7 Seeds vol. 20, ch. 106 [summary]

Woohoo! The last chapter of vol. 20! Hopefully I’ll have some of 21 for you guys soon, too. And vol. 22 will be released on June 8th, so there’s that to look forward to as well. :D

Beneath the cut is a detailed summary of 7 Seeds vol. 20, chapter 106 by Tamura Yumi. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers. Download the raw here.

Arashi and Natsu find themselves in a dead end. There’s no way to go but up. The walls and floor are made of iron. The bacteria is coming.

Arashi shouts up to Ango, asking him how he means to pull them up. Semimaru is wondering the same thing, but Ango just takes one look around and takes stock of the situation. He remembers Kaname telling him that’s always the most important thing to do in any situation, to understand where you are, what’s around you, how much time you have, what your priorities are, and what you can use. Semimaru is impressed that it only took Ango a second to grasp that.

Ango grabs a rope and calls down to Arashi, telling them to wrap it around them. “Both of us!? Together!?” Arashi says, and Ango says yes. After asking Arashi if he knows how to secure the ropes, Ango begins securing them on his side as well. He estimates that including their clothing and backpacks, the two of them weigh about 110 kg, and he finds something that weighs more than that. With Semimaru’s help, he pushes it towards the edge.

Semimaru protests at first, saying the rope might break and that it would be better to pull them up by hand one by one, but Ango says that’ll take too long, and as if on cue, the bacteria starts eating the wall around the door that Natsu and Arashi came through.

“Ango, we’re ready! The bacteria are here!” Arashi shouts, and Semimaru and Ango shove the machine over the edge. However, it’s connected to the wall by a thick rope of cables, which keeps it from falling more than a few feet.

Semimaru makes to cut it with his knife, but Ango says he might get electrocuted. “You can’t pull us both up at once!” Arashi shouts. “At least take Natsu up first!”

Although Natsu realises that Arashi is prioritising her over himself, it doesn’t make her happy. Even though she’s so close to him, it just sounds to her like he’s saying he’s willing to die here to be with Hana.

But Ango just pulls out his gun and shoots the cables. The machine plunges down, jerking Natsu and Arashi upwards. The weight causes the pipe the rope is tied around to crumple, but it holds.

Once Arashi and Natsu are as high as they can get, Ango yells at Semimaru to pull them in, but Semimaru can’t reach.

Ryou hears the gun shot and comes running. Semimaru notices that Ryou, too, can take in the situation in an instant. Ryou tosses down another rope to Arashi and Natsu and tells it to wrap it around themselves. He tells Arashi to cut the other rope with his knife, and Ango, Semimaru, and Ryou steel themselves, holding the second rope as Arashi and Natsu drop.

As they pull Arashi and Natsu up, Ango looks down and sees the bacteria swarming over the machine they dropped down. The bacteria is coming after Natsu and Arashi fast, and so Ango throws his gun down, hoping the bacteria will follow it instead. The gun bounces into a side shaft and the bacteria swarms after it.

Ango remembers Kaname saying what they’ll need in the future is focus, judgement, determination, and the ability to get things done, and that they already have those things.

Once Arashi and Natsu are up, the five of them run back to Hotaru, who contacts Botan and Matsuri to let them know the others are safe. Botan says they’ve found an exit, and for everyone to join them. As they are about to leave, Arashi stops Ango and thanks him. Ango says he doesn’t need thanks, and wonders to himself why he hadn’t tried to save Hana when he had the chance.

Natsu thanks Semimaru, but he says it was Ango and Ryou, not him. I couldn’t do a thing, he thinks. Not a single thing.

Meanwhile, Matsuri is glad everyone’s safe, even if the missiles haven’t been stopped. She asks Botan if she trusts Ryou a little bit more, and says she was glad when Botan asked Ryou to go find Natsu and the others because she’d noticed Botan had her eye on Ryou. She sees a lot, Botan thinks. And while she doesn’t say it to Matsuri, the reason she told Ryou to go is not just because she trusted him to go after them, but because she didn’t trust him to be the first out, because who knew what he might do then.

