A Child's Child ch. 12

I'm on a roll, guys! Two chapters in one month. I think that may be a first. XD

Chapter 12: Haruna's Loneliness

The relief Haruna felt when she thought she was confiding in a friend disappears when she realises it was Mika, and now on top of all her other worries, she's convinced it's only a matter of time before goody-two-shoes Mika tattles on her.

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#1 libraryrocker on 08.20.12 at 12:47 am

I looooooooooooooove kodomo no kodomo thanks so much for scanslating it!!!! You are made of awesome!!!

#2 megchan on 08.20.12 at 1:14 am

Thanks. Glad you're enjoying it. :)

#3 pirana75 on 08.20.12 at 9:51 am

Indeed, you've done a superb job and at an incredible speed. Please keep up doing this :))
But I can't help feeling sorry for Haruna, she's completely upside down sentimentally and this isn't the easiest thing telling adults. Yagi didn't believe her and her mother and sister aren't much of understanding or caring. They love her in their own manner, most certainly, but they can't offer the warmth and secure environment Haruna needs. And at Mika's it isn't much better. Poor girls

#4 megchan on 08.20.12 at 6:13 pm

Yeah, finally someone actually believes her, but it's Mika, who's more worried about what this is going to do to *her* than really worried about Haruna or the baby.

#5 pirana75 on 08.22.12 at 10:01 am

Indeed, but that is just what Mika always has been like, but I guess she is the product of her mother's education…there is nothing much of love in it; even less then at Haruna's

#6 megchan on 08.22.12 at 9:41 pm

Yeah, seeing the interaction between her and her mom in this chapter, it's easy to see why she's the way she is.

#7 Reader on 08.20.12 at 11:31 am

Thank you for releasing this series, it is so interesting! Keep it up please! :D!

#8 megchan on 08.20.12 at 6:12 pm

Glad you're enjoying it. :) I'll be working on a chapter of Yasha next, but there will be more of A Child's Child in October.

#9 Michelle on 09.27.12 at 12:38 pm

I love this manga. I cant wait for more…..I swear I have reread whats out like 4 times. It seems to me plausable. Something children that age may do. reading Harunas story I feel her pain and confusion. She has told adultsand no one belives her. I hope in Mika she can find a understanding friend……I am also wondering when Hiroyuki is going to get it.

#10 megchan on 09.27.12 at 6:20 pm

Glad you're enjoying it. :) There will be a new chapter in October for sure.

And yeah, you can definitely feel Haruna's frustration. There's really no one she can turn to right now.

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