A Child's Child ch. 10

Chapter 10: Love Triangle?

Haruna's pregnancy is starting to show, but everyone just assumes she's gained weight. However, when her crush Daigo calls her fat, she can't resist telling him the truth…and a little lie.

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#1 Lox on 05.26.12 at 6:53 pm

Thanks Megan for the new chapter. I'm just anxious for the part when Haruna's family finds out, and I'm glad that you decided to work on this.

#2 megchan on 05.26.12 at 11:57 pm

Haha, well, it's still a long time before that happens! But I am tentatively planning the next chapter for July (hoping to keep to an every-other-month schedule), so there's that at least. :)

#3 Mr Evergreen on 05.26.12 at 8:41 pm

Oh my, it has been 5 months since the last chapter came out! How time just keep flying by as you move forward! XD

Chapter 10 seems to present many unfortunate implications that will fall upon not only Haruna but also those involved with her. There will be much to see, and one can only wait for them to be unfolded.

Thank you once again for your translation, Megchan. Without your effort, we might have never been able to know about this series! :3

#4 megchan on 05.26.12 at 11:58 pm

Ugh, I know, I can't believe it's been that long. >_< I really had hoped to get back to this a few months ago, but I seem to be back on track now, so hopefully the next chapter will be out sooner than that. ^_^;;

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