7 Seeds vol. 20, ch. 105 [summary]

Beneath the cut is a detailed summary of 7 Seeds vol. 20, chapter 105 by Tamura Yumi. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers. Download the raw here.

The countdown clock keeps ticking.

Arashi asks the others what’s going on on their screens, and they report that they have an error. Meanwhile, his is still on the “cancel” screen, meaning his terminal is not responding. They decide to try again, but it’s no use. The terminal is too far gone.

Ango says they’ve wasted their time and tells everyone to regroup in the control room with Hotaru.

But Semimaru says it wasn’t a waste. At first the ship was scary, but learning about the people on it and their normal lives changed how he felt about them. Ango doesn’t get it, but Arashi agrees.

They power down the terminals, which makes Arashi wonder if there’s a way to power down the entire ship. Hotaru says she’ll look into it. Arashi says since he’s already down that way, he’ll go into the engine room and try to turn off as much as possible. Semimaru and Natsu decide to join him.

When Natsu turns around, she notices the door frame is covered in bacteria, which hadn’t been there when she came in. She steps over it carefully and see the way she came has been entirely eaten up, so she goes the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, Ango arrives back in the control room. Hotaru says there’s no way they can access the main power, as all that is password-protected. Ango thinks about how he wasn’t taught anything about machines and computers and would never have been able to find the codes on his own. He wonders if everything they learned growing up was a waste.

Ryou contacts the control room to say they’ve had no luck, either. All the exits are blocked by thick metal doors. Botan says they’ll have to try and find another way out.

Ango asks Ryou if he thinks everything they learned was a waste, but Ryou doesn’t answer. Matsuri notes that Ango sounds down, and says she’s feeling kind of down, too, after thinking about delicious curry. She asks Ryou what his favorite type of curry is and he says he doesn’t have any likes or dislikes, that as long as it’s edible, it’s fine with him. She asks if he has any likes and dislikes when it comes to people, specifically if he likes her type. When he asks for clarification, she says, “You know, someone who’s spunky and cheerful and petite and cute and has a bit of a natural perm…” He interrupts to ask what a natural perm is and she says curly hair. He says he doesn’t hate spunky people with curly hair.
She falls silent and then says, “Oh…oh really…?” He thinks, I meant that in a positive way, and can’t seem to understand why she’s suddenly down. She thinks he must have been thinking of someone in particular when he answered, and it shocks her more than she expected it to.

Ryou finds a map on the wall showing where they are in the ship. It turns out they’re still underwater and can’t go any further up. Matsuri notes that the ship is on end and wonders if the missiles will shoot out the tip, which gives Ryou the hint he needs. They might be able to get out through the missile hole. He tells Ango he might know an escape route, but that he’s going to confirm it.

He then asks Matsuri if she’s still glad she came onto the ship and she says yes without hesitating, thinking that she’s much closer to Ryou than she was before. Ryou tells Ango it’s all how you think of things, and that if you think something’s useless it is. Ango is surprised Ryou would say such a thing and thinks it’s unlike him. Ryou says he’ll be back in touch.

Meanwhile, Semimaru rushes back into the control room, having been unable to meet up with Arashi due to everything being rusted and eaten up by bacteria. “What are they gonna do, Ango!?” he says. “They can’t get up here!”

As for Arashi, he’s busy turning off all the switches he can find, though there are many places he can’t reach due to the bacteria. Please stop, he thinks over and over as he works. If the missiles fall, it will kill Hana and the other teams and all the plants and animals, and of course Arashi’s own group.

Natsu is running through the corridors, the bacteria seeming to chase her. She meets up with Arashi and helps him switch stuff off, telling herself she must be imagining it about the bacteria.

Ango checks out the damage and agrees with Semimaru that the ladders are unusable, but he says they’ll find a place where they can pull the others up by rope. Semimaru’s amazed that Ango and Ryou are able to make such quick decisions about what to do next, but Ango just says it’s only reasonable.

Back to Ryou’s group now. He says he saw a ladder going up the wall when they were on the elevator. It turns out to be a maintenance ladder going up along the missile shaft. He says there has to be some sort of exit above for the missiles, and they’ll be able to get out that way, too.

As the clock ticks down towards three hours remaining, Ango contacts Arashi, telling him that he and Semimaru can’t get down there due to the bacteria. He tells Arashi and Natsu to hurry and find a different way back up. Semimaru asks Natsu if she’s okay and she says yes, that she doesn’t feel afraid at all. Ango says she should feel afraid, that it’s only natural in this situation. He tells her she needs to be more careful so she doesn’t make mistakes.

Hotaru contacts them then and tells Arashi and Natsu to head to a nearby shaft, then for Ango and Semimaru to find the same shaft on their level and pull Arashi and Natsu up by rope.

Arashi says he wants to try shutting a few more things off first, and Ango says they’re already cutting it too close. Arashi says he’ll send Natsu first and they can pull her up, and that he can pull himself up later if they leave the rope down.

However, right then Natsu notices the door is completely eaten up by bacteria. She jumps back in surprise as the bacteria seem to come for her, and knocks into Arashi, who bumps into something and cuts his arm. The bacteria immediately surge up around the drops of blood and the two of them run out of the room.

Arashi says it looked like the bacteria was coming after Natsu, and she says she thought that might be the case, that she felt like they were chasing her for a while. He says she should have said something, but she says she thought maybe she was imagining things, then he asks her if she’s hurt and she admits that she’s on her period. He apologises for asking, then says he doesn’t think the bacteria would attack humans in general, but do come after blood. Natsu wonders if her throwing away that toilet paper earlier is what awakened them. They run for the shaft as Arashi tells Ango they’re both coming now, with the bacteria close behind.

