7 Seeds vol. 22 ch. 115 [summary]

(Well, looks like I was able to get one chapter summary in under the wire after all!)

Beneath the cut is a detailed summary of 7 Seeds vol. 22, chapter 115 by Tamura Yumi. Don’t click through if you don’t want spoilers. Download the raw here.

Taking a break from Hana and the girls for a while, we return to Ayu and Aramaki. As they’re walking along, Kuroda suddenly gets frisky. Ayu acts annoyed and tells him to go eat if he’s hungry, but Aramaki explains that he just wants to play.

Ayu of course has no idea how to play with a dog. Aramaki shows her how to throw a stick for him. Are you stupid? she thinks, when Kuroda excitedly shows her the stick he fetched. What’s fun about this?

Meanwhile, two other dogs come back with a present of a dead animal for Aramaki. Ayu says she’s never seen those two before and Aramaki explains that his dogs are all scattered, searching for Hana’s scent.

She asks him how many dogs he has and he says it’s now too many to count, but he guesses over a hundred. If they’re all together, they’d devastate the landscape, so he keeps them separated in packs.

She says the dogs were originally from Hokkaido and there don’t seem to be any on the main island, in other words, he introduced a new species to this part of Japan and they’re flourishing. In fact, they may be breeding too quickly to the point of destroying some existing flora or fauna.

He says he’s sorry, that he hadn’t thought of it in those terms. He was just happy to have them with him. She says it can’t be helped, that he had his hands full with his own survival.

She notices he seems down and wonders if she shouldn’t have said what she did. She asks him if he’s angry and he says no, but he doesn’t know what to do about the problem he may have started with the dogs. He thinks he doesn’t really want to do anything about it at all.

She says that’s okay, that if worst comes to worst, something else will come and destroy the dogs to preserve the balance.

He chokes on his drink and touches his back and asks if he’s all right, then asks him if she said something strange. He says he’s fine and that she’s amusing, and then she explains that it’s like if there were too many lions and they ate all the rabbits, then the lions would die off next. Nature will always try to restore the balance.

He says he understands, but that without the dogs, he wouldn’t be alive right now and that he plans to keep them.

Later when she’s alone, Ayu reflects on how it felt to touch Aramaki. She seems surprised that she touched someone of her own volition. She wonders if he minded.

The next morning they head out and Aramaki says they should be able to see the ocean soon. Ayu notices he doesn’t seem to have slept well. She decides it’s not always appropriate to say some things even if they’re true.

As she’s walking, a round fruit falls off a branch and is about to land on her head. Aramaki calls out to warn her, but she’s already reaching up to catch it.

Aramaki tells her there’s just seeds inside, nothing to eat, so he uses them as balls. He demonstrates, throwing them for the dogs, and she’s impressed by their reflexes. He says he can do the same and asks her to throw for him. She throws it high and he jumps up to catch it.

They play catch for a while, with Ayu wondering all the while what she’s doing, and then Aramaki finds a stick he can use as a bat and asks her to bat for him. She asks him if this is some sort of skills test, but he says it’s just a game.

She wonders what use a game is right now, but goes along with him. She misses the first two pitches, but then hits one, and then another. He asks to bat, too, and they play all afternoon.

They’re both exhausted afterwards, having used muscles they don’t normally use. She asks if this is baseball, and he says a small part of it. He says it’s more fun with more people, and she asks what’s fun about it. “It’s just a waste of time, isn’t it?”

“It wasn’t a waste of time,” he says. “Not to me.” He thanks her and says he can keep on living for a while now. He adds that it’s the first time he saw Ayu smile, too, but she’s already asleep.

Later on, she wakes up, appalled that she fell asleep without noticing it. She thinks she should get up and keep guard or something, but it feels too nice lying here next to him and the dogs. Eventually she decides the dogs will warn them if there’s a problem.

As she thinks about how Aramaki has lived all these years with his dogs, she realizes why there were no dogs among the animals at the training centre. If there had been, they would probably have risked their lives for Gengorou during the test, which their teachers wouldn’t have wanted.

