Juusan Yasou Kidan ch. 5-7

Another project complete!

Title: Juusan Yasou Kidan
Original Title: 十三夜荘奇談 (Juusan Yasou Kidan)
Author: Yoshida Akimi
Publisher: Big Comics
Category: Shoujo
Genre: Oneshots, Fantasy, Magical Realism, Slice of Life
Status in Japan: 1 volume, complete
Scanlation Status: Complete
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations
More Info: Baka Updates
Read Online: MangaDex

Summary: In "The Fox's Bride", Ojiro wonders why he's different from other foxes and goes on a quest to find his heritage. "Zashiki Warashi" tells the tale of a type of friendly ghost. And "Acapulco Gold" imagines a future where marijuana is legal and common, and tobacco has become a rare illegal drug.

Story 5: The Fox's Bride
Story 6: Zashiki Warashi
Story 7: Acapulco Gold

There's also a full volume download for those who want it.

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#1 Wiiii!! on 12.09.18 at 7:09 pm

Thank you so much for finishing another Yoshida-sensei's work. Hope we can see another project of hers in the future. :D

#2 megchan on 12.09.18 at 8:39 pm

It's definitely possible! I've had several projects finish up recently and another one is going to finish up this month, so I'm looking at picking up at least one more new thing but it's the busy time of year for me at work right now so I won't be making a decision on what to work on next until next year.

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