7 Seeds vol. 21 ch. 109 [summary]

Well, vol. 22 is out now, and I have scans of it, so hopefully I can finish up the last two chapters of vol. 21 fairly soon and get started on that! :D (I haven’t had a chance to read it myself yet, though.)

Beneath the cut is a detailed summary of 7 Seeds vol. 21, chapter 109 by Tamura Yumi. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers. Download the raw here.

The next chapter opens with Kaname spying on the events that led to Hana getting washed away and Ryou and Ango being exiled. He wonders how Summer A came to this.

He thinks perhaps he made a mistake. He had asked to be frozen early, as otherwise he would be too old when the meteor hit. But because of that, he doesn’t know who was chosen for the other teams and what else happened between when he went to sleep and when the meteor hit.

He looks at Summer A and realises that although he lived some years after the test, they are just picking up from that moment. He has words of advice for all of them, mentally telling Koruri to read the wind and the clouds, telling Gengorou to protect the animals and Ban to protect the pregnant woman. He doesn’t get why Nijiko didn’t go with Ryou. This isn’t what he expected of Summer A. He had thought they would lead the other teams.

As for Kaname’s own mission, it is to watch over the teams, but also to kill them if it turns out they have made a big mistake in sending everyone to the future.

Ango has already killed their guide and threatened Hana. He cannot be allowed to live if he’s just going to mess things up. That is Kaname’s mission, to be the shinigami.

As he watches Ryou and Ango sit around the fire, he takes out his knife.

Ryou senses him (or rather, something) out there, but Ango doesn’t notice. Ryou chides him, saying he’s become as dull as a potato bug stuck in the mud.

Kaname overhears him and thinks Ryou is too smart to be hanging out with Ango. He also wonders whatever happened to Unami-sensei. Not that it matters… he thinks.

He watches as Ango and Ryou make contact with Summer B, and notes that they don’t display the same aggression as when they encountered Autumn. He’s surprised Ango pays so much attention to Natsu, but then notes that he’s always been one to watch out for others, and remembers Ango and Shigeru as kids.

He decides to watch and see, and wonders what Ango and Ryou will think of spending time with Summer B. He thinks they’ll probably be shocked, and that if they try to harm the others, there’s no saving them.

He decides to follow Ayu now and notes how easy it is to track people when there are no other humans around.

The focus switches to Aramaki and Ayu. Aramaki keeps asking her if she wants to rest and she gets annoyed with him and says she’s fine and if he wants to rest, just to say so. He says he’s used to it, but he was worried it might be too much for a woman. She gives him a lecture about how she has as much stamina as a guy and could run a full marathon. She says girls and boys weren’t treated differently in the institution and everyone took the same tests. Aramaki apologises and changes the subject to the plants around them. He’s familiar with many of them and Ayu breaks out a notebook to write down what he has to say.

The dogs find some water and splash around in it, getting themselves and Aramaki all wet. He calls out their names and Ayu asks if he named them after his teammates. He says he did and that he regrets it, because they’re now already fifteen years old and probably don’t have that much longer to live. He already lost his teammates once and now he’ll have to lose these guys, too. Ayu says there’s no use thinking about it and that anyway, he might die before them.

His eyes widen and then he laughs and agrees with her. She says you have to live for the present and not think about the future or the past because people die easily. He says that the fact that she’s collecting info about plants means that she, too, believes tomorrow will come.

A little while later, she tells him she needs to be left alone during the full moon because it makes her unstable. He says of course, and implies it’s something to do with her period. She says that’s not it, and is again annoyed with his gender essentialism. She says she doesn’t like the moon because it’s watching her. He says he’s always wondered if people escaped to the moon before the meteor hit and are now watching them from up there.

Some of the dogs come back with fish, interrupting the conversation, and it switches back to Kaname for a moment as he notes that because of the dogs guarding the two of them, he can’t get any closer.

Aramaki keeps going with his theory, saying building a secret base on the moon seems like something the US would do, and maybe a bunch of people survived and are now watching the Earth through a giant telescope.

Ayu just stares at him. “Are you stupid?” she says. “I hate stupid people.” XD

He apologises and says it’s just something he thought about a lot when he was alone. He wanted to believe there were people out there somewhere and he would meet them eventually. “That’s why I’m so happy now,” he says.

Alone in their tents, they are both lost in thought. Aramaki thinks about how he had thought it would be awkward travelling alone with a woman, but it’s fun. Ayu thinks about how ridiculous Aramaki’s talk about people on the moon was, but she still feels its eyes on her.

