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  • Aozora Yell vol. 9 [raw]

    Since no one seems to have scanned vols. 8 and 9, I figured I ought to do it, but when I went to the book store, they didn’t have vol. 8. >_< So for now, here’s vol. 9, and hopefully either someone else will scan vol. 8 or the book store will get it in […]

  • Aozora Yell vol. 6 [raw]

    Title: 青空エール (Aozora Yell) Author: Kawahara Kazune Publisher: Margaret Comics Genre: Shoujo Info: Baka Updates Downloads: Volume 6 Please consider donating to help pay for hosting & manga:

  • Aozora Yell vol. 5 [raw]

    Volume 5

  • Aozora Yell vol. 4 [raw]

    Volume 4 Here’s what else is in my scanning queue: Kawahara Kazune: Aozora Yell vol. 5 Chiya Toriko: Clover vol. 22, 23 Tamura Yumi: 7 Seeds vol. 18 Mizusawa Megumi: 3 Gatsu no Dai 3 Button* Mizusawa Megumi: Kami-sama no Orgel vol. 1, 2, 3* Yoshizumi Wataru: Spicy Pink vol. 1, 2* Sakurai Kai & […]

  • The Opposite of Love Is Hate

    Story 4: The Opposite of Love Is Hate The proud tsundere Matsuda has been in love with happy-go-lucky Tsumura for ages, but she just can’t tell him. Aggressiveness is her heart’s only defence when she’s near him – after all: “The Opposite of Love is Hate”. Tsumura has never minded before, so what will happen […]

  • Aozora Yell vol. 3 [raw]

    Volume 3 In other news, I’m still working on chapter 3 of the Yasha scanlation and hopefully will have that done in the next couple weeks. It’s a long chapter (~60 pages), so hopefully that will make up for the long wait a little bit.

  • Aozora Yell vol. 2 [raw]

    Volume 2 I recently got a new scanner and decided to put it to use scanning some manga that I have not been able to find raws for online. The stuff I scan will not necessarily be stuff I plan on scanlating myself (though I do have a few I plan to scanlate), so feel […]

  • A Million Words

    Story 3: A Million Words High jumper Kito is one year older than her boyfriend Kawai – a fact that his classmates seem not to approve of. She feels pressured to live up to the image of being grown-up, so that Kawai won’t be disillusioned. This relationship is bound to end in tears – or […]

  • Boys Just Don’t Understand

    Story 2: Boys Just Don’t Understand Because of the annual health day at school, Shinako finds out that she’s 4 kg heavier than her crush, Nagase. How will she handle this and what will happen if Nagase ever finds out? Is it true that “Boys Just Don’t Understand”? This is the second story in Kawahara […]

  • A Can of Happiness

    Story 1: A Can of Happiness Emi wins the special prize in a raffle, which turns out to be a can that supposedly holds happiness. There’s even a weird little man who starts following her around, claiming he’s the “god of the can” and trying to give her advice. But all she wants is for […]