Yuria’s Red String ch. 12

Title: Yuria’s Red String
Original Title: ゆりあ先生の赤い糸 (Yuria-sensei no Akai Ito)
Author: Irie Kiwa
Publisher: Be Love Comics
Category: Josei
Genre: Drama, Slice of Life
Status in Japan: 9 volumes, ongoing
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
Scanlator: Megchan’s Scanlations
More Info: Baka Updates
Read Online: MangaDex

Summary: Fifty-year-old Yuria has a quiet life teaching embroidery classes in her home, where she lives with her writer husband and his mother. Then one day her world is turned upside down when husband has a subarachnoid hemorrhage and upon arriving at the hospital, Yuria is met by a tearful young man who announces that he is her husband’s lover.

Chapter Summary: Yanai agrees to help care for Goro while Yuria takes her MIL to the doctor.

Ch. 12: Versus His Lover Part 1

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4 responses to “Yuria’s Red String ch. 12”

  1. brc Avatar

    I love this story! Thank you so much for your work!

    1. megchan Avatar

      Glad you’re enjoying it!

  2. winter Avatar

    omg, these two are so embarrassing. please don’t fight over the old man in diapers. (except do. fight fight. for my entertainment) Excited to see how this goes next chapter. The cover of this volume makes Yuria look like the jealous and irritable one and Yanai seem level-headed and cool, but I felt like in this chapter it was almost the other way around. We really got to see how fragile and threatened Yanai feels – building up the idea of his lover’s wife in his head to larger than life proportions, dismissing her as an ordinary old woman when she doesn’t measure up, getting jealous over a diaper change, telling himself a whole story about how he relaxed Goro enough to get him to finally wake up and the irritation when it doesn’t stand up to the barest scrutiny. Comparatively Yuria’s been debilitatingly focused on how to keep everyone healthy and the household running and the amount of work she’s been saddled with and indulges feeling betrayed, angry, unappreciated only in these fleeting moments. The moment she’s most threatened by Yanai doesn’t have so much to do with Goro, as Yanai not realising that him sneaking over to spy on her might be physically threatening. And, ah, sorry for tl;dr but it feels a bit like foils and I’m excited to see if and how this changes.

    Thanks for translating :’)

    1. megchan Avatar

      Don’t apologize! I love seeing people’s thoughts but now that MangaDex doesn’t have a comment section I don’t really see any comments anymore.

      I love Yuria so I hope she gets a happy ending in whatever form it takes for her. I don’t like Yanai at all. :p

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