7 Seeds vol. 22 ch. 114 [summary]

Beneath the cut is a detailed summary of 7 Seeds vol. 22, chapter 114 by Tamura Yumi. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers. Download the raw here.

The next chapter starts off with Fujiko wondering about Ban. Her image of him looks more like Ango, though. She asks Hana about him, specifically if he’s handsome. Hana says she’s not sure, and that his long, curly hair covers his eyes. Fujiko says he sounds mysterious and asks if he’s cool, but Hana says he’s more the shy, cute type. This time the guy Fujiko pictures looks a little more like Ban, but a super bishounen version. XD

Suddenly Hana remembers the stone statue by the water and asks the girls if they’d noticed it before. They hadn’t, so she shows them and they agree it looks like a face. Chisa suggests it might be a Buddha statue. Fujiko wonders if that means this is one of the Seven Fujis and there’s a shelter nearby.

They decide to look for an entrance. Fujiko says there’s a hole nearby that seemed dangerous, so they hadn’t explored it. Chisa says it looked manmade, and when they show it to Hana, she agrees.

Hana climbs down using the vines growing along the sides, being careful not to slip on the grass. As she reaches for a vine, her sleeve pulls back and she notices she’s got the same rash as the other girls. She wonders if it’s caused by something in the water or something they’ve been eating, or perhaps the plants growing nearby. It could be anything.

But for now, she needs to concentrate on climbing. As she looks for solid footholds, she notices there’s actually stairs carved into the rock that go all the way down in a spiral. She calls up to the girls and tells them about the stairs, then continues on down.

Under a curtain of moss, she finds a room that leads to another staircase. This doesn’t feel like any of the other storerooms. She wonders if it’s something like the Ryuuguu Shelter. Thoughts of getting buried under there, or there being something horrible frozen inside, flash through her mind. She wonders if maybe it would be better not to go inside.

Just then the other girls call down to her, asking if she’s found and entrance and if it looks like they can get in. She says yes, and that she’s going to check it out. She takes a deep breath. If there’s something useful in there, she’s going to take it. For Fujiko and Chisa’s sake. She doesn’t want to panic and not be useful like in the Ryuuguu Shelter. She yells up at them again that she’s just going to take a quick look and they should stay where they are.

The stairway leads to a huge underground chamber. There are holes in the ceiling letting in light. She feels like she’s seen something like it before, but tells herself that can’t be.

The floor is wet and mossy. The smell of dirt and water and moss fills the room. It’s not just fear that’s making her heart race.

She comes to a door with a wheel on the wall to open it. It appears to be a storeroom. She hopes it’s okay to open, since there’s no “danger” sign posted anywhere. She grabs the wheel with both hands and turns, but it won’t budge. Just then Fujiko and Chisa come up behind her and offer to lend a hand.

Hana’s shocked to see them, but they say they just took the stairs down and that she shouldn’t be the only one to put herself in danger.

With the three of them working together, they’re able to get the door open. Inside the thick door, it’s pitch black. They venture inside and by torchlight are able to see another door. This one opens easily.

As Chisa pulls the second thick door open, what feels like a gust of wind comes out. Inside they find a room full of mushrooms. Fujiko reaches out to pluck one, but it just disintegrates in her hand. Hana finds a shelf full of seeds and stuff, too, but they are just as fragile.

As they’re leaving, Chisa wonders if this might be Utsunomiya. When she says that, Hana and Fujiko both realise she’s right, and that the statue is probably the Ohyaishi Kannon statue. Hana recalls how she’d always wanted to visit there.

After their exploration, they sit around the fire and chat. Fujiko asks Hana if she’s gotten over her boyfriend, and Hana tells her that actually it turns out Arashi is part of the Summer B team. Fujiko is shocked and Chisa says there’s no way that can just be a coincidence. Hana is scared to tell them because she’s afraid they might react like Summer A did, but she screws up her courage and tells them about her dad and his connection with the 7 Seeds Project.

She says that’s the source of the trouble with Summer A, that they had been through so much in order to come here and she had just been chosen because of her dad. Hana is expecting Chisa and Fujiko to agree that it’s unfair, but instead Chisa says that if Summer A were upset about that, they are very naive.

