7 Seeds vol. 22 ch. 113 [summary]

Beneath the cut is a detailed summary of 7 Seeds vol. 22, chapter 113 by Tamura Yumi. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers. Download the raw here.

Living with Summer A, Hana learned a lot about the plants and animals of this new world, and she puts that knowledge to use now, finding things she can cook for Chisa and Fujiko.

Although she’s still not fond of Summer A, she admires how thoroughly they researched this sort of thing, not just living day to day, but making sure they could live here forever.

When she comes back to camp, she finds Chisa putting a compress on Fujiko’s forehead. Chisa explains that it’s probably just that Fujiko’s been under so much stress and now that Hana’s here, she can finally relax a bit, so her body’s reacting to that relief with a fever. Even as Chisa is telling Hana this, she starts to feel faint herself.

Hana tells the two of them to rest and goes off in search of more food. She’s a bit worried that between this and the rash, Chisa and Fujiko might really be sick, but she tries not to worry about it.

She’s determined to find out everything about this world. As she hunts for food, she wonders why humans can’t be like other animals and just subsist on one food source. That would make things so much easier. But on the other hand, that makes humans more adaptable. They won’t be wiped out if their single food source is wiped out. People can survive in all sorts of situations.

She wishes she knew of something to bring down a fever, but Summer A hadn’t found anything like that yet, either. She does find some mushrooms, the sort she remembers her piggies eating often.

When she gets down to the watering hole, she finds some crocodile eggs…and then a crocodile! However, with quick thinking, she’s able to lasso its mouth shut and kill it.

She hunts a bit more and then starts cooking. She makes soup using the crocodile eggs and meat, and grinds the nuts up to make something similar to mochi. Fujiko says they’ve seen tons of the nuts, but even boiling or roasting didn’t make them edible, so they’d written them off. Hana even has dessert, with a creamy topping which she doesn’t tell them is made from insects. ^_^;;

Chisa and Fujiko are thrilled with the meal, which is better than anything they’ve had in ages, and they’re both feeling much better afterwards. Hana says it’s all thanks to Summer A.

That night as they’re talking around the fire, Fujiko says she always used to be a loner and Chisa and Hana say they were, too. Fujiko says she never used to care if she didn’t have friends and preferred to be alone, but now she misses people.

She says it’s pathetic, but Hana asks why, and says that Fujiko wants to be a doctor and doctors have to spend a lot of time with other people. She says Fujiko purposely chose a career that involves other people.

In contrast, Hana’s dream was to explore caves, completely away from other people. She considers it a completely selfish career choice, not something that would help anyone else. She wonders if that’s why she was so easily able to decide to live in this world all alone. She’d rather explore the world alone than mess things up with other people.

But after running into Fujiko and Chisa, she realised she was wrong. She had a lot of fun today looking for food and trying to think of what would make the two of them happy. She’s never felt like that before. Surrounded by the fire, Fujiko’s alto voice, and Chisa’s quiet smile, she feels her heart relax.

The talk of doctors reminds Hana that one of the Autumn members is pregnant, and she tells the girls about that, as well as the fact that there’s another doctor-type person in Summer A who’s looking after her.

“A doctor?” Fujiko asks.

Hana explains that he’s probably not a real doctor, since he’s their age, but he seems to have a lot of training. That all of Summer A do, that they trained in order to be chosen to come here. “So they knew they were coming?” Chisa says, and Fujiko adds, “And with guns?”

Hana says Ban is rather soft compared to other Summer A members and that he has been helping Kurumi with yoga and stuff. She says she likes Kurumi and wishes she could be there to see her give birth. Fujiko asks how far along she is and Hana says maybe seven months.

Fujiko wants to meet this other doctor, and she wants to be there for the birth. She says she saw a birth once when she volunteered overseas. All she did was watch then, but this time she wants to help. And to learn.

Hana says she figured Fujiko would say that, but the problem is…she has no idea where they are!

It’s dangerous to just go around randomly searching for them in this dry season when she has no idea of their location or her own. But she wants Fujiko to meet them. Even if those two are there, she thinks, picturing Ryou and Ango.

She spends the next day doing chores. Washing the salt water out of her clothes, repairing her sandals, doing some repairs for Chisa and Fujiko, etc.

As she’s out hunting later, she notices a cliff that looks manmade. She gets closer and wipes away some of the moss with her hand to reveal a giant stone face on its side.






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