7 Seeds vol. 21 ch. 110 [summary]

Beneath the cut is a detailed summary of 7 Seeds vol. 21, chapter 110 by Tamura Yumi. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers. Download the raw here.

Hana bathes in the ocean, surrounded by a heavy morning fog. Afterwards, she goes around to various plants, collecting the water left behind from the fog, as well as from a vinyl sheet she put up during the night, in order to have drinking water. She squeezes some water out of her towels, too, but since they’re not clean, she doesn’t use it for drinking. She also catches the various small animals that come looking for water.

As the sun rises, things quickly dry up, and she collects the now dry grasses to use as kindling. She doesn’t have a lighter or matches anymore, but she does have a piece of metal to strike a spark with. The grass catches fire easily. Too easily. She’ll have to watch out for forest fires.

She eats one of the lizards she caught earlier, and thinks about how she could eat her piggies, too, but she doesn’t want to. I think it’s okay for me to decide what I want to eat and what I don’t, she thinks.

She’s unsure where she is, whether she’s still on the mainland of Japan or on an island or whether she’s been washed even further away. She also can’t remember what happened to get her here, just that she was with the Autumn and Summer A teams, but she decides it doesn’t matter.

As she’s looking around and examining everything, she realises she never looked this closely at stuff before. She was always impatient and never thought there was a need to pay that much attention. She hadn’t planned to be here long, in this world she hated.

The tide goes out and she’s able to catch some shrimp. She remembers her dad saying that people think the mountains are best for finding food, but really it’s the beach.

She decides she’s going to find out everything about this world, to look closely, to taste it all. She remembers her mom asking her what she wanted to be when she grew up, and her answer was an explorer.

Hana continues to explore, finding many insects and even small mammals and flowers. The world is beautiful, she thinks. It’s so exciting.

She suddenly remembers someone, maybe her dad or Kaname, telling her “In the future, you will be the foreign objects. You must know nature, understand it, and blend in with it.” At the time she had been too young to understand what it meant, but now she is beginning to.

Just then the little piggies climb up to where she is. She’s surprised at first, but realises that they are more skilled at climbing than she is. She really wants to find water and doesn’t want to keep taking what little they have, so she looks around from her high vantage point to see if she can find anything. She spots a flock of some sort of animals, which comes closer in the morning. She realises they must be looking for water, too, and decides to follow them.

She says goodbye to her piggies and tells herself they’re not pets. Although she saw many animals in her nature hikes as a kid, she was never allowed pets. As she follows the horse-like creatures, a baby one looks back at her, and she tries to reassure it she means no harm.

After a while, she notices it has wandered away from the others. She yells and it and eventually whacks it to try and make it go back to its mother. It goes back for a while, but keeps wandering off. She wonders if it finds it hard to fit in with the group, just like her. She never knew how to make friends as a kid. She’s tried not to think of it as a weakness, but she realises now it was.

As she thinks about how she wasn’t able to get along with people, she feels like she’s about to remember something unpleasant and tells herself to forget. She’s alone now, and she’ll have to live alone. Even if she can’t see Arashi for a long time.

She goes to sleep alone, but wakes up in the middle of the night surrounded by piggies and thinks once again that the world is beautiful.






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  1. ming-ki Avatar

    Hoorayyy!! I have come to check everyday and now the new chapter is here! Thank you!

    1. megchan Avatar

      You’re welcome! :D

  2. dancey Avatar

    Yayy! Thanks for this chapter. Hana is so strong yet really lonely at the same time. It makes me happy that Arashi is her special someone.

    1. megchan Avatar

      Yeah, though I bet she won’t be reunited with Arashi for a while still (maybe not til the very end of the manga?). But soon she will be meeting up with some other folks (not to be too spoilery). :)

  3. andy Avatar

    Thanks for the upload!

  4. ming-ki Avatar

    Aww,,, I must confess I used to like Hana, but after seeing the Summer B members fought their way out of the dead ship, my heart is more into them! Her story is as adventurous as before, yet I still feel ‘untamed’ to see hers!

    Somewhat this is a negative side of having l-o-n-g arch with different characters, when the story switches from one to another, the readers still feel connected to the recurring characters/ stories, and they need time to settle before jumping in the so-called new environment.

    But then what am I bubbling? It is far from talking about the chapter! ;p

    1. megchan Avatar

      I know what you mean. It’s always hard for me to switch storylines, even if I am eager to see what’s happening with the other people.

      1. Ming-ki Avatar

        Hmmm, I have been thinking, actually a switch for a new team/ set of characters would not be this hard for me, but this time the Summer B has shown such a positive and progressive development (both in terms of relationship in the group and growth in each individual) that I feel it too hard to hop for new characters.

        The fact that the manga has always moved from one character groups/ team to another after the bad things happen even makes this arch brightly addicting!

        Ohhh, thanks for letting me talk here! As usual, I am already waiting for new chapter to come :)

        1. megchan Avatar

          Thank you for talking! I used to be so sad because I loved 7 Seeds so much, but not that many English-speaking fans were aware of it. That’s why I originally started doing the summaries, because someone found one of my random posts about it and commented and asked what happened next. And by doing the summaries (plus the fact that the scanlations are now much more current than they used to be!), I have met so many 7 Seeds fans! :D I’m so glad when anyone comments on the chapters, even if it’s just kind of random stuff. It’s fun to talk with other fans about stuff, but because I read in Japanese, I’ve always missed out on a lot of that.

          Hopefully I’ll have the next chapter out before the end of the month. This month has been super busy for me because I have someone staying with me, so all my free time outside of work is spent socialising and I have little time for hobbies. (But there’s still a little over a week left in the month, so I think I can do it!)

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    I’m so sorry it had taken me quite a while before I had a chance to reply your comment – I have been scarily busy in the last week T_T And yes, my first reaction to your comment was like .. thank you for letting me talk and for sharing your ideas on the manga with me!!

    Oh, I simply understand about expressing and exchanging your reactions/ opinions with other fans! Actually, I started reading 7 Seeds volumes in Thai, but then it has taken longer and longer for the publisher to release each volume and my frustration let me surf online for more recent chapters.. until I did find your summaries. Plus, it has been a little community for the fans where we can come dropping by and chatting about the manga chapters by chapters! Thank you for making this happen!

    I should have dropped these lines a couple of days earlier, yet I had found no energy to make a proper comment. What I have longed to tell you is .. PLEASE, PLEASE do not make it a rush to make any summary. Please do it when you are truly free. When I say I am waiting for a next summary to come, it is also fun to come to your site and read comments from others as well as re-read previous summaries!

    Make it at your leisure speed!!!!!!

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