7 Seeds vol. 21, ch. 107 [summary]

I was originally going to do a joint post for 107 and 108, since 107 is almost entirely textless, but somehow I wrote almost 600 words of summary for it anyway? So I guess I will just go ahead and post it on its own. XD

Beneath the cut is a detailed summary of 7 Seeds vol. 21, chapter 107 by Tamura Yumi. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers. Download the raw here.

The volume opens with Hana floating with the jellyfish, a now familiar scene. She floats along, then is tossed by the waves, and finally comes to rest in a shallow area. Still unconscious, she loosens her grip on her knife and it sinks down.

Finally she opens her eyes, and everything switches to adorable chibi-vision. She looks around, licks her lips, and pats a jellyfish. She closes her eyes again, enjoying the warm water, then eventually gets up and takes off her backpack and all her clothes except for a shirt and goes exploring.

She taps on a strange-looking tree and then uses a rock to crack a hole in it. She pulls out a handful of something that turns out to be not only edible, but delicious. It’s not enough, though. Her stomach growls. She’s still hungry.

She goes around looking for more food and eventually finds some eggs, which she cooks using the jellyfish-warmed water, and some shellfish…but the shellfish does not agree with her, and she rushes out into the water to relieve herself. I…am honestly not sure what she is doing in the next few panels, but it looks like she’s pooping out some parasites. XD

After that she continues to explore the water, swimming with a giant manta ray and playing around. She finds some wormy guys that she eats, and then comes back to her egg, which is now cooked. She even finds some salt for it.

It’s time for more exploring after that. This time she finds a tree with some sort of pods way up high on its branches, and she wears herself out trying to bring one down. Finally it falls and she cracks it open and gobbles up what’s inside.

That’s when she comes across a little piggy creature and she shares her fruit with it. They run around together and find some animal bones, which she sucks on for a bit to get some calcium. Then she has an idea! She can use the now hollow bones as straws to suck juice out of that weird tree.

Finally she finds a fluffy plant whose branches she takes to make a bed for herself and her new friend. As she sleeps, she’s joined by one, then two, then three more piggies, and eventually by their mom as well. The piggies all start drinking their mother’s milk and Hana joins in, and then they all fall asleep again in a big pile.

The next day brings more exploration. The piggies dig up something that Hana thinks might be mushrooms or some sort of potato, but either way is delicious. She finds something else that looks edible, but turns out to be sacs of bugs, which bite her as she runs away.

There’s lots more happy exploration and sampling of new foods, until eventually one of the piggies finds her knife washed up on the shore. She transforms back into non-chibi Hana and thinks “I can live here”.

We then switch back to Arashi, Natsu, and the others, who are thinking the same thing. No one asked them if they wanted to come to this world. They didn’t ask for it. At first they hated it and wanted to go home, thinking they could never make it here. But they can live in this world. Together. So please stop! Arashi prays as they climb up the ladder. Please stop!






10 responses to “7 Seeds vol. 21, ch. 107 [summary]”

  1. mek Avatar

    Another summary already?:D Thanks for spoiling us :P

    Well, Hana’s alive, not much surprise there. It’s funny to see her in chibi-version thought :P I guess this reflects the fact she’s supposedly confused from shock/ lack of oxygen/ hypothermia? And chibi-Hana disappearing after she sees the pocket knife means it has triggered some recollection of who she is perhaps?

    The part where she relieves herself in the water was gross and funny at the same time =)) I’m guessing her poop attracts the shellfish and other critters in the water (protein soup x|) and she then starts splashing around with them… Yuk to this.

    PS: in chibi-view Hana suckling on Mother pig was kinda cute, but it seems a bit weird when you realize she’s actually about the same size as the pig herself. I know mother instincts cross species, but Hana’s waaaay to big to get adopted like that by a wild animal mother.

    1. megchan Avatar

      Yeah, I don’t know if she had completely lost her memory or was just not thinking about anything else but basic survival, but clearly finding the knife was a jolt to bring her back to the reality of her situation.

      And yeah, some of those scenes would not have been cute if she wasn’t chibified! XD

  2. andy Avatar

    That was fast, thanks for this summary again! :]

    1. megchan Avatar

      You’re welcome. :) I should have the next one done soon, too, at this rate!

  3. ming-ki Avatar

    Wow, yes, this is fast again! Thank you and thank you again for the summary!

    It is not too surprised to see Hana alive. But then, since Tamura-sensai doesn’t draw chibi version much, so it is quite a surprise for that. I think her ‘regreesion’ reflects her mentality to face with reality rather than her physical state.

    For Hana, it would be good to be a child once again and careless with life, after she thinks she needs to take responsibility for everyone and, especially after with the life with Ango and Team Summer A, takes her every step thoughtfully.

    The end is really good when everybody starts thinking positively about living in this future :D

    1. megchan Avatar

      Yeah, although Tamura-sensei isn’t afraid to kill off characters, I really couldn’t imagine her killing off someone as major as Hana!

      I like how we’re seeing everyone coming to accept their fate and make peace with the fact that this is their life now and they have to make the best of it. Even the Autumn team, who had been pretty nihilistic before and just determined to spite the people who sent them here by not repopulating the country, is changing after meeting the others.

      1. ming-ki Avatar

        That’s the magical recipe for Tamura-sensei right? Interacting with one another helps the charachers mentally grow :D

        After seeing a lot of team members positively think about their lives. The person I want to see now is Kaname. Since many characters come to the future unprepared, and learn to tune in, I wonder the one who truly come planned and prepared like him can truly find happiness, or at least peace of mind.

  4. anonymous person Avatar
    anonymous person

    hana and natsu are going to be impervious to death. i would be shocked if either one gets killed off.


    everybody else is a fair game. i think ango, takahashi, and ayu are especially in danger of getting killed off in the future…

    n e ways, thanx a whole bunch for quick summary.

    1. megchan Avatar

      Hmm…I would be pretty surprised if Ango died!

  5. anonymous person Avatar
    anonymous person

    ango got that dot next to his eyes. he might find some redemption for attempted rape and die heroically in the process. then there would be like flowery image of him holding hands with his dead best friend and the caption bubble would lead, “shigeru, are you proud of me? BFF!”

    although in the best case scenario, Natsu would get a harem ending consisting of Ango, Semimaru, Takahashi, and Arashi.

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