7 Seeds vol. 22 ch. 112

First chapter of volume 22! My goal is to get at least half of this volume done this month, and so far I’m on the right track!

Beneath the cut is a detailed summary of 7 Seeds vol. 22, chapter 112 by Tamura Yumi. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers. Download the raw here.

It’s dark and the figures are far away, so she can’t tell for sure, but Hana thinks it might be Fujiko. She calls out as loud as she can, “Hey! Who’s there!? Is that you, Fujiko-chan!?”

At first there’s no answer, but then she hears “Who’s there!?” It turns out it really is Fujiko, and Hana is determined to join them on the other side.

It’s dangerous to move at night, but she doesn’t want to wait for morning. She tells her animals to wait where they are and walks along the cliff, trying to stay as far as possible from the water.

She’s worried that they’ll be annoyed with her for leaving without saying anything and that they won’t want to see her now. But as she gets closer, she sees all the torches they’ve set up to guide her.

She begins climbing the cliff and when she pulls herself up, there they are, waiting to greet her – Fujiko and Chisa.

Tears fill Hana’s eyes as she looks at them, and then Chisa and Fujiko start crying, too. “You’re alive.” They all drop to their knees, laughing and crying.

Hana thinks about how she almost hugged them like a foreigner, but it was too embarrassing and she couldn’t stop thinking about how she must stink, but she realised how much she’d missed them.

Fujiko says that she’d thought she would punch Hana when she saw her again, then asks Hana what happened.

Hana explains that she left because she was poisoned and didn’t want them to see her like that. Fujiko says Hana should have told them, and that they were worried. But then she says she’d probably have done the same thing and that she won’t hit her after all.

Chisa asks how she got healed and Hana says when they reached the ocean, they found out that salt worked. Chisa and Fujiko show her the rashes that cover their skin and wonder if saltwater would work on those, too.

Fujiko says she thinks the rash might be because they’ve been eating the same thing over and over, small salamanders that are easy to catch, even for those without any hunting experience like them.

Then Hana remembers Tsunomata and asks if he’s with them. Fujiko says no and then asks Hana about Haru and Aramaki. “I was with them until recently, but…” Hana starts to say, but then Fujiko interrupts her and says they can talk while they eat.

As they cook, Chisa and Hana talk. Chisa says Fujiko seems to be in better spirits than she has been. She says they had no hope and thought maybe they’d never see anyone again, so she’s glad to see Hana, too.

The three of them talk about food as they eat. The salamanders are just sort of gelatinous and Fujiko says she really wants some actual meat. Chisa says she wants some vegetables. Since arriving here in the future it’s really hit her that produce is not something that just grows naturally. It has to be cultivated.

They then talk about how they got to where they are now. They had been looking for salt in the mountains when a flash flood sent them running for safety. Once the flood was over, the landscape was so changed, they couldn’t get back to where they’d been. Thankfully, they had their belongings with them, so they just started wandering in search of food and water.

Hana tells them how to the west everything was black with volcanic ash and she found a shelter and met the Autumn team and how they all headed east to look for Fujiko and the others, but couldn’t find anyone. She tells them Nobita is OK and that he was found by Summer A. They are of course surprised to hear of a Summer A team, but Hana just continues, saying that they were all living together for a while…and that’s when she remembers what happened, that Ango and Ryou tried to kill her.

Seeing the look on Hana’s face, Fujiko asks if Summer A are jerks, and Hana says they’re scary and all have guns. That’s a huge shock to Chisa and Fujiko, since guns are illegal in Japan.

Hana says they’re all skilled, but they’re haughty, and Fujiko immediately knows that Hana clashed with them. Hana then tells them how she was washed away and woke up on the beach.

Chisa says she’s worried if Haru and the others are still with Summer A, and Hana says she thinks they’ll be okay, especially since Autumn is with them. Then that reminds her that Haru has a girlfriend, which is another shock to the other girls.

When they go to bed, Chisa falls asleep first, and Fujiko tells Hana that it’s because of Chisa that she’s managed to stay alive, and that today’s the first time she’s laughed in a long time. She says she’s glad to see Hana. Hana thinks how much better things would have been if Chisa and Fujiko had been with her when she was with Summer A.

They wake up to the smell of something good cooking. Chisa has managed to catch a small animal. It’s really good, and when Fujiko asks if there might be more around, Chisa says she saw several more. She says she’s seen them around the water, but they’ve never come this far before.

However, when Hana goes out hunting later in the day, she realises the horrible truth. Down by the water, she finds her piggies, who seem scared and are missing one of their number. She asks them if they were attacked by something and then it hits her what that something was.

Overwhelmed by guilt, she throws stones at them to make them go away, shouting, “Don’t ever come near me again!”

She’d told herself they weren’t pets or livestock, but she’d kept them with her anyway and they’d let down their guard. If they were really important to her, she should have protected them herself, but because she’d been half-hearted about it…

She tells herself not to throw up. It’s already eaten, so make the most of the nutrition.

Then she hears Fujiko and Chisa in the distance talking about how cute something is. She turns around and sees them with the baby horse. They’re talking about how they could train it to carry stuff or even ride it.

Hana thinks about how no one thought to eat Aramaki’s dogs, and how the girls didn’t see the horse as a source of food. But the piggies…

“I’m glad…I didn’t name them…”

Maybe they were my friends…but now they weren’t. I thought that was for the best.






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    Well, I did try to read this chapter in Chinese raw before I went to bed sometime ago, and the fate of the missing piggie haunted me that night and the several days after.

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