Human Pain 02 (doujinshi) [translation]

I have done a ton of script translations over the years (mainly for doujinshi), but this is the first one I’ve had permission from the person I translated it for to repost on my site (most people want to use them for their own scanlations and don’t want the translations posted elsewhere, which is fine by me). Right now it’s in a lonely category of its own, but it may eventually be joined by more doujinshi translations, and I’m also working on doing translations for a manga that I don’t have time to scanlate.

Title: Human Pain 02
Circle: Satsuki Yui (Hakai Noise/Sky Prism)
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy/Riza

Human Pain 02


Your shoulders swayed

as you quickly walked away.

Your fingers trembled slightly as you desperately fiddled with your gun.

But you’ve already long since reloaded.

I regretted looking back.


I realized everything

I’d pretended not to notice.



and weakness

support your lone back.

I can’t do anything.

I cannot do anything.

So what is still left here?


Hughes: Hey, Roy. You’re late.

Roy: …Sorry. I got held up.


Hughes: Here’s today’s roster. Take a look at it.

Roy: Sure.

Hughes: She
worked so hard to maintain that relationship, so what happened all of a sudden?


Hughes: Sorry, I saw you two!

Hughes: Don’t be embarrassed.
It’s nothing new.
And it’s not that out of the ordinary!!


Roy: Is that how I look
to you?
She said the same thing…

Hughes: You must have some thoughts about it…


Roy: She smiled at the end.

Roy: I’d never seen her look like that before.

Roy: And it
hurt a little.

Hughes: …The same goes for you, Roy.

Hughes: She’s always been watching you.

Hughes: What…

Kimblee: Major Mustang.


Kimblee: We’ve been summoned.
Hadn’t you ought to hurry?

Roy: Lt. Colonel Kimblee.

Roy: Of course.

Kimblee: After all, this will be our first opportunity to use the Philosopher’s Stone.

Kimblee: I’ve really been looking forward to it.
I wouldn’t want anyone to get cold feet now.

Kimblee: You agree, don’t you?


“Why are you still here?”

“Don’t you have any reservations anymore?”

“Do you think participating in this massacre is the right thing to do?”

Riza: I…
am not here because I think it’s the right thing to do.

Riza: Who knows what is right,
all things considered?

Riza: I know I don’t.


Riza: There’s just
one thing I can believe here.

Riza: Should I be ashamed of taking human life?

Riza: Or
should I be ashamed of being human?

Riza: But

Riza: that’s why I can pull the trigger.

“Even if it’s not right”

“I can bear the pain of doing it.”

Those were the eyes of someone with a strong will.

“What about you, Major…”


Riza: Doesn’t it hurt?

Roy: I’m all right.

You were so serious

and I laughed.

I probably looked the same.


“She’s always been watching you.”

Roy: I know that.

There was nothing I could do but laugh.

What lie could I have told to keep from hurting you?





This truth inside me will hurt somebody.

I’ve been lying all this time.

But I couldn’t


in the end.

Even though it would only hurt you.

Roy: Lieutenant Hawkeye…!!!


Riza: …Ma…jor.

Roy: You’re awake! I was worried it was worse…

Roy: Lieutenant?

Something’s wrong.


Roy: She’s been shot!

Roy: Lieutenant!


Roy: Medic!

Medic: A, anyway, let’s have a look at the wound.

Roy: Damn it…! The blood…


Roy: I keep wiping and wiping…

Medic: We need a doctor for this. I can’t–

Roy: Then get me a doctor!!

Medic: Th…
the thing is,
we’re surrounded right now

Medic: and
there’s no way to get word back to base…

Medic: The enemy just keeps coming
and we’ve got so many wounded.



Medic: Just keep putting pressure on it.

Medic: We have to at least try and stop the bleeding before we can get her back to camp.

“The enemy just keeps coming.”

Roy: Damn it…

I haven’t killed anyone today.

Damn it…

Damn it…!!!


Soldier 1: Apparently District B’s been completely annihilated.

Soldier 2: Already!?

Soldier 2: Damn it… What about our troops!?

Soldier 1: The only one in there was a state alchemist.

Soldier 1: A human weapon.

“A whole town gone in an instant.”

Soldier 2: He’s not even human anymore.








Roy: Just wait.
It’ll be over soon.

Riza: …jor.

Roy: Don’t speak.

Riza: Major.

Roy: I’m all right.


Riza: …Who is?


Riza: You…

Riza: Ah…

Riza: You’re human, aren’t you?


Riza: Just like how you recognized my feelings,

Riza: we are

Riza: creatures who cannot escape
our hearts.


