7 Seeds vol. 13 [summary]

I have vol. 19 and am working on scanning and summarising it, but I had also decided to summarise the volumes between where the scanlations have left off and the volumes I did before (so vols. 13-16). I had already done half of volume 13 when I got volume 19 the other day, so I figured I’d just finish that up first. You can find raws of volume 13 here if you want to follow along with the summary.

Beneath the cut is a detailed summary of 7 Seeds vol. 13 by Tamura Yumi. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers.

In the middle of the night, Hibari decides to leave Summer B and go off on her own. Hotaru wakes up and sees Hibari is gone, and goes outside to look. There she finds Mozu, who has found their packs for them. She asks Mozu to do her a favor.

Cut to Hibari again. Mozu finds her and tells her to be careful, then asks where she’s going. She says it doesn’t matter; she just wants to get away from Summer B. He asks if she’s the “princess of the grass family” [her family name is Niigusa, which means new grass, and Hotaru’s is Kusakari, which means grass cutter; presumably the rest of the extended family has grass-related names, too] and she says yes, then asks if Arashi told him. He says no, he knew her grandmother. Her grandmother was one of the people who financed the 7 Seeds project. She’s surprised it wasn’t government-funded and he says most of the politicians put their money into the shelters and only a couple families, including his own, backed the 7 Seeds project.

He tells her her grandmother wanted her in the project as soon as she was born. Hotaru says, “Not just me. Hotaru-chan’s here, too.” He says, speaking of whom, Hibari wanted to give Hotaru a pack with a change of clothes and stuff. But Hotaru rejects it. Mozu tells her not to be foolish and she ends up taking the pack after all.

Back at the camp, Mozu is surprised to see Semimaru awake so early. Semimaru says he’s the chef. Mozu says he didn’t know Semimaru had that skill, but Semimaru says he only just recently got into it. He used to hate waking up early, but these days he feels better and his head is clearer, maybe because he’s not smoking and drinking anymore. Botan chides him for smoking and drinking when he’s underage.

Meanwhile Hibari runs into Tsunomata. He recognises her, of course, as he was the one always carrying her. He says everyone was scattered. She tells him she was rescued by Summer B in their boat and he says he should go talk to them, but she refuses, saying she doesn’t want to go back. She wonders if Mozu knew Tsunomata was here.

They talk about poetry while they eat, and then Tsunomata stands and gives thanks to the Buddha that they’re both safe. Hotaru says it’s stupid and he says, “And you were so cute when you were asleep.” They go to look for the rest of their team, and she doesn’t want to walk anymore, so he carries her piggyback.

Back to Summer B, Arashi finally notices Hibari is missing. Mozu says she left that morning and will be fine, and Hotaru says she’s with someone and is relaxed for once.

Mozu says he saw smoke from a fire, and Arashi says they should go that direction, but Hotaru says no, because Hibari doesn’t like her and wanted to get away from them.

At breakfast Semimaru announces that Arashi’s girlfriend is in the Spring team and they found a letter from her. Mozu is clearly unsettled by the news that Hana is Arashi’s girlfriend, and Botan is pleasantly surprised at the “coincidence” of them both being part of the project. Arashi says he can’t be happy for himself, but Matsuri says it’s the first good thing that’s happened, so he should just be happy. He thanks Natsu and Semimaru, but she just cries and shakes her head. He asks Mozu if something is the matter and Mozu just says he’s surprised.

They decide to take the boat to one of the other Fujis and load up on supplies. Natsu thanks Semimaru for covering for her about Hana’s letter. He teases her and says she’ll fall for him next, and she says she definitely won’t. Matsuri tells Botan that she feels good about having been chosen for this project, as she never felt like anyone really cared about her or saw her before, but someone chose her for the project, so that makes her happy. Meanwhile, Mozu is unimpressed with Summer B just sort of half-assedly learning as they go and wonders if this is really okay.

Ayu is picking plants and realises that everything she learned is unhelpful in this new world. She’s annoyed at her teachers for wasting her time. She says to herself, “But I’m not useless. I’m not useless.” She finds something that seems similar to lotus root and thinks it will probably be okay to eat. As she’s gathering more of it, she finds a body.

She wonders if it’s a dead body and has a flashback to the two girls dying. She realises he’s alive and pulls him out, then cleans him and wraps him up before hiding him in a hollow tree and going back to her team.

