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  • Chronos II (doujinshi)

    Several years ago, I was commissioned to translate a Dissidia Final Fantasy doujinshi, which turned out to be the first of a series. Not long after I posted, someone sent me scans of the second installment, but I just never had the time to translate it…until now! And I kind of wish I’d checked around…

  • Chronos I (doujinshi)

    Title: Chronos I Circle: Fujiwara Kurenai (Kiki) Pairing: Sephiroth/Cloud When Cloud can’t seem to bring himself to fight Sephiroth, Sephiroth takes advantage. In more ways than one. Chronos I

  • Human Pain 02 (doujinshi) [translation]

    I have done a ton of script translations over the years (mainly for doujinshi), but this is the first one I’ve had permission from the person I translated it for to repost on my site (most people want to use them for their own scanlations and don’t want the translations posted elsewhere, which is fine…

  • Healing Vision (doujinshi)

    Healing Vision Title: Healing Vision Circle: Hiina Kotome (Sumikko) Pairing: Haru/Rin Scanlation Status: Complete Two short stories contrasting Rin’s confusion about her feelings for Haru as a child and her acceptance of her feelings now. Please consider donating to help cover server costs:

  • Strawberry Milk (doujinshi)

    Strawberry Milk Title: Strawberry Milk Original Title: イチゴミルク (Ichigo Milk) Circle: Hiina Kotome (Sumikko) Pairing: Haru/Rin When Rin hears that Haru has a cold, she goes over to make sure he’s okay.

  • Miniature Garden (doujinshi)

    Miniature Garden Title: Miniature Garden Original Title: 箱庭­ (Hakoniwa) Circle: Humpty-Dumpty & konbini・jirusi Pairing: Haru/Rin A short story, told in both Haru and Rin’s POVs, that explores their relationship from the time they were children to Rin’s decision to break up with Haru.

  • Velvet Rose (doujinshi)

    Velvet Rose DX Side A Two short Louis/Lestat stories, one set during their time together on Louis’ plantation and one that’s a retelling of the reunion scene at the end of The Vampire Lestat. I scanlated these in 2003 for a small group of friends, so the scans are not the best quality (though I…