The Day of Salvation

Title: The Day of Salvation
Original Title: 救済の日 (Kyuusai no Hi)
Author: Nishioka Kyodai
Publisher: AX
Category: Seinen
Genre: Philosophical, Psychological
Status in Japan: Complete
Scanlation Status: Complete
Scanlator: Megchan’s Scanlations + Habanero Scans
More Info: Baka Updates
Read Online: MangaDex

Summary: Nishioka Kyoudai’s anti-war epic, told in their signature surrealist style.

A man wakes up one morning to find the world outside of his house a wasteland. As he searches for signs of life, he finds a fetus in a ditch, which promptly latches onto his thumb and won’t let go, and things only get stranger from there…

The Day of Salvation






5 responses to “The Day of Salvation”

  1. Ghost Avatar

    Insanely grateful for all the Nishioka Kyoudai stuff you do. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

    1. megchan Avatar

      Glad you’re enjoying them!

  2. Yvonn3 Avatar

    More Nishioka Kyoudai is always welcome! Thanks for scanlating this!

    1. megchan Avatar

      Hope you liked it!

  3. Lee Avatar

    This somehow makes me upset. I can’t relate it to anti-war though.

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