Meanwhile, Hana is collecting food for another meal. She finds some wild mushrooms, but decides to pass on them because they might be poisonous.

Then she runs into the little horse, who seems afraid of something. She also finds more mushrooms, and when she gets back to camp, Fujiko says she’s seen them around lately, too, though there hadn’t ever been any before.

Fujiko says it looks like a shiitake, just like the ones they saw in the shelter. Hana agrees, but says they can’t be sure, so they shouldn’t eat them.

While they speak, mushrooms seem to be popping up all over the place, and the little horse continues to tremble in fear.

The POV switches back to Aramaki and Ayu for one last page. Aramaki says he can smell the ocean close by and Ayu asks if even his sense of smell has become doglike, since she can’t smell anything yet.

As they approach the top of the hill, Kuroda starts barking excitedly…






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  1. Ming-ki Avatar

    Hooray! Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!

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      You’re welcome! :)

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    thank you so much with the update!!!!
    *hail to you m(_ _)m*

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  3. ming-ki Avatar

    Sorry for the late comment – should have been here the night I finished the read, but was too tired to conjure up words at that time T_T

    Wow, finally the moment has come! So happy it’s the time we learn more about Ayu and Aramaki! Yippy!! Hmm, perhaps this is because there seems to be romance in the air, and I am dying to read more about these two! To me, I don’t really see the ‘improvement coming from interacting with other people’ from Aramaki’s side today, but yeah, the so-called improvement does come from Ayu’s! And I’m thrilled to see her starting to care for others by her own volition (rather than just pretending to care like some of her actions before). And so, I see her becoming more human here! In that case, I think people like Aramaki and Arashi seem to have good effects on people ehh?

    Reading that Aramaki said playing the ball is what he will cherish and live on with makes me sad. How much each of them has to leave behind when they entered this world … especially without their consent/ acknowledgement? And this is especially true for Aramaki who did see the other living person dying away from him, making him roaming the land alone for 15 years?

    Still, it is fun to watch Ayu’s rather ‘smitten’ face when she saw how adept Aramaki was in the game in the raw!

    1. megchan Avatar

      Yeah, it’s definitely easier to see the effect this interaction is having on Ayu, but I think it’s been good for Aramaki, too. It’s just that even though Aramaki awoke in a post-apocalyptic future only to have his few fellow survivors die almost immediately and then lived alone for fifteen years, he’s still not nearly as messed up as the Summer A kids. XD (Well, most of the Summer A kids, anyway. Some, like Koruri and Ban and perhaps Gengorou, seem to have made it out of that hellhole in a better state of mind than the others.)

      It looks like there’s going to be more of these two in volume 23 (which is out next month!) and I’m looking forward to that.

      1. Ming-ki Avatar

        Haha, somewhat I have to say I see Aramaki loosing up himself little by little… as he can think of playing. We don’t really see him like this before, do we :) ?

        1. megchan Avatar

          Yeah, even with Hana, he didn’t open up this much.

  4. Ming-ki Avatar

    Couldn’t agree more!

    Still, I re-read your comment and it makes me think whether or not Koruri is truly safe from the trauma. Some, like Ango and Ryo, use aggression and anger as a means to express their pains and sadness while many seek silence as their solace. (And we have seen Koruri uses isolation as her way of escapism.) And somewhat, by suppressing the feelings, the latter’s emotions and feelings can even be more damaged.

    Can’t really say much about Ban nag Gengorou since I hardly see how their thoughts and feelings go!

    1. megchan Avatar

      Oh, I definitely think they are all messed up to some degree. They really can’t help but be. But compared to Ango and Ryou and Ayu…

      1. ming-ki Avatar

        In that case, YES!!!!

        I think people tend to think of Ayu as less harmful than Ango and Ryou. But in reality …. ^^”

        I quite like Gengorou since I read about them back there. But then, we hardly see his thinking much.

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