Once everyone’s together again, they look up the shaft and can see the sky. Arashi looks sadly at the countdown still ticking away, and says they weren’t able to stop it despite all they did. Semimaru says they did what they could. Natsu comments that Arashi’s thinking of Hana, and Arashi says that, too, but also the other teams and for himself. “I wanted to live here. I want to live in this world.”

He shouts at the missiles to please stop, but Ango just tells him to get going. The last page ends with Arashi thinking about Hana. “Hana…are you okay? I want to introduce you to everyone. Let’s live together. In this world.”






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  1. ming-ki Avatar

    Awwww! I come to scream with joy before digging in! Thank you, and thank you!

    1. ming-ki Avatar

      Alright! So here is my proper reply! Actually after reading your summary of Chapter 105, I was dying with curiosity for the next chapters and decided to take a chance with Chinese raw. As my Chinese is horrible, I only understand what was going on, buy without real deep details! So, your summary comes again as my life saver! Thank you again here!

      Wow, no doubt the most impressive character in this chapter is Ango! Not that he outshines others with his acute mind, but that he has learnt to stop thinking inside his head to seeing the world outside. The thought he had on Hana shows us that he has become involved with people rather than self-absorbing! I just can’t wait to see his action in the coming chapters!

      Strange for me to see that the most seemingly-talkative girl like Mutsuri can be thoughtful and observant. I didn’t realize she would see such a minor and secretive thing like Botan’s eyeing on Ryu. Still, it’s more a wonder that she sees things without talking about it. (But, haha, also stunned with Botan’s thoughts on Ryu!)

      In this chapter, somewhat Arashi’s view toward Hana is changed. I think she is a part of his life, but not as essential as what is around him, as his present. Somehow I think he sees her as an anchor to his past, a sweet memory to cherish and go on in the new world. It makes me wonder who will end up with Hana and who will end up with Arashi in the end. But then, many other characters have me in doubt too!

      Oh, that should be all! I really write a mumbling comment already :o

      1. megchan Avatar

        I wasn’t too surprised that Botan thought that about Ryou. I think that before his time with Summer B, he probably would have just left them in there and got out himself (and with Ango, of course). But I don’t think he would now, even if she hadn’t sent him back.

        I go back and forth over whether I think Arashi and Hana will end up together in the end. To me, it would be more interesting if they didn’t, not because I’m necessarily against them as a couple, but just because they’ve had so many different experiences and met different people. But I think maybe the “true love/destiny” sort of thing will win and they will be together in the end.

        1. ming-ki Avatar

          Oh, my comment on Botan means I was ‘stunned’ that, being exactly the police she had been, she could think of all the worst possibilities.

          Somewhat Summer B has become my favorite group with all their members’ easygoing and come-what-may attitude. They are the most flexible team so far. Phew, hate to see the focus shifts to another. (and one certain character in particular!)

  2. andy Avatar

    Thank you so much for this summary! I hope you don’t mind me asking ^^’…..but did the missiles really launch?

    1. megchan Avatar

      I don’t want to accidentally spoil anyone else who is reading here, so highlight the text to read:

      No, the bacteria destroys everything to the point where the missiles are unable to launch. That was what I originally theorised might happen, so I was happy when that ended up being true! :D (Usually I’m not very good at guessing what’s going to happen.)

  3. anonymous person Avatar
    anonymous person

    another thank you post. rock on dude.

    1. megchan Avatar

      You’re welcome. :)

  4. mek Avatar

    Wow! This was a fast release :) Thanks again for making the summaries.

    But what a way to end the volume! I guess most of us are betting on the missiles not launching in the end, otherwise the series would end too abruptly. Nonetheless, it feels like the end of Summer B’s arc is approaching and I’m going to miss these guys a lot. The only other characters I am potentially interested in seeing more in the future is Mozu (and apparently there will be some Mozu-time in the next volume. Yay!).