While gathering food, she is almost attacked by a monster, but Ango and Gengorou kill it. She says she didn’t even notice it, and Gengorou says he’s not surprised, since it had plants growing on its back and seems to have a symbiotic relationship with them.

Ayu reflects on how they’ve found a place with lots of plants and animals, and we see they’ve built a small village. Koruri has been flying around and found a shelter. Summer A had not been told about the shelters, so they assume they must have been built after they’d been put into cryogenic sleep. The area they’re in is warm and gets lots of rain, but Ayu suspects it won’t last.

When the team eats, they don’t all eat the same thing. They divide themselves into three groups and each group eats one meal, then reports any ill effects, which Ban notes down. Ayu says she wishes they could try the mushrooms, but it’s too risky.

After dinner, Ayu asks Ban to come with her and she shows him the boy, whose back is wounded. There are maggots in the wound, which Ban says have helped it heal.

The boy wakes up and says he’s hungry. Ayu feeds him some mushroom soup and he falls asleep. Ban asks if it’s safe and Ayu says they’ll find out tomorrow. She then tells him not to tell the others.

The next day she feeds the boy more mushrooms after it’s clear the first ones didn’t harm him. She decides to test a plant on him, too.

He tells her his name is Nobi Momotaro and he’s with the Spring team, and that everyone calls him Nobita (a reference to the anime/manga Doraemon). She doesn’t know who Nobita is and he’s surprised.

Ango knows something is up, as Ban has been acting strangely, so he confronts Ayu. When he sees Momota, he thinks he’s Shigeru at first, but then gets angry when he realises he’s not.

Momota introduces himself to the rest of Summer A and once again no one gets the reference. He’s surprised there are people who don’t know Nobita, and then notes that they’re all wearing the same clothes, like they’re at school. When Ryou asks him if he got separated from his team, he says he doesn’t know what happened.

Ango asks Momota if he has any skills and Momota says he has a good memory and that he can do math in his head. Ango asks if he can memories a dictionary and Momota says that’s impossible. Ango yells at him that his memory’s not worth bragging about. He then drags Momota to a cliff and tells him to climb it, saying if he’s here in the future, he must be able to, then badgers him about how he was chosen and how he got here. Momota says he can’t do it and that he doesn’t know why he’s here. He looks to Ayu for help, but all she does is say he should be allowed a rope and harness.

Momota tries, but he says he can’t do it. Then he says Hana can climb it even without a rope. Ango remembers Aramaki saying Hana’s name and wonders if Momota is referring to the same person. Ango is enraged that someone like Momota was chosen when Shigeru and the others didn’t make it. He yells that whoever can’t climb will die, and Momota screams and falls. Ban says he’s wounded and weak and shouldn’t be made to do it, but Ango says that’s no excuse.

Ryou asks Ango if he means to turn into Unami, and Ango grabs him by the front of his shirt and says “Who are you calling Unami?” and then Ryou smirks and says that might not be so bad. He says their guide told them to guard and guide the other teams and that he’d had no intention of listening to him, but it might be a good idea and that they should gather them here and train them.

Back to Hana. They’re looking for Autumn’s village and can’t find it. Then Aramaki says this should be the spot, but it’s gone, and that it must have washed away. Hana yells for the rest of her team, but no one answers. She remembers Aramaki saying that in this world, if you’re parted from someone, you have to be prepared to never see them again.

The chapter starts with Ango thinking “Shigeru” over and over, then switches to Momota, who is complaining to the others about how scary Ango is. Gengorou says he’s not going to tell Momota to climb the cliff, but he feels the same as Ango, and that shuts Momota up. Then Ayu comes back with food and asks him how he’s doing. He cheers up and thinks about how nice and pretty she is. He asks why she treated his wounds with so many different ointments, and she says it’s because they all have different properties, but it’s clear she’s using him to test them. He then falls asleep thinking of Hana.

Hana and the others are still exploring the area where Autumn’s village used to be, but nothing remains. Aramaki’s dogs searched, too, but all the found was one of Momota’s sneakers. He has the dogs sniff it and tells them to follow the scent.

With the village destroyed, they need a new place to stay, especially so Kurumi can rest. Aramaki leads them to an area with a bunch of caves where he’s stayed before and they set up camp there.

It starts raining and Haru finds some burnt wood that makes a metallic sound when the rain hits it. He’s pretty excited about it and brings back some charcoal to start fires. That night, as she’s sleeping, Hana thinks the rain sounds like wings.