Ryou’s group has gotten high enough in the shaft to see the exit. Ryou says he’ll look outside and see if it looks like they can get out, but Botan says she’ll take care of that and that he should join Ango and help Arashi and Natsu instead. Ryou agrees, and as he leaves, Matsuri calls out for him to be careful and that she’ll worry about him without her there. He looks back at her fondly, causing her to mentally squee in excitement.

Arashi and Natsu race for the shaft, as do Ango and a flustered Semimaru, who keeps asking “what’s going on!?” When they get to the shaft on their level, Ango looks down and thinks the rope might be long enough, but just barely. As Semimaru frets that he’s not strong enough to pull them up, Ango yells down to Arashi and Natsu that he’s going to pull them both up at once.






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  1. mek Avatar

    What a wonderful chapter! Thank you so much for the detailed summary :D

    Ryo and Matsuri are fast becoming my favorite couple “to be”. I also love the way Summer B has proved themselves throughout this volume. The clown-y gang are actually resourceful and tough, on top of being lovely and decent human beings.

    And I do hope the spotlight shines more on Chimaki, Hotaru and Botan in the future. We’ve seen much more of Matsuri this past arc and I love that Tamura-sensei chose to do so.

    1. megchan Avatar

      Yeah, Ryou and Matsuri are super cute. :D Though I am easily swayed by pretty much all character interactions in this series. XD Which means if two people are interacting in one chapter, I am so into them as a pairing, but then if they interact with other people in the next chapter, I can get all over those pairings as well. (Like, it seems clear to me that Haru/Koruri is the ~real~ pairing there, but I also really loved Haru/Hana when they had a lot of chapters with them together. And yet I also like Hana/Aramaki so much (ugh, so much; I think those two are one of my biggest OTPs for this series). (I honestly don’t have much feelings for Hana/Arashi, since they haven’t interacted at all and we just hear about how much they love each other. I think I would be happier if they ended up with different people in the end, but they probably will get together, idk.)

      And I agree about the more minor characters. I hope they get their chance to shine, too! Though soon we will be leaving Summer B, so if they do, it won’t be for a while.

      1. mek Avatar

        This is Tamura-sensei’s magic – the characters are so well constructed they feel like real people. So once you get to see more of them you end up getting wraped up in the their moods and feelings.

        I don’t think much about the #one true pairing# although I have my favourites and my secret crushes :P Arashi and Hana may not stir the same intense emotions in people since theirs has been so far a purely ‘lovers divided by fate’ romance (sort of like Sarasa and Shuri). But when they do meet each other again, it might be fun to watch them actually interact instead of reminiscing about romantic moments they once had (blah!)

        I love it when the interaction between two characters brings out new sides of their personalities or makes them grow. This was the case with Ryo and Matsuri, since we’ve seen Ryo question his assumptions, peek into a different way of living one’s life and displaying more emotions. But for Hana and Haru or Hana and Aramaki I didn’t feel the same emotions when seeing them together (although they too grew to some extent, it wasn’t a dramatic change). I guess in the end it comes down to preferences :) and having personal favourites among the Seeders :D

        1. megchan Avatar

          I don’t do OTPs really, not in the crazy shipping wars omg can’t stand the thought of them with anyone else sort of way. I just use it as shorthand for my preferred pairings. :)

          And yeah, I’m curious to see what it will be like when (if? though I’m pretty sure it will happen) Arashi and Hana are finally reunited. Even if I’m not excited about them as a couple, it will definitely be interesting after all this time and all they have been through.

  2. Nissa Avatar

    Thank you, thank you sooo much for this chapter! It’s so wonderful of you to do it. I can’t imagine how you find the time! But please do keep updating! :)

    1. megchan Avatar

      Glad you’re enjoying it! :D

  3. d3li9ht Avatar

    Aaaah~ I was reading while unconsciously holding my breath – and then it was a cliffhanger…! (of course..)
    I wonder if the bacteria are really chasing Natsu.. really hoping they’ll stop the destruction!
    Megchan, otsukaresama deshita ^_^

    1. megchan Avatar

      Hopefully I won’t be too long with the next chapter. :)

      This has definitely been an exciting volume with the race against the clock!

  4. ming-ki Avatar

    Wow! Thank you! This translation came as a surprise for me – I did not expect that you would go on! And so, this makes this chapter even more precious!

    Well, many characters did things I could not imagine them doing in this chapter. First with Semimaru, when he said it was not a waste to come here. He has become more positive than I even thought he would. And the same goes for Ryo, who started to see things with more meanings than useful and useless.

    I also feel that the greatest magic of Tamura-sensei lies in the development of each character- how the person faces and handles each new obstacle, and become better and greater than he or she was before. I like what I read in Basara, but then too many things seem to be too miraculous to happen in reality. But here, the growing path in 7 Seeds is more real and more believable.

    Oh, can’t wait for the new chapter! And yes, thank you again!

    1. megchan Avatar

      Yeah, she’s really good at character growth and development. No one is the same person they started out as, because this is an experience that is going to change people. And yet they are still themselves, still recognisable. She doesn’t do it in a way that feels unrealistic.

      I might have the next chapter up this weekend. :)

      1. ming-ki Avatar

        Oh, your last sentence is truly a bless!

        It is such a cliff-hanger in the end of the last chapter! (But then every chapter also ends that way! Phew!)

        Thank you again!

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