    I’m wondering how he came to the decision to become “death”. He initially said he wouldn’t go to the future. Then he saw the state Summer A was in at the end of the test and it shook his confidence in the ‘methods’ they’d used. Then… he lived with Hana when she was a baby??? (I couldn’t really tell if he was visiting Takashi a lot at the time, or if he took Hana to live with him for a couple of years). And finally there he is, in the team of ‘failures’, which seems to have been his idea as well. What’s going on in his head? How will people react when they find out the role he supposedly has? What will happen when he meets Summer A again? I really really want to know more about him.

    Ah, I’ve ranted for too long …

    1. megchan Avatar

      Yeah, I’m definitely interested in seeing more of Kaname! The feeling I got from Hana’s memory of him was that he was a friend of her father’s who used to come to visit sometimes, not that she ever lived with him.

      I will be sad to move away from Summer B (though I’m sure we’ll come back to them again), but I am curious to see what’s going on with the others.

      The first chapter of vol. 21 is almost entirely textless, so I will be doing a combined 107/108 summary and hopefully have that within the next couple weeks. :) I’d like to get all of vol. 21 done (or at least a good chunk of it) before vol. 22 is out, but I don’t know how likely that is.

      1. mek Avatar

        Hmm…I just remembered that Takashi had at one point asked Kaname to train Hana since he and his wife didn’t feel they could possibly put her through the type of hardships Summer A kids had been through. And although Kaname did say he thought Hana should have a normal upbringing we do see them afterwards together a lot…even practicing multiplication in the bathtub! (it would be a bit weird if he visited and went “Hey Takashi, I think I’d like a bath now… You can pop Hana in the tub too and I’ll drill some numbers into her while I’m relaxing in your nice home”)

        I’m not very curious to see what’s happening back at the village. They’re probably working hard, the baby will be born (hopefully no drama here), the couples will become stronger… I’ll be curious to see what happens when they are again reunited with the other members from team Spring, and then perhaps with Summer B, a repentant Ango and Ryo.

        Considering these two are banished, it seems plausible that the survivors in Japan end up building and living in two different villages. I don’t think a wondering existence is sustainable in the long run, especially since they want to have babies and restart civilization.

        Well…Kaname could end up a wanderer forever I suppose. Which would be a shame. I’d like to see him and Botan get together.

        That’s great news for the next summary! :D Is it true volume 22 comes out on June 8? That’s a tight deadline you’re setting yourself for volume 21 then… I really admire your drive! :)

        1. megchan Avatar

          I don’t remember that part at all. ^_^;; The only thing about Kaname and Hana I could remember is when Ango and them find out that Takashi-sensei is her father. Like this page is what I was thinking of, when she says she doesn’t really remember him, just that he was around when she was very little.

          And yeah, vol. 22 is due to be released on June 8th, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it right away (whether someone scans it and posts it quickly or I have to go buy it).

  5. mek Avatar

    It’s at the end of the Summer A arc, after the test is over and they’re put into cryogenic sleep: http://mangafox.me/manga/7_seeds/v09/c050/21.html. And then, you see Kaname with baby Hana in his arms in the rain and everything else: http://mangafox.me/manga/7_seeds/v09/c050/22.html. It was a bit touching to watch him take care of her like that.

    There are still 5 chapters in vol 21, even if the first doesn’t have that much text, no? There will be plenty to look forward to until vol 22 is scanned :) And with summer coming around everyone is entitled to a break, especially when volunteering to do the work :)

    1. megchan Avatar

      Thanks for the links. I’d totally forgotten about that (it’s been years and years since I read those early volumes). It does seem like either Kaname lived with them or he took Hana for a while.

      And yeah, five chapters as usual. I think it’s doable if I buckle down. :) I have been really on top of things this month in terms of keeping to my goals and getting stuff done, so hopefully that continues. :D

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