She says it’s only to be expected and that’s why she’s here, too. Her grandfather is a politician and probably was involved with the project in some way. He probably used his money and influence to get his granddaughter included. She says when she meets Summer A, she’ll have to teach them more about the real world.

Fujiko says that now that she thinks of it, her parents were both doctors and probably had some connections. Chisa agrees and says there’s no way they were chosen by pulling names out of a hat. She tells Hana that the fact that her dad was able to get his daughter and her boyfriend in the project means he was very influential and he must have worked himself to the bone for this project.

Chisa’s unexpected words really touch Hana, especially when she says Hana should be proud of her father.

Then Chisa adds that she could see her grandfather doing the same thing and getting her fiance included. Fujiko’s shocked that she’s engaged, but Chisa says she’s never met the guy. He’s just someone her grandfather wanted her to marry.

He went to a US university and started a company while he was still in college. He even had a seasonal name, now that she thinks about it.

Suddenly Hana has a suspicion. “Um…this guy, his name wouldn’t happen to be Akio, would it?”

“Oh, do you know Haza Akio?” Chisa replies.

“He’s on the Autumn team!”

Chisa is not too surprised by this revelation, but Hana is completely flustered. Meanwhile, Fujiko asks what he’s like and if he’s handsome. Hana says he’s kind of scary, but he did say some kind things. She says she’s not sure he and Chisa would suit each other, but Chisa says she has no interest. That’s when Hana remembers Ran, and thinks, What if this becomes a love triangle!?

However, a sudden strong burst of wind interrupts her thoughts. It rustles the leaves and she thinks the huge tree looks as if it’s twisting and howling. I thought it was just my imagination.

That night there are many loud noises as the girls try to get to sleep. Chisa wonders if this is the start of a change in seasons.

They talk of moving somewhere else, maybe looking for the others. Fujiko says maybe they’ll run into them as they’re searching for Hana, but Hana says they probably think she’s dead. Fujiko says they’ve probably been written off as well.

Hana thinks that maybe she really did die once. She says she feels like she’s been reborn here. With that, the three of them pledge to live her, not just because they have no other choice, but as a part of this new world.






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  1. mitzychan Avatar

    Thank you so much for your hard working. I’m so happy that Chisa and Fujiko are alive. :D

    1. megchan Avatar

      Yeah, I don’t think anyone will die off screen, even the minor characters, so I figured they were still alive. I’ve been enjoying their reunion with Hana a lot. :)

  2. yoo2233 Avatar

    thank you for the update!!!
    i wonder if hana will be able to meet up with arashi…
    i hope vol 23 will talk about summer b team T-T
    btw, is this is the last chapter of vol 22??

    1. megchan Avatar

      I’m sure she’ll meet up with him eventually, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t until the very end of the manga. (Though I could also see it happening before then.)

      I kind of doubt we’ll see Summer B in the next volume, though. Usually the arcs last pretty long, so it could be several volumes before we get back to them.

      This is the middle chapter of the volume. Each vol. has five chapters, so we still have two to go. I doubt I’ll have the next one done before the end of the month, but probably at the beginning of September and the last one soon after that. But then it will be a bit of a wait before vol. 23, since that won’t be released until November or December (no release date yet, but that is usually the amount of time between volumes).

  3. Shriya Avatar

    I still don’t like Hana’s father.. Wonder if I’m the only one >.<

    Thanks again for the summaries though! ^ ^

    1. megchan Avatar

      I wouldn’t say I like him… I think he did a lot of horrible things, things which are not really forgiveable even if I understand that he thought he was doing what needed to be done. But he did love Hana and tried to prepare her for what was coming, and I certainly don’t think Hana is to be blamed for any of it.

      1. Shriya Avatar

        Yeah, that’s true.. Most of them were brought through powerful influences (Except for Team Summer B though o.o), and Hana falls in the same category.. But it’s the other part he played in the selection of Team Summer A that makes him so hateful! Ango’s dislike is quite understandable though.. although it’s towards the wrong direction (Hana).. Quite stupid of the man to send his daughter there when he knows that Team Summer A will be there too.
        Just hope that everything turns out well for Ango and Ryo! Good thing they are with Team Summer B, they are like “Air Purifiers”! n_n Love them!

