7 Seeds vol. 21 ch. 108 [summary]

Beneath the cut is a detailed summary of 7 Seeds vol. 21, chapter 108 by Tamura Yumi. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers. Download the raw here.

As they climb up the shaft, Ango remarks that if only it hadn’t been for the bacteria, they might have been able to do something about the missiles. “The bacteria chased after the gun you threw. They’re mutants,” Ryou says. But up here in the shaft there’s no sign of the bacteria. It’s just a matter of time. Ango says they just have to get out of here and get as far away as possible before the time limit is up.

Arashi, however, is still just repeating “please stop” over and over. I don’t even know who I’m praying to, but please stop the missiles!

Natsu is thinking about the missiles, too. How they will rain down deadly ash and the ship will explode. We’re all thinking about someone right now, she thinks, and just then her foot slips, but Semimaru is there behind her to catch it and keep her from falling.

They are all thinking of someone, whether someone in the group or someone not with them. Ango thinks about his old team, and how the nukes might fall on them.

Down below them the bacteria is still working its way through all the metal of the ship, spreading further and further. As the clock ticks down, the panels switch between those climbing and the bacteria below.


Less than two hours left.


Then silence.

They all turn and look at the clock. It has stopped. Semimaru says it might just be the monitor, but Botan confirms that the one she’s looking at has stopped as well.

Semimaru remarks that he can’t hear the rumbling of the missiles anymore, either. It’s completely quiet.

And then the power goes out, leaving them in the dark.

Across the water, Chimaki notices it, too. One by one, the lights on the ship blink out.

As Ango shines his flashlight into the darkness, he hears a faint sound…the bacteria eating into the metal. They realise the bacteria stopped the missiles, and Arashi falls down in shock and relief. He tells Natsu it’s all thanks to her running around all over the ship and spreading the bacteria in her wake.

Finally they make it to the top of the shaft and are outside. The sun is rising and Hotaru remarks on how beautiful it is. Ango remembers Arashi talking about the sun recharging the body’s energy, and how he’d dismissed Arashi at the time. But now he looks at the sunrise and spreads his arms to take in its rays.

Matsuri asks Ryou if he isn’t just a little bit glad he came here. She says good and bad things happen in the same place. He realises that this is not a test, this is reality, and no test can ever approach reality.

As he walks over and thwaps Ango on the head, Botan watches them and makes the decision to throw away her emergency poison. “No matter what happens, I’m not going to rely on that.”

Then she tells the others they need to get going, as there’s a long way to go down to the water. Ango adds that the ship may lose its balance due to the bacteria.

Semimaru says he’s sick of going up and down, up and down, and Natsu remarks that although they were only there for one night, it feels like days. Arashi agrees and then tells Natsu she’s done a great job and high-fives her, which Semimaru joins in on.

When they get back to their own boat, they find that Chimaki has been burning wood to make charcoal. He noticed there was no algae under the boat and realised the algae needs sunlight to live, so he plans to sprinkle charcoal dust over the algae to block the photosynthesis process. He’s already done some experiments and thinks it will work. Semimaru is amazed, but Chimaki just says he had nothing else to do.

As they look across the water towards the ship, Hotaru notes that it looks like a gravestone and Matsuri wonders how long it will stand there. Arashi wishes they could have freed the turtles, but Ango says eventually the bacteria will eat a hole and they can escape into the water that way.

Botan is worried about what will happen to the missiles and nukes when the ship eventually sinks, and Semimaru grumbles about the government leaving behind a store of weapons like this in the first place. Ango notes that it seemed very different from the western shelter and wonders if it was because of the weapons.

“Western shelter!?” Botan exclaims, and Ango says that they hadn’t gone inside, but apparently there had been no fighting and the population had just died off. Arashi seems sad to hear they died off, but Matsuri is excited to hear more about it. However, first Semimaru insists they should offer a moment of silence for those who died on the ship.

As they stand in silence, Natsu thinks how strange it is that things feel different now. Everything around feels so dear to her now. I can live in this world…with everyone.

But then Ango breaks the silence: “Arashi, there’s something I have to tell you,” he says. “Hana…is dead.”

As Arashi’s eyes widen in shock, the scene cuts to Hana again, as she thinks I can live here.