The next morning Ayu notes that the black puppy is getting picked on by the others. Aramaki says he has trouble getting along with the rest of his dogs and asks Ayu if she’ll take him as her own. He says the puppy will keep her warm at night, that that’s the only way he knows of. Then he remembers Fubuki and Mitsuru and thinks that he doesn’t know how to stop the tremors the way Fubuki did by holding Mitsuru tight.

He tells her the dog’s name is Kuroda. She pets him and wonders if a dog is good for anything, then her eyes tear up, but she doesn’t know why. Aramaki says the puppy loves to lick people, but that if she doesn’t like that, she can just swat him, ’cause he won’t listen. She says that’s bullying and she’d never do that. He says she’s kind and she says she’s not. She says he’s the kind one and he says no, he’s just weak-willed. She doesn’t think that’s true.

Kaname wonders what she’s doing playing with dogs, but since there doesn’t seem to be any danger, he decides to leave them alone. He finds some more footprints and follows them.

It’s Hibari and Tsunomata. Hibari complains that she wants to get back to her home in Sado, but that Tsunomata keeps wanting to stop in all these other places like Nara and Kyoto. He says this is where he grew up, so he just wants to see what’s left.

The moon is huge when they go to sleep, and Tsunomata recites a poem about the moon. She asks what it means and he says it’s about wondering where people are and if they’re looking up at the same moon. He wonders how the rest of their team is doing. He recites another, but it’s not the sort she wants and she gets annoyed and says she’s going to sleep.

Kaname decides to look for Hana. He remembers her as a little girl, calling out “Me-chan! Me-chan!”

Meanwhile, present-day Hana finds one of her shoes washed up on the shore. She wonders if the other is nearby, but she’s already made herself some sandals, so she doesn’t really care.

It’s the middle of the night, but the moon is so bright she doesn’t feel like sleeping. As she gathers driftwood from the shallow water, she wonders where she is and how she ended up there all alone.






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  1. anonymous person Avatar
    anonymous person

    as always. thanks a bunch!

    1. megchan Avatar

      You’re welcome! :)

  2. ming-ki Avatar

    Wow! Thank you, thank you and thank you!

    Oh well, somehow it seems to me that this is one of the most beautiful, meaningful chapters to read on. It shows how strangers from different backgrounds come along, meet up and develop relationship and bond, and most important, better themselves from knowing others around them. It is beautiful to see they have been slowly transforming. Whatever it is Ango and Ryo, Ayu and Hibari, as well as Summer B, Aramaki and Tsunomata, they are doing the healing and getting healed at the same time. (Yet, from the view of the observer/ outsider like Kaname, it is mysterious and difficult to interpret.)

    I wonder why Ayu decides to go along with Aramaki if she seems disagreeing with him this much. But then, before that we hardly really see how she is thinking, apart from surviving the day. Also, it is like Aramaki treats her like a lady while he somehow treats Hana like a younger sister. But then, that’s just my over-thinking ;p !

    Can’t wait to see more of everyone! It’s hard to split the books for each team tho!

    1. megchan Avatar

      As much as I ship/ped Hana/Aramaki, seeing him with Ayu does make it clear that he saw Hana as more of a little sister. His attitude towards Ayu is very different.

      I was eager to get back to Hana’s story, but I’m glad we got this interlude with some of the others.

  3. anonymous person Avatar
    anonymous person

    well aramaki is the class ic 1970s shojo comic “prince” character. he is perfect in every way and is infallible. so of course ayu has the hots for aramaki. he wondered around for fifteen years, but didnt lose his humanity, a reader cant help but like this guy.

    for me, it is semimaru who steals the show. much more going on with that guy.

    this chapter was fantastic. we finally see what is going on in Mozu’s head. i mean this guy is a brutal monster doing extreme things for the sake of japan’s survival as a civillization. does it justify it?

    i think thats the cool question which 7 seeds raise. is it justifiable to torture and kill little children for the sake of national survival? then there is hanas dad, takahashi.

    i mean, wtf was this dude thinking sending his daughter into the future with children whom he personally tortured and killed? what did he think they would do?

    and of course it is these questions that keeps me waiting for more 7 seeds chapters…

    but i love the “strength” of summer b as they really arent the “losers”, but the strongest in the sense that they all found themselves in a very profound way in the new world.

    semimaru and natsu?
    semimaru and ango..

    what will it be? i cant wait…

    1. megchan Avatar

      Yeah, from the beginning it was clear there was something going on with Mozu, since he was not like the other people on his team, but the revelations of Kaname = Mozu and Takashi = Hana’s dad blew me away. I love how it complicates stuff, though. The teachers who put Summer A through all that are not just one-dimensional monsters (well, maybe Unami, haha), but people who were doing what they thought was best.

