Velvet Rose (doujinshi)

Velvet Rose DX Side A
Two short Louis/Lestat stories, one set during their time together on Louis’ plantation and one that’s a retelling of the reunion scene at the end of The Vampire Lestat. I scanlated these in 2003 for a small group of friends, so the scans are not the best quality (though I did go back and redo the text). These two stories do not comprise the full doujinshi (there were two other comics and several text stories), but were all I scanlated at the time and I no longer own the book.






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  1. Dreamcatcher Avatar

    Thank you so much for this DJ ! I loved this beautiful story… and the art is amazing ! (That’s such a shame you don’t have the rest of the DJ anymore…)

    1. admin Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it. And yeah, I’m really kicking myself for not scanning the rest of it when I had it.

  2. Ns Avatar

    I’ve got a little question. When will you release the next chapter of Saint Young Men? I really want to read it ^^

    1. admin Avatar

      Probably sometime next week. Sorry about the long delay!

  3. LieIncubus Avatar

    Oh yeah, very good, I love the works of Anne Rice, it’s great this doujinshi *¬*.

    About Saint Young Men, will continue with Chapter 7 or directly to 9?


    1. admin Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it. :)

      And yes, I’ll be continuing with chapter 7. I know another group has done a few more chapters, but I’d rather not have gaps in mine, so I’m just going to continue with my scanlations, regardless of what others are doing.

      1. LieIncubus Avatar

        That’s fine, your work is excellent * o * and it is good to have a very well done version of this manga.

        Thanks for answering ^^

  4. Klema Avatar

    Oh my, that´s amazing! I love so much this feeling between Lestat and Louis, thank you so much for sharing it! Does anybody know is it possible to find the rest of that?

    1. megchan Avatar

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately I can’t even find copies of the doujinshi for sale anymore and I googled, but there really doesn’t appear to be much info on it anywhere.

  5. Seitnency Avatar

    rasskau you too interesting story ..

  6. madionky Avatar

    i cant read it bcause it ’tis not posted

    1. megchan Avatar

      Yes, it is. Just click on the link under the picture…

  7. Reka Avatar

    My big love is Lestat.

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