When they wake up, the dogs are back with the other of Momota’s sneakers. The dogs lead everyone to a swampy area and they realise it was washed inland rather than washed out to sea. Hana wonders if the same happened to Momota.

One of the dogs is missing. Gengorou is out gathering grubs and stuff to eat when the missing dog barks at him. He notices how friendly the dog is and wonders if it’s someone’s pet, but doesn’t want it to come closer. He says he’s only interested in animals he can eat and won’t take care of it, nor will he eat it.

Back at Summer A’s camp, Momota is sick. He’s throwing up and has a fever. Ayu also checks his wounds. One on his hand is worse, but one on his knee seems to be doing better than the others. She puts him back to bed and leaves, but he gets up to go to the bathroom and overhears her talking to Ban, telling him the roots she fed Momota are inedible and which poultices work and don’t. Ban says she should stop, but she says, then who should we test them on?

Momota runs away, fearing for his life. While he’s out, he finds Aramaki’s dog and gives it a leaf with his name scratched on it. The dog leaves and Momota cowers in the dark, hungry and scared. Then Ango walks by and mistakes him for Shigeru. Momota screams and the others come running.

While they’re out, they hear a whooshing noise. They wonder if it’s rain or wind, but then notice some dead animals on the ground that look like they’ve been eaten. Gengorou says there must be some monster out there he hasn’t yet seen.

The dog returns to Aramaki with the leaf and he and Hana set off with a group to find Momota. Hana is worried about leaving Haru, but he’s happy with his music, so she wants to leave him be. Ran spots Momota through her binoculars. He’s tied to a tree. They watch as Summer A uses Momota as bait to hunt monsters. Hana sees that whoever is with Momota has a gun and realises they must be Summer A.

Koruri is out gliding. She thinks watching them with Momota is sad, but she doesn’t really care when she’s flying. Nothing matters. She feels like she could still go back and be in time to save Mayu. She hears a sound and lands near where Haru is playing with his new instrument.

Haru sees her and she says she heard music. He says he’s trying to play Chopin’s Prelude 28-7, then continues playing. She listens for a while, then says it’s going to pour and leaves. When he returns to camp, he hears that Momota’s been found, and says an angel came down and gave him a weather report.

Hana and the others discuss what to do about Momota. None of them think it would be a good idea to just charge right in. Hana wonders if the other missing Spring members have been captured by Summer A, too. She decides to try and get closer.

Gengorou is against luring animals in and shooting them when they haven’t done anything. They still haven’t found the animal they heard the night before, and while Ango suggests continuing through the night, Gengorou says it probably won’t attack if there’s a fire, but without a fire, they won’t be able to see anything, so they pack up any edible animals and tell Momota his job is over.

Then Ryou hears something and whips around, pointing his gun. He doesn’t see anything, so they leave, taking Momota with them, and it cuts back to Hana, who is on her belly in the grass.

Later, they are watching Summer A through Ran’s binoculars and realise there is another shelter here. They are shocked to see Koruri returning in her glider.

When Koruri returns to the camp, Ango asks where she went and if she saw anything. She doesn’t answer, just asks him about charcoal and if it makes a noise. He says that if burned at a high enough temperature, it can, and has even been used as an instrument. He asks her why and she says no reason, then he tells her to let him know if she finds any good charcoal, as there isn’t any around there.

Hana and the others find a cave to sleep in and decide it’s better not to light a fire. Hana asks Ran how they can save Momota, saying she’s never been in a fight before, that she’s never even played at fighting or survival games or anything like that. Ran asks why she assumes Ran knows, and then says she was going to be an architect and Akio was president of a start-up company. Hana is surprised. Ran says this isn’t like playing around with your friends anyway, and that they’re in a different league. Sakuya wonders if they should send the dogs, but Aramaki says they’ll just be killed. Ran says she wants to avenge Izayoi, but doesn’t want to be a murderer.

When they go to sleep, Hana thinks about Momota and how he was always so cheerful, but he was crying when he was tied up.

In the morning, they watch as Summer A starts their day. When Koruri flies off again, Ran tells Sakuya to follow her and she where she’s going. Aramaki is impressed with Summer A’s teamwork and how they’ve set up their camp so that as long as someone stays behind in the camp, they can easily keep track of anyone coming or going, even without setting a lookout specifically.