    2. ming-ki Avatar

      Yesss, I totally agree with what Anonymous Person has said about Aramaki. Somehow he is simply a prince – so honourable and altruistic. After I read the summary of this chapter, I went back to the chapter after Ango and Ryo left the others, and re-read (and remember!) that the exact reason that he decided to leave was he felt guilt for hurting others and he wanted to roam in order to shed away his ‘unforgivable’ hatred towards other human-beings. The quality is especially rare when you are surviving the life like that!
      But hmm, I think given the time, Arashi can season to be this kind of person too. (Maybe that’s why Hana is drawn to Aramaki in the first place .. since Arashi and Aramaki possess the same kindness and easy-goingness.)
      Well, could it be Summer B members can find their own happiness easier than those of other team because they do things as their own pace, and take time till they finally discover their dormant potentials, even if they do fall before reaching that point?
      But oh, I spent last night re-reading from Ango and Ryo first found and joined Summer B. They have changed, and yes, Summer B has changed too!
      Love this manga to the max by now!

      1. megchan Avatar

        Oh man, I just finished reading vol. 22 and there’s a whole bunch more Ayu & Aramaki and it’s just great! She’s really bringing out more interesting parts of his personality, I think. Now I am totally shipping them. XD

  4. anonymous person Avatar
    anonymous person

    the way i see it, team summer b has:
    botan, the best guide in that she wants to be ina world without drunk drivers.
    matsuri, a young woman who has finally found her niche in the world and a sense of direction.
    otaku painter, someone who would be just as happy in this world as the previous one as long as he can do art.
    arashi, who also is happy to live anywhere as long as hana is there.
    ESP girl, ok, kinda cheap character that gives the group super human advantages.
    Natsu, star of the she, the sleeper has awakened. this former hikkikomori yumeko san is now pulling a lot of the weight for the team and is largely responsible for Ango’s rehabilitation.
    Mozu, ironically the weakest member of the group as his functionis to kill seven seed members.

    team autumn are full of accomplished individuals of the former world who hates the current one.

    team spring? bad guide. another ESP girl who is a lot more annoying and not a team player.
    Fujikosan doesnt really have much function.
    Tobitakun no real function.
    doctor girl, ok, good.
    hana, super star.
    archer dude, hard to tell at the moment.
    haru, similar to the artist of team summer b, but he gets on other people’s nerves.

    then there is team winter who might have been good, but was unfortunately wiped out. But Aramaki is clearly some sort of super human.

    Now team summer A has been badly psychologically traumatized and they dont really know how to “live”.

    I think if Takashi sensei and Mozu were real people, I would still find it difficult to forgive them as human beings. Is survival more importan than morality? I am more idealist.

    1. megchan Avatar

      Botan is definitely the best guide! The rest of them kind of sucked. XD Though I can’t even really remember anyone except the Autumn guide who got shot by Ango at the moment. ^_^;;

  5. dancey Avatar

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Love your summaries Megchan! Reading this was wonderful. Such a peaceful and thoughtful chapter in between all the action. Looks like Hana will stop being MIA, which is great because she’s my favorite character. It is also cute to see development between Aramaki and Ayu. I think Aramaki’s kind nature will get through to Ayu and break her out of her shell one day.

    1. megchan Avatar

      I was really unsure of Ayu and Aramaki at first because I really loved Aramaki and Hana together (even though I figured it was probably not to be between them since she is still in love with Arashi), but now after this and even more interaction with them in vol. 22, I am totally sold. Their personalities are so different, but they are good for each other.

  6. Ming-ki Avatar

    Ohh, you left me wondering when you said that Ayu brings some interesting parts out of Aramaki’s personality. to me, that should be a scary side, and that would be a heavenly side! Oh, really can’t wait!

    Talking about the guides, apart from Botan, the rest simply had small roles and small influence. Maybe that’s why other teams can not get together in easy harmony the way Summer B does. But then each member’s characteristic contributes to that as well.

    Ohhh, next chapterssss :D

  7. andy Avatar

    Thanks for the upload!

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