe. Meanwhile, Arashi decides to go diving again and then it cuts to Botan and Hotaru. Hotaru says maybe the misgivings she had were related to this string of accidents.

Back to Natsu and Semimaru. She asks if it’s true he was bullied as a child (which Hotaru had revealed when she read his palms). He says yes, his mom was a sex worker and he was bullied because of that. She asks him why he bullies people (her) if he’s been bullied himself. He protests that he hasn’t bullied her lately, and then goes on to say that there are two types of people. Those who are bullied and decide never to do it to anyone else, and those who are bullied and decide that means it’s okay to bully others.

Ryou raises the sail and it cuts to Arashi diving. When he finally surfaces, the boat is gone.






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