Then Hana nearly falls in a trap set by Summer A to catch game. It makes her wonder how on earth they can rescue Momota from them.

Koruri goes to see Haru again. He remarks on how bad she is at landings and asks if it will rain again. She says yeah, that evening. Haru says it’s amazing that he can get this good a sound out of the charcoal with all the rain and humidity and that it would probably sound even more amazing in the dry season. He also says the sound is good because they’re surrounded by cliffs.

Meanwhile, Sakuya lost sight of her and thinks Ran will be mad at him.

Back at the Autumn camp, Akane is worried about Kurumi, and Ryuusei hopes they can find a permanent camp soon. Akane says they can’t stay here long because she hears this noise like there’s a crowd watching them.

Kurumi is impressed with Haru’s playing, thinking it sounds like a music box. He plays the classical piece A Maiden’s Prayer and she starts to cry. She flies off and Sakuya catches sight of her again.

Hana realises she’s the only one who can save Momota. There’s always someone in camp, and even at night there’s someone on watch, so the only way to save him is to climb up the cliff, something only she can do. Aramaki says he’ll create a diversion with smoke so she can go in. She says it’s dangerous for him, but he says the same to her, and that they have to work as a team. Sakuya returns and reports to Ran, who says she has a plan, too, but doesn’t say what it is.

At dawn, Aramaki lights a fire, and while Summer A is distracted, Hana rushes in and begins climbing the cliff. She wishes she could just call the cops, but there’s no one to help them now but themselves. She’s upset that Summer A has guns and thinks they shouldn’t have been given them, that if there are guns, people will always end up using them against other people.

Aramaki makes sure his fire won’t spread, and then he and the dogs are about to leave when the dogs start barking. He thinks Summer A has arrived sooner than anticipated.

Hana reaches the top of the cliff and finds Momota, who starts crying loudly at the sight of her. As she leaves the hut with him in her arms, she runs into Ryou and Ango.

Meanwhile, Haru is just thinking maybe Koruri won’t come today when she arrives. He’s happy to see her and asks what she wants to hear him play. However, Haru is not alone, and Ran gives the order for Karita to capture Koruri and then to send a signal to Sakuya.

Back at Summer A’s camp, Ango realises the smoke was a distraction and says while they did investigate it, not all of them went. Hana introduces herself again and says she’s taking Momota back. Ango says they just found Momota and gave him food and shelter. Hana says, “And used him as bait while you were at it”. Ango says he had to do his share of the work.

Hana is just wondering what to do and hoping Ango doesn’t pull out his gun when Sakuya calls out, introducing himself and saying that they have taken one of Summer A captive and that they want to do a hostage exchange. Hana wonders what Ran has done. Then Ryou asks where Koruri is and Ayu says she went out flying as usual. Ango realises Koruri is the hostage and flies into a rage, attacking Hana and demanding Koruri back. He says if anything happens to Koruri, he’ll kill them all. Hana says she feels the same, and that Ango should then understand that she won’t stand for anyone tormenting or killing her friends.

Meanwhile, Aramaki’s dogs are still barking and something attacks. Gengorou and Nijiko arrive and Gengorou realises it’s whatever they heard the other night. He shouts for Aramaki to fight them off or he’ll be eaten.

Ango and Hana see and hear the same thing and pause to stare. Hana thinks at first it’s a rainstorm, then realises it’s some sort of bird. They run into the hut to keep from being attacked.

Aramaki and the others have to fight the creatures off, though. As the dead creatures fall to the ground, Gengorou realises they’re bats. The bats attack Aramaki’s dogs and he tries to protect them.

Back in the hut, the bats are coming in through the windows, but there’s nothing to close them up with. Hana puts Momota down on the ground and covers him. Ryou realises they’re bats, too, and Hana uses that knowledge to drive them away. She tosses something out the window, and the bats all follow it. She tells Ango that bats will follow anything falling, thinking it’s prey. She says her dad taught her that. She goes outside to keep throwing things, and tells Ango and Ryou to kill the bats left inside. Ryou is annoyed that she’s giving orders.

Gengorou and the others try to use smoke to drive the bats away, burning anything they can. Once the bats are gone, Gengorou notes that Aramaki isn’t as injured as he thought, and Aramaki says he’s fine, but his dogs are wounded. Gengorou and Nijiko discuss the bats and he notes they’re practically skeletal. Aramaki says he’s been in the area five or six years and never seen them before and the others are surprised he’s been there that long and when he says he’s been in this world fifteen years, they want to hear more. Gengorou offers to tend to the wounds of both Aramaki and his dogs.