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  1. d3li9ht Avatar

    No… Arashi, don’t believe in Ango’s words! :(

    Megchan, otsukaresama desu~~

    1. megchan Avatar

      Unfortunately I doubt we’ll be able to see Arashi’s reaction for a long time, since the next chapter is an interlude and then we start a new arc with Hana! >_< Considering the amount of time Tamura-sensei usually spends on each arc, it will probably be several volumes before we get back to this group… ^_^;;

  2. andy Avatar

    Thanks for the update! How many volumes are there?

    1. megchan Avatar

      Currently there are 21, but vol. 22 will come out in a few days. There are usually two or three volumes per year.

  3. anonymous person Avatar
    anonymous person

    im in awe of ur awsomeness. i cant believe i will have to wait like another year to find out what will happen to team summer b…

    could arashi forgive ango and ryo? could hana forgive them? from a story telling point of view, its probably easiest to give them a heroic death. but that would ruin my natsu/ango wish.

    how do you forgive a murderer and a rapist? but then again, mozu is another character in need of forgiveness.


    1. megchan Avatar

      I definitely think they can be forgiven! I mean, just personally, IRL, I do believe that nothing is unforgivable, but I also feel that Tamura-sensei is really good at writing redeemed/redeemable characters and making it believable that they could be forgiven and that they are sorry for what they did. It was the same in Basara.

  4. dancey Avatar

    Megchan, thank you so much for the summaries! They’re really wonderful!

    Ahhhh, I really want to know what happens to Ango/Arashi after that last sentence. What a cliffhanger!

    I also agree that Tamura-sensei is great at writing about redeemable characters. I disliked Ango so much but after this ship arc, I forgave him. :’)

    1. megchan Avatar

      She’s also great at cliffhangers. XD This series has had so many already! I’m curious whether Ango will reveal that he and Ryou were the cause of Hana’s death or if he’ll just make it sound like an accident.

      1. dancey Avatar

        Yes, I am very curious too. I do think Ango will admit at least part of his part in it though, since he brought it up himself. I am just as curious about Arashi’s reaction. We all know he can get really worked up about anything related to Hana since early in the series! How will this affect him, and his relationship with Ango/Ryo? Ahhh, cliffhanger!!

  5. mingki Avatar

    Wow, your another chapter for us! Thank you again for your hard work!

    It is rather ironic that they could not stop the missile because of the bacteria, yet in the end, it was the bacteria themselves to stop the missile! I really think whenever Tamura-sensei writes about great dangers, there also comes great cooperation which later ties the team together. Here again, members in Team Summer B are connected, and that also includes Ango and Ryou. No to mention that considering themselves come close to dying makes them appreciate the beauty of life even more!

    When I read (or scan) the Chinese raw, I just thought Chimaki was doing nothing but drawing and painting, so it is surprising to actually know that he was finding a way to evade the algae. (Especially when his expression seemed indifferent, I thought only his Team worked hard in the ship while he laid back!) Indeed, everyone finds a way to contribute to the team in his or her own way, and I just love this team!

    Oh, and now we have to leave them to see the others! Really wanna see what would happen afterwards!

    1. megchan Avatar

      Yeah, I love how this experience really made Ango and Ryou bond with Summer B in a way they clearly weren’t just wandering around like they were before.

      I love the large cast of 7 Seeds, but I hate that it means we have to switch between groups and get left on cliffhangers like this. XD

      1. mingki Avatar

        Actually I did have a problem in the vrey first volumes when the focus shifted from Natsu to Hana. That time I did not know there would be other teams, and I really thought Hana was a upgraded version of Natsu! ;p

        1. megchan Avatar

          I wasn’t that keen on Natsu in the beginning, so I liked the switch. XD She has grown on me a lot, though, and now is one of my favorites.

        2. Ming-ki Avatar

          Natsu has come a long way we have to say.. Somewhat she is one of the characters who have grown/changed most in the series XD

  6. anonymous person Avatar
    anonymous person

    for me, team summer b is the heart and soul of the series. if i had to be stuck in that world, it would be summer b. they are the only ones who actually like living in that world.

    1. megchan Avatar

      I do like Summer B a lot! But then I like almost everybody… :)

  7. Celina Avatar

    Alakazaam-inrfoamtoin found, problem solved, thanks!

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