  4. Ming-ki Avatar

    Thank you!!!! It means a lot!!! :D :D

    1. megchan Avatar

      You’re welcome. :)

  5. ming-ki Avatar

    Well, sorry for the delay comment! This chapter again proves illustrations need texts to go together! (So much for me to try scanning reading Chinese raw T_T)

    I was surprised to see Chisa’s thoughts here. I only remember her as some kind of potter who is always polite and good-mannered, but then her attitude reveals a lot her inner-self. Not everyone is familiar with power and politics, yet she evens know how they are applied to the real world. This makes me see her in a new light!

    Then, since the first chapters introduced us with Natsu and Semimaru, we tend to think that they are common people. This is especially true when there is Hibari (and by obligation Hotaru!) who often reminds others of who she is and how important her family has been. However, like Chisa said, if the project planners have their loved ones, either children or grandchildren, why do they not try to send them in the future? Even though it is a risky experiment, everyone will certainly die when the meteorite hits the earth. A tiny chance is a chance anyway.

    Still, when I wonder is .. why not equip the would-be frozen kids with some survival skills? It is true the project provides them with basic items, but how can they really survive in the wild after having been a modern city kids for all their lives? If there had not been strong hunters like Hana or strong leaders like Akio and Ran, all of them could have died from the early beginning. Also, even though they can survive as a team, it is also important to train them individually in case they are separated too! Hmm, it is not necessary to train them the way Summer A had been through, just something to get them through will be enough!

    Last thing on my mind is, does Akio realize he’s engaged? But then, I don’t think both of them will be tied by a promise from the old world, although Akio and Ran seem to be only partners than lovers!

    I’ve got a feeling that it would be my longest comment ;p !

    1. megchan Avatar

      Yeah, there are some things you can easily follow just by pictures, but conversation is harder!

      I was surprised by Chisa’s attitude, too, but I really like what she had to say. I wonder how everyone else got chosen. Even Natsu must have some reason.

      Maybe they thought the guides would do a better job of helping, or they didn’t realise just how changed the world would be…or probably a combination of both. I guess they couldn’t train them since they probably weren’t chosen until more towards the last minute. Of course Summer A had been chosen years before, and Takashi-sensei knew he would include Hana, so he trained her, but with the others, probably there was a lot of fighting over who got to go. (Especially Summer B was only added at the very last minute, I think.) So probably most of the people chosen, their parents or grandparents or whoever got them into the program did not have that advanced notice to be able to train them.

      I think Akio probably doesn’t know of the “engagement”, since the way Chisa talked about it, it didn’t seem like there was anything formal, just that her grandfather wanted her to marry this guy. Or if he knows, he probably doesn’t care anymore than Chisa does.

      1. ming-ki Avatar

        Actually, I was thinking the same thing towards the guide when I typed the last comment. Still, even with the guides, leaving seven other people in the hand of one person is quite risky, but then we also have to consider how million-worth the freezing ‘sleep bed’ costs, right?

        Your mention of “a lot of fighting” really gives me a clear picture. This can mean no one can really be certain until the last minute, and even though their loved ones are already included, it is best to act normal and not let the so-called rivals know about the admission.

        But hmm, I then also wonder if there is any character whose parents/ grandparents became the biggest bidder in order to get their child/ grandchild accepted instead of another chosen child in the very last second.

        This manga can be controversial in every turn indeed!

        BTW, Takahiro and Ayu will be showing up in the next chapters, right? Yippy! It’s fun to see them transformed! (And I kind of shipped about Fujiko and Ban when she seemed interested in him! Wonder what Ban will be like if his hair is cut! Haha, but consider the teachers want perfect people, he could not be that bad! He can be even cute.. or handsome?? Haha..)

        1. megchan Avatar

          Yeah, exactly. The whole thing was so secretive and now we know there was a lot of political maneuvering going on, so I think it wasn’t really well-planned in terms of what would happen to those who were frozen once they woke up again. I also think that they thought (or hoped) that the big shelters like Ryuuguu and the ship would be more successful. 7 Seeds was the backup just in case the other shelters didn’t survive.

          Yup, next chapter focuses on Ayu and Aramaki again. And yeah, I am looking forward to Fujiko and Ban meeting. Ban looks cute from what we can see of him, but of course everyone is drawn to be good looking! XD

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