When Aramaki and Hana see each other, they both should “Were you captured!?” at the same time. Ban begins stitching up the dogs and Ayu puts something on Aramaki’s cuts. Momota says “Don’t put anything weird on him!” and Hana asks if she put anything weird on Momota and he says she made him eat weird things, too. However, Ayu says this is something she uses on everything. Aramaki also has a salve of his own.

From the fact that the bats are white and have no eyes, they decide they must have gone underground and evolved during the mini ice age. They decide that since the bats rely only on echolocation, the thing to do to keep from being attacked would be to just stay perfectly still.

Aramaki says he’s seen ordinary bats around occasionally in caves and ruins, and Hana says she saw some in the ruins of Shinjuku. He agrees, and then says today was the first he’d ever seen these ones. He wonders if the ash to the west or south drove them here. Gengorou says bats usually just eat insects, but these ones have extremely sharp teeth and it would be better to think of them as flying piranhas.

As they continue talking about the bats, Hana thinks about how Summer A hasn’t tied them all up or anything and has even helped tend their wounds. She wonders just what’s up with them, then thinks that if the bats hadn’t come, Ango would have beaten her to death.

Momota notes that Hana’s cut her hair and she says she had to. Then she wonders how Ayu keeps her hair so nice, and remembers how her own hair used to be something she was proud of and that Arashi liked it. Momota hugs her tightly and she tells him it’ll be okay and that they’ll look for a chance to escape.

Then Ryou puts a gun to Hana’s head and asks if any of them have shown any symptoms of the ticks from the shelter. Momota screams, but Hana manages to stay calm with just a slight stammer says they’re fine and that they only opened it for a moment and everything was still frozen. Ryou says they were just lucky and to be more careful from now on. He says this world doesn’t need fools and that he will kill anyone that foolish.

Aramaki gets angry and tells him guns aren’t necessary for talking, but Ryou says not to give him orders. Ango tells Ryou to calm down. Then he asks Hana where Koruri is. She tells him she doesn’t know, then suddenly realises the sound she thought was rain back at their camp was the bats. She tells Aramaki the bats are back at their camp, too.

Back at the camp, Ryuusei sees Koruri and realises she’s the angel Haru was talking about. Haru says there’s no need to tie her up, but Ran says just because she looks harmless, they shouldn’t forget she’s a member of Summer A, the people who killed an innocent man like Izayoi and tortured a little kid like Momota, and that they’ll only get hurt if they show her mercy.

As Ran goes on to talk about the hostage exchange, Akane noticed Kurumi doesn’t seem to be feeling well. Akane tells Ryuusei that it’s not good for Kurumi to be sleeping outside like this. He says if there’s anything he can do for her, he’ll do it. Kurumi says she’s fine and not to worry. He’s worried about her giving birth without a doctor or hospital, but she reminds them she stayed on a farm in New Zealand for a while and saw animals giving birth, that giving birth is a part of nature, so she’ll be fine. Akane agrees and says it’s good to have a positive outlook. Ryuusei says Kurumi’s gotten stronger, and Akane tells Ryuusei he needs to grow up, too.

Then Koruri comes over and puts her hand on Kurumi’s ankle, telling her heat and a massage will be good for her. Akane yells at her and pushes her away, telling her not to touch Kurumi. Koruri keeps talking, saying that if they ask Ban, he can tell her how to breath and do maternity yoga and such. Akane says, “What are you talking about? You killed Izayoi-san!”

There’s a noise and Ran wonders if it’s rain. Akio says no, the sound is coming from the hole. Then the bats fly out and attack. Ryuusei tries to protect Kurumi and Haru tries to protect Koruri. He unties her and says he didn’t set a trap for her. She says she knows.

When the bat attack is over, everyone is all bloody. Seeing them, Koruri starts to have flashbacks about Mayu. She covers her eyes, crying, and says Mayu’s name over and over in her head, then suddenly she sees Mayu, who tells her the best thing she can do is not make the same mistake twice.

She does what she can to heal everyone and tells Kurumi how to breath to calm down and stop hyperventilating, and then says she’s going for Ban. Ran accuses her of trying to escape, but Haru tells her to go and says if she sees Hana, to tell her to come home. Then Kurumi flies off on her glider.






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