A Child's Child ch. 8

Chapter 8: Sensei's Suffering

Nothing is going right for Yagi-sensei. The other teachers don't take her seriously, the parents are unhappy with her choices, and even her students won't listen to her. The last thing she needs when she's already stressed out is to hear Haruna say she thinks she's pregnant.

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#1 Sapphy on 09.30.11 at 11:03 am

Thanks for the release! I really enjoy this series!

#2 megchan on 09.30.11 at 12:09 pm

Glad you enjoy it. :)

#3 c_k on 09.30.11 at 7:40 pm

Thanks for the release. Somehow… I don't really feel bad for Yagi-sensei when her kids are out of control. She doesn't seem like she's a good teacher, especially at the end of the chapter. That's bad advice, when she's the one to advocate teaching the kids something that goes against the conservative times back then.

#4 megchan on 09.30.11 at 10:00 pm

Yeah, she doesn't seem like she's really cut out to be a teacher. :-/ I get that she feels overwhelmed and stressed out and like everyone's picking on her, but she's really not a very sympathetic character!

#5 Mr Evergreen on 10.02.11 at 10:34 pm

It's my turn to "Oh shi-" when I first saw that page. xD

I do feel that Yagi-sensei seems to have quite a sense of ambitions and drives rather than the dedications needed to be a teacher, and it does show in the way she lives also. This might not end well for her as well as those involved… D:

Thank you so much for the new chapter, Megchan! Keep up the great work! ^^

#6 megchan on 10.03.11 at 12:19 am

Glad you're enjoying it. :D I've actually got ch. 9 halfway translated already, so it definitely won't be as long a wait for the next installment. :)

#7 Pirana75 on 10.03.11 at 1:55 am

Yagi is indeed not fit to be a teacher, but Hiroyuki's reaction is a bit cold too. He doesn't seem to realise it completely Haruna is pregnant. Haruna is more adult (and still her own self, an 11-year old) in her reactions, she is even shocked about the disbelief from her mother, sister and Miss Yagi.

#8 megchan on 10.03.11 at 8:37 am

Yeah, I agree. I don't think Hiroyuki really understands what's going on.

#9 Pirana75 on 10.03.11 at 1:59 am

Just to add that I'm already looking forward to the next chapter ;)-

#10 ranoshi on 12.03.11 at 2:19 pm

thank you for another chapter of this interesting series :)
haruna's very adult, i like her character. while i do feel a little bad for the sensei, it sucks that she thinks haruna is joking. she hasn't connected with even one of her students, that's a little sad. i sort of dont see her working out as a teacher here if she doesn't have some support like someone to vent to and give her some guidance that's actually relevant.

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