Riza: You are no different.

The overflowing



wants to give me the unvarnished truth.

And if I still get hurt,

I won’t look away.

…Those eyes always held me captive.


There is a life here

just the same as all the lives I’ve taken.




“That’s why I can pull the trigger.”


How much of a weight is that?


Don’t run away.


You will burn these flames and you will still be here.


This pain is what it means to be human.








Roy: Long time,
no see.

Riza: Ma…jor…

Roy: What, still woozy?
You regained consciousness yesterday, didn’t you?

Roy: Get a hold of yourself.

Riza: No, that’s not it…
I just didn’t expect you today.

Riza: Today was the funeral, wasn’t it?

Roy: Yeah.


Roy: It’s nearly spring, but it’s chilly today.
That’s quite a cold breeze.

Roy: It’s faint,

Roy: but the sunlight is warm.


Roy: It would have been too depressing
if it had rained during the funeral.

Roy: I’m glad it’s sunny today.

…She’s cold.


Roy: Your hands are cold.
Too bad.

Roy: But you’re warm.


Riza: Major?

Roy: I never felt

Roy: like I was alone there.
I felt oddly at ease.

Roy: That’s why I was able to keep myself from turning back.


Roy: You’ll
probably always be there

Roy: behind me.

Roy: Even if I lose my humanity,
you alone will never abandon me.

Roy: I knew that.

A/N: He’s been promoted to colonel.


Riza: …How…can you be so sure…?

Roy: I had faith in you.

Roy: That’s why I was always at ease somehow.
I knew I’d be all right.


I’m there or not.”

He is alone.

So alone.


You don’t look back.

You never look back.

If that

is proof of your faith in me…


Riza: You

Riza: finally understand.


Thanks for reading…

My name is Satsuki Yui. It’s written 砂月結 in kanji. Not that that matters.

Thanks for picking this up. And sorry… *sweatdrop* There are plenty of pages, but it feels so slight. But this is the best I can do right now. *cries*

It’s technically a sequel, but I worry that there are parts that are ??? even to those who read the first one. But at least this way it’s fair to people who may have picked this up accidentally without having read the first one. *cries*(I just…didn’t have any time this time…) Excuses. And their uniforms are white, right? But that’s all Mustang’s fault for having black hair. How long do you think it took to ink that? That’s why. …No, that’s a lie. It’s all my fault… (Sorry, Roy-san.) <- Unusually bad.

And when I’m under pressure like that, that’s when my ink case takes a dive off the table right onto the floor. (Splash!) And when I was saving the color pages, my computer froze and I lost all my data. ALL OF IT!

So I finally managed to finish, but by then I’d long since passed the deadline. If I can actually manage to get it published by the date on the info page, you can believe in miracles. I believe in miracles, too. For the first time in three years, m, my omikuji fortune was “daikichi” [the best fortune you can get]! And the three years before that it was “suekichi” [still a good fortune, though one of the lowest good ones]. Sorry… *sweatdrop* (Th, the truth is…I, I wanted to have it ready for winter Comiket… *sweatdrop*)

A, anyway. I know this is all inarticulate, but when I’m in this state, it feels like nothing I write will come together, so I’ll just leave it here. (And please don’t say it never comes together anyway.) Thanks for reading this far!

Satsuki Yui


The Necessities

[right column]
French bread (I just like to gnaw on it)
Rewards (to eat when I get something done): chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
Ume konbu to suck on
Ochazuke (I made rice for the first time in six months)
Cup ramen made with milk (half milk, half water). Ooh! How rare! Tonkotsu flavor!!
A lot of black tea
Homemade fruit & veggie juice (made with carrots, tomatoes, pimientos, grapefruit, lemon, tofu, apples, brine, protein, and honey)

[left column]
Natto with mekabu
Aloe yogurt
Dried sweet potatoes
Alarm clock
Corn soup
23-yen croquettes (5 for 100 yen)
Blanket + lap blanket (I sit on the blanket and cover my lap with the smaller one and it’s very warm. Note: I don’t have a kotatsu)
FMA vol. 2, 4, 9-12; BULE perfect guidebook 2; DVD vol. 5 & 11; anime ver. Complete Material Side (vol. 11 and 12 were just what I happened to be reading)

Human Pain
Fullmetal Alchemist / Fan Book 07 / Roy Mustang*Riza Hawkeye
Satsuki Yui [Hakai Noise/Sky Prism]
Printed by Kanazawa Publishing
Please do not resell on auction sites




Roy: Lieutenant Hawkeye.

Roy: Sorry to keep you waiting. Let’s go.

Riza: Right.










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