A Child's Child ch. 5

Chapter 5: Sensei's Hands

In this chapter, Haruna and her friends spend an afternoon at Mitsuo's for a school project and get to see a newborn baby at Mitsuo's father's clinic. Haruna also runs into Tomo-chan, who is coming to visit the clinic as well…

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#1 Kurosaki on 01.31.11 at 8:30 pm

Dang, it's been awhile since your last release of this series but thanks for the scanlation. This series was the first manga without furigana I ended up finishing so it's pretty special to me. Anyway thanks for the release.

#2 megchan on 01.31.11 at 8:31 pm

You're welcome! Sorry it's been such a long time.

#3 Kurosaki on 01.31.11 at 8:44 pm

No, it's alright. This brings back a lot of good memories so I'm pretty thankful to be able to look back on the series with an actual English translation. Thanks a lot!

#4 Chore Boy on 01.31.11 at 8:38 pm

This is a surprisingly excellent series. I wish I had the means to support the scanlation of this series, alas I'm poor as dirt. Still, thank you for this chapter. Even though I had to start from the beginning (again), it only reminded me of the… reality of the matter. As an American, I've seen far more than my share of teenage pregnancies.

#5 megchan on 01.31.11 at 8:41 pm

Thanks for commenting. (And I'm sorry it's been so long that you had to start back at the beginning!) The realism impressed me, too. I like that the kids really act like kids.

#6 Pirana75 on 02.01.11 at 3:14 am

Great series, I use it in my classes in combination with the movie to talk about and prevent teenage pregnancies.
It still is better to have it translated in such a great way too as sometimes we just have to guess some things! (I'm still looking for a subtitled version of the movie too)
Thanks and hope to find a next chapter very soon online :))

#7 megchan on 02.01.11 at 3:16 am

I'm working on the next chapter already, so hopefully it will just be a month or so.

#8 whoa on 02.05.11 at 5:08 pm

Finally! Thanks, and hopefully the next hiatus won't be too long.

#9 megchan on 02.05.11 at 6:37 pm

I'm working on the next chapter now, so hopefully I'll have it up by the end of the month or early March. :)

#10 Mr Evergreen on 02.05.11 at 8:20 pm

The more I read into this series, the more I realize how deep and realistic it is and it got a whole lot more than meets the eyes! Thank you so much for the scanlation and translation of this great series, Megchan! <3

#11 megchan on 02.05.11 at 8:25 pm

You're welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

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