Even Schemes End in Flowers

Title: Even Schemes End in Flowers
Original Title: 悪だくみにも花はふる (Warudakumi ni mo Hana wa Furu)
Author: Amagakure Gido
Publisher: Dear+ Comics
Category: Josei
Genre: BL
Status in Japan: 1 volume, complete
Scanlation Status: Complete
Scanlator: Fugacious Fella + Megchan's Scanlations
More Info: Baka Updates
Read Online: MangaDex

Summary: This sequel to Koi Made Hyakurin and Akunin wo Nakaseru Houhou (both available online by other scanlation groups) ties up loose ends for both couples. Also includes a two-part short story focusing on another minor character.

Even Schemes End in Flowers


#1 red on 10.26.18 at 11:19 pm

Thank you for all the hard work and the release!

#2 megchan on 10.27.18 at 12:17 am

You're welcome!

#3 Maute50 on 10.27.18 at 5:54 am

Thank you very much for all your work to share, I'm really happy to read!!

#4 megchan on 10.27.18 at 8:29 am

Hope you enjoy it!

#5 gwendelp on 10.27.18 at 8:47 am

thank you for working on this manga !! it's an old one lol thanks

#6 megchan on 10.27.18 at 7:36 pm


#7 Lint on 10.27.18 at 6:12 pm

Oh man, I thought this was going to be relegated to scanlation purgatory since the manga-ka doesn't seem popular enough to warrant another group picking it up. I'm glad I'm wrong, thank you so much to you guys for all the work and the release!

#8 megchan on 10.27.18 at 7:37 pm

Glad to see there's so much interest. :)

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