A Child’s Child ch. 24

Title: A Child’s Child
Original Title: コドモのコドモ (Kodomo no Kodomo)
Author: Sasou Akira
Publisher: Action Comics
Genre: Seinen
Status in Japan: 3 volumes, complete
Scanlator: Megchan’s Scanlations
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: In a small town in Tokyo, the PTA argues about teaching sex ed in elementary school, but what nobody knows is that eleven-year-old Haruna is already pregnant. When she decides not to tell any adults, it’s up to her classmates to help her through this ordeal. (Note: This is not loli. Sex happens off-screen and the artwork is not fan-servicey.)

Chapter Summary: Haruna’s classmates agreed to take turns watching baby Hajime, but the novelty begins to wear off pretty quickly. Meanwhile, Haruna’s grandpa walks in on her in the shed with the baby…

Chapter 24: Scaredy Cat

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6 responses to “A Child’s Child ch. 24”

  1. choco Avatar

    waiting for the baby daddy to step up

    1. megchan Avatar


  2. Mr Evergreen Avatar
    Mr Evergreen

    This chapter…

    It’s like…

    Real life… I8

    (Once again, an excellent scanlation and translation job well done. Thank you so much for bringing us this series, Megchan! ^^)

    1. megchan Avatar

      You’re welcome! Glad you’re enjoying it! :)

  3. pirana75 Avatar

    Exactly: a great job and amazing to see how they are trying to find a way to take care of Hajime. How can no-one suspect what has happened?
    Haruna was extremely well after going to this ordeal of labor and birth. But when you realise what some mothers (even those who have commited infanticide!) are capable of just after giving birth it is not so impossible. But Haruna is only 11 years old.
    In the movie she was exhausted and still weary when she got home after the birth, I guess this is more realistic.
    But anyway, it is a manga and you do a wonderful job on scanlating and translating this
    PS Grandpa’s condition seems to have worsened since his wife died

    1. megchan Avatar

      I think no one suspects because they just can’t imagine it happening. To them, these are little kids, so the thought of anyone even being pregnant doesn’t enter their minds (like when the parents all just laughed at the kids’ rumors about Haruna in an earlier chapter).

      My own mom had a super easy labor when she was pregnant with me. Her labor was very short and easy, and she left the clinic where she gave birth immediately afterwards and was over at my grandparents’ house showing me off within an hour!

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